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Jeers to Robot Joe... Uh, Ted - Session

Session: 39

A look at what happened during Session 39.

Session Entry

Game Date: 2/9/2007  - 2/12/2007
Location: San Francisco, California

Who: Amethyst (II), Karex, Knight of Saint Michael, Psyche, Jaxton Gray

Adversary: Robot Ted

Amethyst, Karex, the Knight and Psyche are reviewing recent activities. The Knight tells Karex that no industrial or manufacturing concerns are located near the area where he had found the pipe that was emptying toxic chemicals into the Bay. Due to Karex's suspicions that the chemicals are causing mutations in the local dolphin population, the team decides that the situation warrants further investigation.

Discussion turns to the recent encounter with the demonhound and Karex's provisioning of the team with the Supernatural Monster Hunting Kits. Karex starts listing some of the items contained in the kits and that he even made some four leaf clovers out of three leaf clovers so that he would have enough for each Warden and vehicles' kit.

Psyche asks about holy symbols and Karex stars listing the ones included in the kit. He also mentions that with proper modifications some of the holy symbols serving as weapons. Like the cannibalist's star thingies being used for throwing stars.

Karex then points out that he has even included spray paint and stencils for making instant protective circles.

The Knight points out that stencils have gaps in them.

Karex looks thoughtful for a moment then replies, "Perhaps there is a flaw in that plan."

As the discussion continues, there is an alert reported by several direct calls from the Ramon Marcel Community Center. The caller's report a problem with the Robot Ted demonstration and the kids at the demo are in trouble. The Wardens head for the community center.

As they near the community center, the team sees people fleeing out of the front entrance of the facility. The group decides to enter via the service doors at the back and head for the gym. Entering in the gym, they are a bit surprised to find that Robot Ted is over eight feet tall and seems to be out of control. Trent is lying up in the bleachers and appears to be injured; Katrina is lying on the opposite side of the gym and is not moving; Mei Lynn is standing a few meters in from the robot shaking her head as if in disbelief; and Gianna is going toe-to-toe with the robot with an expression of anger on her face.

Karex feeling that the robot is some kind of golem, throws salt on it without effect.

A male voice calls out, "Don't hurt it, it was expensive."

Amethyst charges into the robot knocking it back through a row of bleachers and into the wall. Gianna gives her a cheer of approval. The Knight charges forth on his noble steed planting his lance into the robot's chest before running into the wall.

Psyche not knowing if she can do anything to help stop the robot decides to check on the wounded. She accesses Trent's condition then evacuates him out of the gym. She takes him to paramedics waiting outside, and then escorts a group of paramedics to the gym.

Karex seeing a large gapping hole in the robot's chest uses his water blast on it shorting it out in a brilliant electrical display. The Knight using some of his newly gained scientific knowledge, questions Karex's using his water blast around high energy electrical systems exposing a teammate to danger in the process.

Karex replies that he was practicing teamwork, "You were going to serve as the conduit."

Seeing the robot down, the Knight evaluates the scene. He sees that Gianna is still hopping mad, Mei Lynn appears to be dazed or in a state of shock and Amethyst followed by paramedics going over to attend to Katrina.

Amethyst finds that Katrina has a broken arm and immobilizes it while the paramedics splint it. While the paramedics are working on Katrina, the police cordon off the area and restrict access to the gym to necessary personnel only.

Karex talks to the robot's designer and finds that it is more of an advanced animatronic instead of a full-fledged robot. The designer says that he does not know what happened. Robot Ted went into autonomous mode then started attacking the kids and did not respond to shutdown commands. Karex asks if the designer would let the Wardens take the 'robot' back to their base for further investigation without any outside interference.

While Karex is chatting with the 'robot' designer, the Knight checks on Mei Lynn. She comes out of her daze and says she is okay. She is also upset about panicking. He also checks on Gianna and although she is still angry, she does not seem to be any worse for wear.

The Knight overhears Karex talking about bringing the 'robot' to the base and says no. There is a discussion between the Wardens at the community center and all agree with the Knight that the robot should not be brought back to the base. Karex's suggestion to the designer is overruled.

Before returning to speaking with the robot designer, Karex asks Psyche to scan the cheer team to see if they are paranormals.

Tommy manages to get past the police and enters the gym. A police officer pursues him causing Tommy to call out to the Knight who goes over to see what is happening. The police officer is trying to get Tommy out of the gym and back on the safe side of the cordon. Tommy tells the Knight he needs to tell him something and the Knight responds by offering to go outside the gym with Tommy and talk. Tommy says no he needs to talk to the Knight in private. The Knight suggests one of the offices at the community center but Tommy insists upon talking to him in the gym. The Knight tells the police officer that he will take responsibility for Tommy and takes him back into the gym.

