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Crystals of Darkness - Session

Session: 36

A look at what happened during Session 36.

Session Entry

Game Date: 12/7/2006

Who: Amethyst (II), Karex, Delta-Vee, Eon (Lazarus), Knight of Saint Michael, Jaxton Gray, Dr. Rebecca Miller.

The Wardens headquarters receives a medical alert regarding a medevac helicopter with patient inbound from Oregon. The patient survived an explosion and was now encased in some kind of force field. The paranormal medical team at UC-Berkeley medical center is trying to locate Dr. Miller for assistance or consultation on the matter. Dr. Miller is at the infirmary at the base and asks that the communication be patched through to her console as well as the Wardens present at the base.

Once everyone is online, the flight surgeon onboard the medevac helicopter briefs Dr. Miller. The patient was exploring underground caverns looking for Oregon sunstone. Several other spelunkers in a nearby cavern heard and felt a large explosion. They checked for the cause of the explosion to determine if anyone had been hurt. They found the patient; he was unconscious on the floor of the cavern and was surrounded by a translucent black energy field with pieces of an unknown black crystalline mineral embedded in his body. A park service search and rescue team evacuated the man from the cavern avoiding direct skin contact with the field and crystals. Approximately three hours has elapsed from the time of the explosion until current time. The medevac helicopter is approximately twenty minutes from UC-Berkeley or Alcatraz Island.

After consulting with the Wardens, a decision is made to have the patient brought to the Wardens infirmary to lessen the risk to the public should another explosion occur during examination of the patient.

When the medevac helicopter lands, the patient is brought to the infirmary and put in the protected examination room. Initial visual examination confirms the reports of the translucent black energy field around the patient as well as the pieces of black crystal embedded in his body.

Delta-Vee reads a low level of cosmic energy coming from the patient.

The Knight watching from the back of the room asks, "Melinda cross reference this with any other known incidents."

Karex offers his critique of the Knight's request, "That was not a good command."

"Compare this with all research on Prime and cosmic crystals," requests Delta-Vee.

Once again Karex offers comment, "Now that is a good command."

Dr. Miller begins a more in-depth examination of the patient she avoids touching him or the energy field instead she uses special probes and instruments to conduct her tests. She tells everyone that she has detected traces of cosmic energy emanating from the patient, the crystal shards or the energy field. She also reports having no success in getting an instrument through the energy field in an attempt to conduct a further examination of the patient.

After hearing Dr. Miller's report of cosmic energy coming from the patient, Eon requests Melinda check the energy readings and compare them to the cosmic energy readings from Prime and his experiments.

Melinda reports privately to Delta-Vee that the energy readings are similar but not the same as Prime's cosmic crystals. Delta-Vee and the Knight discuss the readings and Melinda's comments between themselves.

The Knight checks with Melinda about the location of the caverns that the man was exploring and also asks about any similar incidences of individuals and explosions involving rocks and crystals.

Melinda reports on Rock's, a former associate of the Wardens, origin and his current association with the Olmetecs. Melinda also asks Delta-Vee and the Knight if they wish that she reply to Eon's query about the cosmic energy readings and Prime.

Dr. Miller steps over to her computer console for a look at the data the instruments have been collecting. She is considering bringing in Dr. S. Alon Sloan for a consultation when she looks up to see Eon standing by the patient.

She screams, "NO!!!" as Eon reaches out and touches the patient.

When Eon's finger contacts the energy field there is an explosion. It throws Eon across the room and into the armored wall. Eon lands in a very unnatural position and it is obvious that he has suffered massive injuries. The explosion also throws the wall screening Dr. Miller's computer console into the doctor pinning her against the opposite wall from Eon. Her arm is bent at the elbow but in the wrong direction and blood is also running down her face.

Karex looks up and sees a chunk of black crystal embedded in Eon's chest. When he notices that it is starting to sink into Eon's chest, Karex pulls a pair of pliers from his tool pouch and flies across the room. He tries to grab the crystal but misses as it continues to sink into Eon's chest. Karex tries again to grab the crystal but only succeeds in driving his pliers into Eon's chest beside the crystal.

