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Empire's Return - Session

Session: 4

A look at what happened during Session 4.

Session Entry

Game Date: 5/29/2004
Location: San Francisco, California

Who: Amethyst (II), Boost, Kitsune, Knight of Saint Michael, Nexus, Fortaleza, Kika

Adversary: Grand Imperium

Nexus calls a team meeting to discuss his investigation into the mystery sniper. In addition to Nexus, Amethyst, Boost, Kitsune, the Knight, Fortaleza and Kika attend.

Nexus tells the others that based on cross-referencing the rounds, which were little more than hardened steel ball bearings, recovered from the Darkling Creature host, with previous crimes that seven crimes were matched to the sniper. These crimes were international in scope and perpetrated by three paranormals with mental abilities and the sniper covered the criminals escape in each one. Three of the crimes were assassinations against political figures, one was the assassination of a multi-national corporate executive and the final three were robberies of extremely valuable items. The crimes show no relationship to each other and Orion speculates that all of the crimes were contracted affairs. The sniper's weapon is suspected to be a rail gun as the rounds have no rifling marks and have low-level magnetic signatures.

Kitsune gives the group a brief psychological profile for the "typical" sniper personality.

After some discussion of the possible target of the sniper and his comrades, it is decided that the most likely target would be a political round table featuring the Senator Gideon Horne, Chairman of the US Senate's Paranormal Oversight committee, and Senator Richara Long, Horne main opposition on the committee.

The group discusses whether or not to alert the authorities. The discussion focuses on whether or not they want to alert the sniper by having security around the senators increased and possibly discouraging an attack. The group seems to be moving towards a decision on the matter but Nexus and Boost continue to rather heatedly debate the merits of alerting the FSS.

The Knight makes a comment that there has been too much discussion and that it was time for action preferably ending with the capture of the criminals and "netting a dungeon for their posteriors." Boost says do you mean "a jail for their asses?" to which the Knight replies, "I prefer dungeon." Boost question the Knight choice of punishment by saying that dungeons are a bit outmoded. The Knight explains that when in the swamp any type of incarceration resembles a dungeon.

The team finally decides to notify the FSS and call their FSS liaison, Special Agent Michael Pierce. After hearing their story, he advises the Wardens that he will notify his superiors and get back to them. He feels that based on the teams investigation the round table event may be called off.

Follow up on the event finds that Senator Long is already in town and is staying at the Empire Hotel. Senator Horne will be arriving in town the night before the event and will be staying at the estate of Walter Konrad, CEO of PacCom. Nexus starts planning details for guarding the senators.

Kitsune decides to do some investigations on her own. She goes to the park and checks out the possible locations from which the sniper could have fired on the creature. She sees a groups of two story apartments atop a hill in the direction from which the shots came. When she gets to the top of the hill she sees that the apartments also offer a clear view of the building where the round table event would be held. She changes into fox form and sniffs around likely places the sniper could have been hiding on the day he took shots at the creature. On the roof of one of the apartment buildings, she detects a sharp acrid odor. She turns back into human form and collects some samples of the gravel from the roof.

Back at the base, Kitsune analyzes the gravel samples from the apartment and finds high levels of ozone. She talks with Nexus about her findings. He theorizes that the sniper must have set the weapon or power pack down on the roof. The others are notified of Kitsune's discovery.

Mark does some online research into the apartment building where Kitsune recovered the gravel. He finds that the building has four units and that the owner lives on site in one of the bottom apartments.

The group checks the apartments. Sir William and Sara poses as renters and talk with the owner. She tells them that she has no apartments for rent as she has several long term tenants. While the owner is distracted, Nexus and Boost check out the building. Nexus detects no usual electro-magnetic signatures and Boost finds no strange bio-fields. Boost checks out the roof and finds nothing more than what Kitsune previous investigations had turned up.

After failing to find anything at the apartment, the group goes back to the headquarters. Nexus contact Agent Pierce and tells him that the Wardens are going to stake out the Empire Hotel where Senator Long is staying. Pierce say that he will notify the Secret Service agents on site and also says that no decision has been made about whether or not the round table event will be cancelled.

The group heads over to the Empire Hotel. The grounded members do a sweep of the inside of the hotel, while the flyers check around the vicinity outside the hotel.

Nexus while patrolling near the hotel detects some strange electro-magnetic emissions coming from an underground source near the hotel. Further investigation detects some type of power source powering some kind of force field. Some more investigation finds a weakness in the force field that might indicate an entrance to the shielded area.

Nexus alerts the group and they investigate. They go down into the storm drain system and find a hidden tunnel that dead ends into a wall, right where Nexus detected the weakness in the force field.

Everyone gets into position and Nexus says "Amethyst knock."

Amethyst knocks down the armored door and the group enters the facility.

Fortaleza takes the lead and is engaged by several Grand Empire agents firing grenades. "He" is almost knocked unconscious by the barrage. Nexus flies into the fray and downs two agents. Kika downs another with a blast. Several more agents pile out of the next doorway down the hall and there is another hail of grenades. Fortaleza goes down. Nexus and Kika continue down the hall to engage the second group of agents while the first group is engaged by Amethyst and the Knight. Boost provides support by boosting Amethyst and the Knight. The agents are dropping like flies when three agents in armored battlesuits arrive as reinforcements. Nexus moves to engage the battlesuit agents while Kika and the Knight finish off the second group of agents. Amethyst and Kitsune take out the first agent team. The battlesuit agents quickly succumb to the barrage of fire from Nexus and the battle is over.

The team rounds up the downed Grand Empire agents and calls in the FSS.

Agent Pierce arrives with the FSS Response teams, he tells Nexus that the round table event has been cancelled. The senators will be making a taped presentation of the event for television versus making a live appearance at the event venue.

How long has the Grand Imperium been back in San Francisco?

Run Date: 7/30/2005

Record Last Changed Date: 2/26/2006

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