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Demonhound in the Park - Session

Session: 38

A look at what happened during Session 38.

Session Entry

Game Date: 1/24/2007

Who: Amethyst (II), Karex, Eon (Lazarus), Jaxton Gray, Indigo, Psyche

Marsa felt nauseous then the ground hits her hard; she swiveled to see where she was and just caught a last glimpse of the portal closing. She now knew where the portal led; it was a strange world and the call of the spirits was faint. As she rose to her feet, she saw that Albinas' staff lay nearby on the ground. She picked it up and then was overcome with grief; the Dark One had taken so much from her.

She then heard Albinas' last words to her again.

"Remember your training and believe in your yourself. May the spirits bless you with their gifts..."

Marsa put her grief behind her and focused on what had brought her to this strange world. She needed to find her brother and either save him or stop him from doing to this world what was happening to hers.

Marsa looks around to get her bearings and finds herself in a grassy field with trees and hedgerows scattered about. It reminds her of the Prince's Park in Vilnias but the people wore strange clothing with styles that were nothing like she had ever seen before.

One male catches her attention, he is certainly dressed funny in black leather with silver spikes on his wrists and neck but his manner of dress is not what catches her attention, it is his magic. It is of her world but not a craft that she can work, his aura is one of the demon-kin that Albinas had taught her about. It is dark and the taint of evil is unmistakable.

The punk looks in her direction and tilts his head back slightly, sniffing at the air. He then smiles and changes. She was right he is demon-kin and when he drops his glamour she sees his true appearance. He is large and furry with large fangs and claws and is charging towards her.

With a quick thought, Marsa calls upon the power of the Zydras gem in the head of Albinas' staff and a Spirit Shield springs into existence surrounding her. The demon creature strikes her but its claws glance harmlessly off her shield.

Caitlyn is eating lunch in Golden Gate Park and hears screams and sees people running. She ducks behind a hedgerow and activates her psychokinetic shield then flies in the direction that the people are fleeing from.

Adam sounds an alert about a dimensional disturbance in Golden Gate Park then relays that the FSS is reporting that a creature is on the rampage in the park in the same area as the disturbance.

Judah is painting in his studio at Rebecca's condo when the alert sounds and starts porting towards the park. Karex is handing out pamphlets about dolphins being sentient at San Francisco University when the alert sounds, he hands the last few pamphlets to once of the person's that had been listening to him most intently and flies towards the park. Karalyn is at the Green Valley Trust office when the alert sounds. She quickly changes into Amethyst and ducks out the secret exit before sprinting for the park.

The demon creature takes another swing at Marsa and misses. Marsa calls upon the Fire of the Spirits and burns a large bare spot in the creature's furry chest. Caitlyn floats into the area, seeing the conflict she decides that the bestial creature is the best target and unleashes a psychic shuriken at it. The creature howls in pain, grabbing its head it whirls to face Caitlyn then charges her. The creature strikes Caitlyn but her psychokinetic shield prevents her from being seriously injured. Caitlyn fires off another psychic shuriken, hitting the creature and it once again howls in pain. Marsa reaches out, grabs the creature with the Hands of the Spirits and throws it to the ground but the creature hops right back up. Caitlyn scrambles the signals in the creature's temporal lobe causing it to freeze in confusion as it tries to sort out its perceptions. Eon arrives on the scene and blasts the creature with a bolt of dark energy and the creature falls to the ground. Karex swoops in and delivers a powerful tail thump to the creature's scorched chest to ensure that it stays down.

"Once again the dragon saves the maiden," proclaims the small golden scaled one.

Eon wraps a dark energy field around the creature's muzzle arms and legs. He then calls the FSS and advises of the need for a prisoner transport.

Amethyst arrives just as Eon secures the creature.

Karex points at and introduces each of the Wardens present to the two 'maidens.'

His introduction of Eon as Eon the golem causes Caitlyn to question Eon by stating that she thought that golems were made of clay. Eon states that Karex misspoke and insists he is not a golem. Psyche then asks Eon if he is Jewish and Karex chimes in saying that Eon could be Jewish. Eon questions why anyone would think he was Jewish. Karex says that having seen the bank news report and there is a possibility based on the video evidence.