The Knight intervenes and stops Karex from probing Eon's chest with the pair of pliers.

"I told you no tweezers, so you bring pliers and burying them in Eon's chest," says Knight chastising the little alien dragon.

Delta-Vee reports that he is picking up cosmic energy traces from both the patient and Eon. He also points out that the patient is no longer encased in the energy field.

Amethyst rushes over to Dr. Miller and checks her condition. She quickly checks the partition that has the doctor pinned to the wall and determines that nothing from the partition is impinging on the doctor's body. Amethyst clears the partition off the doctor. Next, Amethyst checks for the source of the blood running down the doctor's face and finds a small bump and laceration on the doctor's forehead right at the hairline. She rips some pieces off of the doctor's lab coat and uses them to staunch the bleeding.

The Knight and Karex continue to struggle over the pliers. As they struggle, the Knight keeps trying to convince Karex to give him the pliers and let the medical professionals help Eon.

"Silly human, don't you know that there is a parasitic alien life form bonding itself to your friend?" insists Karex before finally giving up the struggle and letting the Knight have the pliers.

The Knight looks at Karex and insists upon a promise from the gold-scaled alien to not attempt to do anything else to 'help' Eon and that he will let the medical professionals do their job.

Karex reluctantly agrees.

Delta-Vee asks the Knight if the struggle with Karex reminded him of greased pig wrestling. The Knight says that he never wrestled a greased pig only a greased alligator. Randy imagines one of the University of Florida's, home of the Gators, swim team being greased and wrestling with him.

When the commotion dies down, the medical team enters the demolished examination room and start working on the original patient, Eon and Dr. Miller. The team leader suggests taking patients to the paranormal medical facility at UC-Berkeley medical center. There is renewed debate about exposing innocents to unknown dangers from the black crystals and cosmic energy. The team leader points out that the Wardens no longer have adequate facilities to treat the two paranormal patients as a large percentage of the special instruments have been destroyed or damaged by the explosion. He also says that Berkeley has an isolation unit with remotely-operated equipment, so the doctors can work on the patients from an armored observation room. It is decided to send the three patients to Berkeley.

The Knight contacts the FSS and asks them to cordon off the area in Oregon to prevent others from being exposed to the any danger from the black crystals or cosmic energy they emit.

While the patients are being loaded on the Hippogriff, Karex argues with the Knight about needing to go with the trio to the hospital. Karex points out that now that the patients are all charged with cosmic energy, they could be kidnap targets for the one who took Prime. The Knight tells Karex that he is needed at the base to talk with Johan Doyle about the crystals and cosmic energy used in Professor Herbert's experiments.

Amethyst goes to the UC-Berkeley medical center with Dr. Miller, Eon and the original patient. Upon arrival at the hospital, the three are rushed to the paranormal medical ward's isolation unit. The isolation unit has armored walls and armored glass observation windows. Each patient is placed in an armored isolation cell that resembles a large coffin with remote-controlled waldo units for working on the patients.

Amethyst contacts Delta-Vee and the Knight to advise that she is at the medical center and the patients are in the isolation unit being examined by the medical staff.

The Knight and Karex go to talk with Johan Doyle. Karex requests Melinda to clear information on the original patient for viewing by Doyle. When they ask Doyle about his studies on cosmic energy and their effect on humans, he says that he has not really studied cosmic energy mutations only regular biochemistry and genetics. The Professor was the expert on cosmic energy and its role in the 'evolution' process. When asked about the crystals used to power the Herbert device, Doyle says that only one crystal was ever found by the Professor and it was unable to power device. Since it was a possible danger to the research staff at the university, it was turned over to the government for study.

Seeing that their conversation with Johan Doyle is not producing any useful results, the Knight and Karex leave. On their way to the team conference room they debate whether or not that Doyle is telling the truth

Karex confesses, "you humans are very confusing."

The Knight questions what Karex's people know about cosmic energy and its effects. Karex says that no Yrician has ever been exposed to high levels of cosmic energy so he does not know what effect there would be, if any.