Once they are in the gym, Tommy says that he needs to tell Amethyst something too and the Knight calls her over. Tommy tells them that someone told the 'robot' to attack the kids. When asked how he knows, Tommy says he heard them did it. He then explains it was like when he heard the little black gremlins talking gibberish and he understood they were after Miss Karalyn. He says it always starts out as gibberish but if he listens closely, he can understand things.

Mei Lynn overhears Tommy talking with the Knight and Amethyst and comes over. She says that the 'robot' attacking was her fault. She tried to make contact with it causing it to go crazy and start attacking people. When the Knight asks her what she means by contacting the 'robot'. She speaks to him telepathically demonstrating how she tried to contact the 'robot'.

Tommy says it was not Mei Lynn that he heard tell the 'robot' to attack, it was someone else.

Karex asks the 'robot' designer to give him the details of some of its systems. They walk over to the 'robot' and Karex notices a Gianna fist-sized dent in its leg. The designer tells Karex about each system as Karex points them out. They discuss the power unit, processor unit circuit relays and various servomechanisms. Karex asks if he can repair or build another of the 'robots'. The designer says he can build another and it does not have to be human shaped as long as it is large sized. However, it was not going to happen as he had run out of money while building Robot Ted and now no amusement parks would be interested in buying a 'robot' that goes wild and attacks people. Karex tells the designer that the 'robot' was not faulty that a supervillain had taken control of the robot so the designer was not to blame. Karex offers to help the designer and they exchange business cards.

As the conversation with Mei Lynn and Tommy is finishing, the Knight sees the exchange of business cards between Karex and a man wearing a suit as they are looking over the wreckage of the 'robot'. He decides to check on what Karex was doing and who the man in the suit is.

When Karex heads out of the gym, the Knight asks Amethyst to keep an eye on him.

The Knight strikes up a conversation with the man in the suit and finds out that he is Paul Stevens, the designer of Robot Ted. They discuss the 'robot' and the Knight asks for an explanation of why it attacked the kids. Paul relates once again about the robot going into autonomous mode, usually a short loop of commands that allows the animatronic to function without direct oversight of an operator or control computer. He said at that point he had no control over the animatronic and it would not respond to override or shutdown commands. The Knight points out that Paul had said a program loop runs the autonomous mode and asks if the animatronic was responding as its program directed and Paul says it was not following any programming that had been setup for the demo. With some prompting, Paul relates some of his previous work history building animatronic systems for the entertainment industry and admits that he will probably be returning to his previous line of work because he was out of money. The Knight clarifies that Paul had never built an entire animatronic by himself and Paul replies that Robot Ted was his first. It was self-contained and all of the systems that caused and directed its actions were onboard. It was a new direction for the industry and if perfected could be very lucrative. Paul then points out the control towers setup in the four corners of the gym and explains that the animatronic would only be able to operate within that perimeter. When asked, Paul tells the Knight that even when it was rogue the animatronic did not leave the control area.

While talking with Paul, the Knight notices a Gianna fist-sized dent in the animatronic's leg.

The Knight asks Paul what he thinks about Karex. Paul responds that he thinks that it is either Prime in a costume or an advanced animatronic and that he relished the chance to work with Prime or the animatronic designer.

The Knight's final question to Paul is if he saw anything else out of the ordinary after the animatronic quit responding to commands. Paul said that he saw was some kids, then stops and says, "Helping their friends." The Knight smiles beneath his chainmail coif then nods.

Karex seeing the halls crowded in front of him takes to the air and flies about the crowds and out the front door. He begins rounding up reporters and cameramen indicating he has a statement to make.

Amethyst reaches the door and finds no sign of Karex; she heads towards the front door to check if he has gone outside.

After a small group of the media has gathered, Karex starts his statement. He says that a young inventor, working on an amazing technological breakthrough, was providing a demo of the technology to the kids at the community center when something evil happened. During the demonstration, a supervillain took control of the inventor's work and attacking the gathered crowd. Karex assures the media that the attack was an act of sabotage and not a design fault and that the inventor is innocent of any blame for the incident. Karex also states that without outside support the new technology maybe lost so if anyone is interested in helping the inventor here is a means to contact him. Karex holds up the inventor's business card.

Melinda media searches picks up Karex's statement and patches in through to the Knight, Amethyst and Psyche.

Amethyst arrives on the scene of the impromptu press conference just as Karex is finishing. Taking advantage of her arrival, Karex says that any questions are for Amethyst. When a reporter asks her a question, Amethyst replies "No comment." Amethyst takes the business card away from Karex and tells the reports that the inventor is not available for questioning. Amethyst then takes Karex back towards the gym.