Karex quickly changes the subject by asking what they are going to do with the werewolf. This starts a debate between Karex and Eon over whether or not their adversary is really a werewolf. After a while Amethyst stops the debate and turns the questioning toward the two unknown paranormals.

Amethyst asks the two ladies why the creature was attacking them. Caitlyn says that the creature was attacking the other lady and she had been in the area and decided to help out.

Marsa say she is not sure why the creature was attacking her. She goes on to explain that she had just arrived on this world via a spirit portal. When asks where the portal was, she says it closed after she was thrown through it. The group discusses where she is from and Marsa say that based on essence flow she believes it was another world and mostly another dimension as well.

The FSS arrives and the creature is put in the containment van. Eon requests that it be locked up at the FSS's prisoner containment facility until a consultant on mystical matters can be brought to assess what to do with it.

As they are getting ready to go, Eon asks the FSS team to also "test it to prove it is not a werewolf."

After the FSS leave with the demon creature, the team begins questioning Marsa again. Eon brings up that she might be a bit frazzled and maybe a break is in order. Karex comments that after a werewolf Eon would be frazzled too.

"Oh yes, you have a heart of stone. It is different for you," Karex says to Eon.

Amethyst says that they should go back to the base so that they can continue their discussions in private. When Karex and Eon agree, Amethyst calls for the Pegasus to pick them up.

While they are waiting, they start discussing Marsa's staff. They comment on the staff's silver wire wrapping and inlays with runes on them as well as the large blue stone at its top. Marsa reveals that she can channel her magecraft via the staff.

When the Pegasus arrives, its appearance surprises Marsa. It is not the flying horse that she had expected. Eon tries to assuage her doubts and asks her to trust him. She expresses her concern with trusting him as he associates with a dragon and on her world dragons are not good.

"Everyone knows dragons rescue maidens," states Karex.

"I have heard that dragons think we are crunchy and taste good with ketchup," quips Caitlyn.

Karex rebuts her statement indicating that it is evil propaganda.

Caitlyn steps away from the group and calls the library. She says that there was an incident at the park and that she will be taking a mental health day for the rest of the day.

Marsa finally consents to boarding the Pegasus.

On the way to Alcatraz, the group's questioning turns to Caitlyn. When she volunteers that she works with books. Eon says that she must be an accountant but Karex says he thinks she is a bookie.

The Pegasus arrives at the Wardens' Alcatraz Island headquarters and the group adjourns to the guests' lounge.

Before the group settles in, Karex openly suggests if anyone needs to hide their identity a means to do so can be provided.

"I feel that comment was directed at me," states Caitlyn. She is given a mask and goes to the rest room. She turns off her psychokinetic shield and dons the mask then returns to the lounge.

When Karex refers to Eon as a golem again, it sets off more banter amongst the group about Eon's new nature. As the golem discussion dies down, the conversation then turns to books and comments are made about accountants and bookies.

After a while Karex and Eon turn the discussion back to Marsa being on a different world. Karex comments about all of the scary things that she has seen that day.

Turning to Eon, Karex says, "sorry did not mean to call you a thing."

It is then that Karex realizes that he had introduced the Wardens at the park but had not gotten their visitors names and that more introductions are in order.

Marsa says that the team can call her Indigo and Caitlyn introduces herself as Psyche then explains it means "soul."

Indigo gives some more information on her world and its highly magical nature. She goes on to say that the Wardens' world is a completely new experience for her and it is definitely different from her world.

Karex suggests that Indigo can acclimatize herself by watching TV like he does. Psyche interjects that books would be better; to which Karex responds they don't even know if Indigo can read. Eon questions whether TV is a valid educational medium as not all TV programs are real.

Indigo goes on to tell them that the peoples of her world call it Terra and that the area she is from is ruled by a Price and is called Litua. She explains that she is here to save her brother who was changed by the Dark One. When asked why the dark one sent her brother here, she replies to conquer or destroy it.

"Another one," says Karex shaking his head. "That happens a lot here. You guys need setup some kind of immigration controls."

Eon and Karex debate whether Indigo is from another world or another dimension. Karex tries to put an end to the debate by stating that Earth is 'broken' because of all of the dimension hops that have happened there. He then points out that Indigo can only be from an alternate Earth as it is the only place in the universe where magic works.

