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Gremlins and Secrets - Session

Session: 37

A look at what happened during Session 37.

Session Entry

Game Date: 1/19/2007

Who: Amethyst (II), Delta-Vee, Eon (Lazarus), Knight of Saint Michael, Jaxton Gray

Karalyn is working with Janelle at the Green Valley Trust office and decides to mention the newspaper article about the car crash that killed Solomon and Thelma Baines and Tobias Holliday. Janelle says that Toby was her son and Tommy's twin brother. Toby was one when he died in the car accident. She goes on to explain that she and the babies had been sick, so her Aunt Thelma had agreed to take care of Toby on the drive home from the Baines Family reunion in Washington state.

After Janelle calms down, Karalyn asks her if she and Aaron will be going to the Alcatraz Foundation Valentine's Day party. Janelle says that since it is a formal affair the clothes they would need for the party is outside of their budget. Janelle goes on to say that she, Aaron and Tommy will be going to the Valentine's party at the Ramon Marcel Community Center.

Karalyn heads over to the community center to consult with a couple that needed some legal advice.

The Knight decides to patrol in Oakland during the day to try and find out more about 'Blue Boy.' He is unable to find any information and heads back to San Francisco.

Delta-Vee takes the box with the pieces of the 'gremlin' in it to the Wardens' Alcatraz headquarters. There he turns over the box and its contents along with the note to Security Chief Petrova.

Eon takes his paintings both reproductions and originals to the Du Monde Gallery. Roy is surprised by Eon's new form and is also a bit put off by the style of some of the original works in comparison to the reproductions. They are definitely outside of the normal faire for the gallery but Roy takes them on consignment due to Eon's reputation with his clientele. Eon leaves the gallery, his account with a little less than he had anticipated but he was not surprised since he had sprung the Xenexis pieces on Roy with just a phone call as warning.

The Knight catches up with Eon outside the gallery and as they head for the coffee shop, Delta-Vee meets up with them. Delta-Vee tells them about the box and gremlin that he had received from Tommy. They decide to go to community center to talk with Tommy. As they walk to the community center, they talk about recent happenings including Rebecca and Karex.

They arrive at the community center and start looking for Tommy but do not find him. After some discussion they decide to wait for him in the gym.

When they enter the gym, Eon challenges the Knight to dunk basketball while fully armored. The Knight accepts and after giving he sword and shield to Delta-Vee proceeds to dribble down the court. He launches himself from the foul line and dunks with quality enough to win an NBA slam dunk contest. Several bystanders applaud the Knight.

Eon claps and then says try this. He takes up a position at the opposite foul line then throws the ball down court at the far basket, teleports the length of court and slams the ball home. Several bystanders and the Knight applaud Eon.

While waiting for Tommy, the trio starts discussing basketball. After a while the Knight starts talking about European football. There is a discussion about calling it soccer versus football since they are in the United States. The Knight then talks a little about the loss of the Earthquakes and hopes that things go better when the team restarts in 2008. The discussion turns to multiculturalism and the diverse makeup of the community center.

Delta-Vee sees some of the cheer team arriving for practice and changes into his coaching gear.

Karalyn sees Janelle drop off Tommy at the community center. When he sees her, Tommy runs over to Karalyn and starts a sign language chat. When Randy sees Tommy, he asks to speak with the boy.

Tommy sits down in one of the coach's offices with Randy, the Knight and Eon. When he is introduced to the new look Eon, Tommy asks about the picture he had made for him. Eon explains that he has the staff at the Wardens headquarters trying to locate the picture.

The conversation turns to the 'gremlin' that Tommy had left in a box for Randy. Tommy tells them about the little black 'gremlin' getting run over by a truck. He said before the creature was hit, he heard it talking to someone and understood that it was watching Miss Karalyn. When asked about what language the 'gremlin' spoke, Tommy says that it was not like English, French or Spanish but some kind of weird gibberish language. Eon speaks in Hungarian; Tommy says no, not like real words, it spoke gibberish.

The Knight asks Tommy to show them where he found the pieces of the creature. The boy takes them to the loading dock near the auto shop where his dad taught classes.