When the Knight sees Karex showing Paul's business card on camera, he chastises Karex for the coming invasions of the inventor's privacy. The Knight extends his arms out from his sides, looking towards the heavens and with voice booming, speaks.

"Karex for Christ's sake, this technology is not going to be lost. There's Disney, there is money to be made."

Karex explains to the Knight his theory about the 'robot' being taken over by a supervillain who was present at the demo. When asked how he knows this, Karex explains that he has looked over the wreckage of the 'robot' and that his theory is the only one that fits the evidence.

Karex then assures the Knight that Psyche can read the minds of the attendees and determine who took over the 'robot'.

The Knight and Psyche discuss the possibility of scanning people to determine more about what happened during the incident with Karex constantly interrupting and offering suggestions. The Knight repeatedly shushes him and tells him to let the expert talk.

Psyche says that she would like to start with the animatronic's inventor and Karex says that it could not be him because he is too nice to be a supervillain. Psyche explains that the nice ones are sometimes the ones that need watching the most.

The Knight calls Rowena and they discuss the incident and what should be done with the animatronic. Rowena recommends examining it in a controlled environment then suggests that the Wardens take it to their base. The Knight says he does not want it taken to the base. Rowena then says the only other option is to turn it over to the FSS.

Karex checks on the control towers and can find evidence of tampering.

Psyche checks up on Trent and Katrina and finds that they are at Saint Mercy Hospital. Katrina is doing fine and that the doctors are putting a cast on her arm. Trent has broken ribs and the doctors are checking for damage to the lungs and heart.

After talking with Rowena, the Knight tells Amethyst to call in the FSS. Once they arrive on the scene and takeover the investigation from the local police, the Wardens head back to base.

Amethyst tells the others not to worry about the damage to the community center; she will see that it repaired. She bids the others goodnight and goes home to her condo.

Karalyn sends an email to Janelle asking her to be sure to notify R3 Services about the damages to the community center and that getting them repaired is a priority issue. The email also asks Janelle to donate whatever amount is needed from the Green Valley Trust account to the community center for the repairs.

The next day the team follows up on the pipe that was leaking mutagenic chemicals into the Bay. They gear up in protective diving suits and investigate the site. The pipe is still sealed and some searching around showing that it originates from a rocky area on the shore.

The Knight, Amethyst, Karex and Psyche discuss getting some type of sensor that would allow tracking the pipe underground to determine where it leads. They contact Melinda and ask her to research what type of equipment would be best for the job and where to get it.

While they are waiting, the conversation turns to buying something they could jury-rig for scanning underground. They talk about where they like to shop and who has the best prices. Karex says that he likes the shop at K-Mart because they have the blue light specials and alien discounts. Amethyst questions what he means by 'alien discounts.'

Karex explains, "Whenever I try to pay them, they say just take the stuff and go."

The Knight asks if Karex goes to the same store every time and he replies that he goes to different K-Mart stores and they all give him an alien discount.

"It must be a company policy," concludes Karex.

Psyche asks Karex does he have any other favorite places to shop. Karex replies that he also likes to shop at flea markets.

Amethyst asks how he pays for stuff at flea markets and Karex replies with currency. Then also mentions he sometimes uses gold because he has a little left over.

Melinda recommends contacting the FSS about getting access to a portable ground penetrating radar device.

The Knight contacts the FSS and asks about getting a portable ground penetrating radar device. They say they usually work with the U.S. Geological Survey when they need such equipment. Special Agent Pierce provides the Knight with a contact at the USGS. The contact at USGS says that it will take a few days to get the equipment for the Wardens.

The group postpones further investigation of the pipe and its source until they can get the equipment they need.

On Friday, Psyche checks up on Trent and Katrina's condition. Katrina went home on Wednesday night after having her arm put in a cast and Trent went home that morning with broken ribs being the only major injury that he had suffered. Psyche reports the Trent and Katrina's condition to the other Wardens.

The team meets and discusses how they want to go about reviewing the incident with Trent, Katrina, Mei Lynn and Gianna.

Karex speculates that since they were on the cheer team and worked closely with Delta-Vee. Thus, the kids were exposed to low levels of radiation and this exposure had caused the activation of their latent mutant abilities.

The matter of Gianna age is also discussed. The cheer team members are all seventeen but she is only eleven. The Knight says that there should be no testing of Gianna until she is at least sixteen. Karex cautions that not training her could cause some possible issues such as her getting mad and hurting someone. It is agreed that they need to talk with Gianna about such possibilities.

They review is who should talk with the children, the entire team or just one team member who will report to the others. Karex suggest the team as a whole because everyone has differing views and this would allow for the most productive interview. Amethyst agrees that each individual viewpoint will make for a good interview. Psyche says that a single 'interviewer' would be less intimidating. After some more discussion, it is agreed that one team member will conduct the interview while the others monitor and offer suggests via their communicators.