Questions are raised about trusting Indigo and if she is telling the truth. It is suggested that maybe she is the evil one not her brother. There is a discussion of reading the colors auras as a means of telling if a person is good is bad.

"Like the light sabers in Star Wars," interjects Karex. "Blue is good, red is bad."

"I do not know Star Wars," states Indigo.

Amethyst manages to stop Karex from launching into a full blown explanation of Star Wars by bidding Indigo to continue on how aura colors can be used to determine good or evil. Indigo says that black is evil causing Eon to ask if she thinks that he is evil because he is black. When Indigo tries to explain that his aura is not an evil black, Eon goes on to say that he believes in helping people and that he believes that proves that he is not evil.

"Not Evil, how many speeding tickets? Late library books?" quips Psyche.

Amethyst puts an end to the conversation on the auras being used to determine good or evil before the discussion gets out of hand. She also makes a mental note to have the Knight check Indigo's aura as well as Psyche's.

The conversation turns back to the creature that attacked Indigo in the park. Indigo tells how the creature started out in a human guise and after she sensed its magic it changed its form. She gives a description of the human form as wearing black leather pants and jacket with silver studs and spikes on them. Eon points out to Karex again that it is doubtful that the creature is a werewolf as they are not fond of silver.

The group discusses going to the FSS containment facility to visit the creature. Eon wants to take a medical tech to help wake the creature if it is still unconscious. Karex suggests bringing a gun with silver bullets, just in case. Psyche says that she is a telepath and could try and read the creature's mind. The discussion turns to bringing Indigo along with them.

"She should stay and watch TV," suggests Karex.

The Wardens and guests take the Pegasus over to the FSS Western Region Headquarters at the Presidio. They arrive at the containment facility and go to the visitor check-in and waiting area. After speaking with the agent on duty about their desire to visit with the creature, Amethyst, Eon, Karex and Med Tech Kim are checked-in but Psyche and Indigo are restricted from going into the facility's detention area as they do not have proper credentials.

Karex advises the guard that he is the Yrician Ambassador to Earth. He then scribbles diplomatic credentials for Psyche that identifies her as his personal assistant. After reviewing the papers, the guard allows Psyche entrance to the detention area as long as she is accompanying Karex.

Amethyst decides to stay in the waiting area with Indigo. She uses her communicator to listen in on the examination of the creature. Indigo uses her spirit walking spell to watch and listen in.

The creature is still unconscious but Psyche tries to read its mind anyway. She gets images of the creature as a small pup and it is slaughtering humans and ven at the urging of a large demonic type with hooves and horns.

Karex wants to wake up the creature, so Med Tech Kim looks into the window to see what he will be dealing with. After seeing the creature, Kim identifies it and tells the others that the creature is a demonhound. The Wardens' logs report that in the past, such creatures had attacked Scorpion and Shadowknight. Kim then declines to enter the containment cell.

Psyche goes to the waiting area and makes mental contact with Indigo. Psyche shows Indigo the demonhound's dream and asks if the large demonic creature is the Dark One. Indigo responds that it is not the Dark One but appears to be a demon lord from her home world.

Psyche then tells the others about the demonhound's dream and the demon lord. They discuss whether or not the demon lord could be in league with the Dark One. Indigo says that it could be but there was no way to know for sure without further looking into the matter.

Amethyst says that they can return when the creature is awake for further investigation. Karex wants to wake up the creature by throwing a phonebook at it. Amethyst tells him no and that it is time to leave. Karex continues to argue but when Amethyst refuses to give in, he abides by her wishes.

Back at the base, Eon sits down with Indigo and using her description of the man-creature that her brother had been transforming into draws a sketch of her brother.

"Wow, you two don't look anything alike," comments Karex after looking at the sketch.

"I told you he was transformed," replies Indigo.

The sketch is distributed to law enforcement agencies via the FSS' communication network.

Karex continues to call Psyche his aide and then escalates to joking about her being his sidekick.

About an hour after sketch is sent, Melinda says that a reference to similar looking man has been discovered. The individual that resembles the sketch was one of the German 'Ubermensch' during World War II. He was codenamed der Berggeist, the Mountain Troll, and disappeared during Operation: Gotterdammerung in England. There have been no confirmed sightings of der Berggeist since then.

Run Date: 1/30/2010

Record Last Changed Date: 4/1/2010

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