They find a burn mark in a pattern like the 'gremlin' chest plate near the dumpster where Tommy says the gremlin was hit by truck. Randy pulls his helmet out of his gym bag and examines the burnt spot with its sensors. He notes there is a residual trace of cosmic energy associated with the burn pattern.

Tommy says that if it had not been for Sally and Gianna, he could have probably caught the 'gremlin' by himself and gave it to the Wardens. Eon asks what he means and Tommy tells him that Gianna and Sally were chasing after the 'gremlin' and while trying to get away from the girls, it was hit by the garbage truck. Sally almost got hit, too.

The group goes back inside and thanks Tommy for his help. Randy talks to the cheer team's head coach about having Gianna and Sally wait for him after practice is over.

The Knight, Randy and Eon talk about Tommy's story. It is decided that the Knight and Eon will give the community center and the area around it a through check while Delta-Vee escorts Karalyn Nicholas home.

Randy speaks with Karalyn and expressed the Wardens' concern regarding her safety. He explains that Karalyn seems to have gained the attention of a group of paranormals. These paranormals are not native to this dimension and they have always attacked without explanation in previous encounters with the Wardens. Randy offers to escort Karalyn home and she accepts.

Eon and the Knight search the grounds around the community center. They find 'gremlin' footprints they indicate that the creatures frequently walked around in the hedges to stay out of sight. They also find evidence that the 'gremlins' hid in a section of the hedge row that would allow them to observe the room where Karalyn taught sign language classes.

Randy calls Security Chief Petrova and advises her on what their investigations at the community center had discovered. He asks that a security detail be assigned to protect Karalyn Nicholas. Petrova agrees with his assessment of the situation and says she will send a security team to guard Miss Nicholas. Karalyn drives home and Delta-Vee shadows her from the air.

The Knight and Eon continue their search of the community center grounds. They find the remains of a 'gremlin' and a small caliber bullet. It appears that someone had shot the 'gremlin.' They call the FSS and ask that a forensics team be sent to the Ramon Marcel Community Center for investigation of a paranormal involved crime scene.

Eon calls Delta-Vee and tells him about finding the second 'gremlin's' remains. Delta-Vee says that he will search the area around Karalyn's condo for 'gremlins.'

The Knight and Eon speak with Ned Jamison, the community center's night director. They advise him that an FSS team is on the way to investigate a possible crime scene adjoining the community center. Eon advises Jamison to cancel activities for the evening and have everyone go home. Jamison agrees and has the community center evacuated then closed for the night.

The FSS forensics team arrives at the community center. Eon updates FSS Special Agent Stairs on the situation. Stairs calls for backup asking that a SOS team be sent to the scene.

Eon and the Knight go to Karalyn's apartment to help Delta-Vee secure the location.

Delta-Vee while searching the area around Karalyn's condo picks up two energy signatures that match the 'gremlins' energy signatures. He is able to track one of the signatures and captures the 'gremlin.' Unable to escape, the small creature blows its chest plate as it releasing a burst of cosmic energy that causes a small explosion.

The Knight and Eon arrive on the scene and see Delta-Vee holding a 'gremlin' then see an explosion.

"Delta-Vee, did you blow up?" queries Eon.

"No, it did," replies Delta-Vee.

"I told you not to squeeze it too hard," quips Eon.

"But George, I was just holding it, hugging it and loving it," deadpans Delta-Vee.

Amethyst comes out of Karalyn's condo building with a 'gremlin.' Delta-Vee warns her that they blow up so she winds up and throws it high into the air where it blows up.

Delta-Vee questions Amethyst about why she is there. Amethyst explains that she was on patrol and checked in with the base and saw that a security team was being assigned to guard Karalyn Nicholas. Since she was in the area, Amethyst said she decided to check things out. While checking on Miss Nicholas, Amethyst said that she found a 'gremlin' sneaking around.

The team checks out the building where Karalyn's condo is located. Amethyst gets permission from Karalyn to search her condo. After not finding any further 'gremlins,' the team discusses what they should do. Amethyst volunteers to keep an eye on Karalyn until the security team arrives. The others return to the community center to see what the FSS has found.

Run Date: 2/14/2009

Record Last Changed Date: 2/5/2010

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