The interviews are setup for Saturday with Mei Lynn to lead off, followed by Trent then Gianna and Katrina. Amethyst will conduct the first interview with Mei Lynn.

On Saturday at Mei Lynn's interview time, all four of the children enter the conference room with Amethyst. She calls for the Knight to join her. Karex and Psyche continue to monitor from another room. Seeing that Trent appears to be getting around quite well for someone with broken ribs, Amethyst asks about his ribs and Trent, after getting a nod from Katrina, admits that they are healed.

The Knight arrives and Karex tells him to ask about the kids superpowers and offer them uniforms and training. The Knight ignores Karex and asks why they all showed up at the same. Katrina responds that they felt it best that the debriefing be done all at once. When the Knight asks why they think this is a debriefing. Katrina replies that it would make sense to have a review after the incident to determine what happened.

Mei Lynn pipes up about panicking and maybe a review of what happened would help if there was a next time. The Knight comments that she may have panicked but she did not run. She telepathically asks the Knight if he had ever heard of being frozen with fear.

When the others react to a blue aura around Mei Lynn and the Knight's heads, Mei Lynn turns to Katrina and says that they had all agreed to show their paranormal abilities. Katrina nods in agreement.

The Knight asks what she would do if she had it to do over. Mei Lynn says it would be easier to demonstrate that talk about.

After some discussion, the Knight and Amethyst takes the quartet to the base's training room where they are met by Karex and Psyche.

Mei Lynn demonstrates her ability by psychokinetically lifting several pieces of the 'outdoor' cafe's furniture. She tells the Knight that she would have knocked the animatronic over.

The Knight draws his sword and says show me before charging. Trent steps up in front of Mei Lynn to her left; Katrina steps up in front of Mei Lynn on her right and Gianna takes a position a couple of steps behind Trent to his left. Mei Lynn tries to knock the Knight away with his psychokinetic abilities but misses. The Knight halts his charge just short of the group and sheathes his sword.

He commends the group on their coordinated response and then questions Mei Lynn on missing her target. She admits to being good at hitting stationary targets and not so good at hitting moving targets.

The Knight asks Trent what he can do. Trent says besides healing fast, that he is pretty fast and agile. The Knight has Adam setup an obstacle course to test Trent's abilities. After a couple of times through the obstacle course, Trent's assessment shows a top speed of 25 mph and agility in the range of some of the elite agents that had trained at the facility.

Katrina demonstrates her ability to generate a protective force dome over at small area.

The Knight then challenges Gianna to show him how hard she can hit him. After he crouches and braces himself behind his shield. Gianna then proceeds to knock him back on his bottom several feet from where he was crouched. She asks if he has been shown then apologizes for being a smart aleck after seeing her sister's disapproving look. The Knight replies that he has been shown.

After demonstrating their abilities, the discussion turns towards training.

Gianna turns to Katrina and says, "See, I told you that they would train us." Then she turns back to the Wardens and says that they will still need to keep it a secret. Gianna complains that it is not fair because the older ones only have to keep it secret for another year but she has to keep it secret for six more years and that is a long time.

The Knight tells her the time will fly by and when she disagrees, he tells her to come see him in six years to discuss it.

The Wardens and their new young charges discuss how to keep their visits to Alcatraz for training secret. Katrina volunteers the information that they have been telling their parents that they have been training with Coach Randy when they hadn't so that they could practice with their abilities. The Knight says that he will come up with a plan.

Gianna warns him to look out for Tommy because he is nosy and he makes up stories, too and says that he has a brother who is a paranormal. The Knight says that his plan will consider Tommy's curiosity.

Karex mentions giving the kids masks and uniforms. There is some discussion of the matter with the Knight not thinking it a good idea. Katrina mentions that the masks could be used to keep their identities concealed when they come for training. The Wardens agree that that would be a good idea but the Knight does not budge on the uniforms issue.

There is more discussion with Karex championing giving the kids uniforms. Katrina makes a final plea saying that something like the security forces uniforms would be ideal for training to help limit the risk of injury. Seeing that the Knight is leaning towards giving in, Katrina accents her point by saying that Trent is the only one with rapid healing abilities.

Karex goads the Knight by commenting, "Listen to the wisdom of Karex, Knight."

The Knight says that the final decision can be made when the youths begin their training.

As they are leaving, Mei Lynn talks which Psyche. Learning that she too has psychokinetic abilities, Mei Lynn suggests that she and Psyche can train together. Psyche agrees.

The Knight and Karex make a big commotion about going out for burgers as a diversion while Amethyst and Psyche escort the kids out of the base.

Run Date: 3/27/2010

Record Last Changed Date: 4/12/2010

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