"Let me get this straight, you have had no experience with these crystals or cosmic energy, yet you were diving towards Eon's chest with a pair of pliers?" says an unbelieving Knight.

The Knight continues to chastise Karex for his rashness and need to interfere in medical matters in which he has no practical experience. The Knight once again reiterates his stance on leaving the things of medicine to trained practitioners of medicine.

"I will keep in mind that if I find a parasitic entity burrowing into your chest, I will do nothing about it," replies Karex.

Karex continues to argue and the Knight continues to get more frustrated. Finally the Knight suggests that Karex go to his quarters and take some time to think things over. After Karex has gone, the Knight asks Susan to report if Karex does not go to his quarters.

Back at the medical center, the doctors continue to work on their patients.

After a series of tests, it is confirmed that Dr. Miller is not emitting cosmic energy or any other exotic energy forms. She is transferred to the main medical center facilities for treatment of a dislocated elbow with bone, ligament, tendon and muscle damage, as well as a small scalp laceration.

Shortly thereafter, the instruments monitoring Eon begin displaying no life signs from him.

As the doctors work to revive Eon, the original patient who now appears to be encased in black crystal throws off the top of his isolation cell and rises. He fires an energy bolt at the doctors cracking the armored glass of the observation window.

Amethyst alerts the other Wardens then starts evacuating the doctors from the observation room. When she sees the black crystal encased man raising his hand to fire again, she uses her body to shield the last couple of doctors from the flying pieces of armored glass as the observation room window shatters.

After receiving the alert, Delta-Vee grabs the Knight and heads to Berkeley. Karex decides to catch a ride on the Pegasus as it is faster than his normal winged flight mode.

The black crystal encased adversary tries to enter the observation room through the window opening but Amethyst dives through the window while executing a flying tackle driving him back into the isolation unit. The impact of the maneuver causes the crystal encased man to split into two beings, one is about the size and build of the original patient while the other is larger and more muscular. Amethyst pushes the personal isolation cell that Eon is in up against the observation room wall and places herself between it and her adversaries. She takes a quick assessment of the situation and discovers that the smaller one appears to be out but the larger being is slowly getting up off of the floor.

Delta-Vee and the Knight arrive at the hospital. Delta-Vee heads for the paranormal medical unit's isolation unit timing his flight down the hallway to match the opening and closing of the security doors. He flies over the medical staff as they are leaving the paranormal medicine wing. The Knight summons his horse and waits for the medical staff to clear out of his way before charging down the hallway timing his ride to match the opening and closing of the security doors.

Amethyst takes a swing at the large crystal being and misses, at the same time she also manages to avoid of the being's counterpunch. Delta-Vee streaks into the isolation unit and strikes the large crystal being in the head. The impact causes the being to split into two beings; one is obviously the large crystal being and the other appears to be made of the same black crystal but is shorter and slighter of build. The Knight arrives in the isolation unit and fires a blast of 'holy light' from his sword striking the large crystal being. Amethyst follows up with a blow that lays the large thing low. Delta-Vee does a tight spiral around 'skinny' keeping it occupied. Delta-Vee pulls out of his spiral as Amethyst takes a swing at 'skinny' but it avoids her attempt with ease. Delta-Vee takes the opportunity to grab 'skinny' from behind and shove him off balance just as the Knight fires and hits with another blast of 'holy light.' Delta-Vee once again grabs 'skinny' then signals to Amethyst and the Knight before letting 'skinny' fly in their directions. The Knight swings low and Amethyst swings high taking 'skinny' down.

Karex arrives on the scene in time to witness the teamwork that downs the last adversary.

Amethyst checks on Eon. He appears to be made of the same ebon crystal that the others are but he has the same long white hair he had had when he first visited the Wardens looking for John Battle.

Karex looks at the downed adversaries and then at Eon before asking, "has the alien taken him over?"

"I donít know, I am not a doctor. I donít even play one on television," quips Delta-Vee.

Run Date: 12/16/2008

Record Last Changed Date: 12/27/2009

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