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He's a Real Alien - Session

Session: 40

A look at what happened during Session 40.

Session Entry

Game Date: 3/2/2007  - 3/3/2007
Location: San Francisco, California

Who: Amethyst (II), Karex, Eon (Lazarus), Knight of Saint Michael, Indigo, Jaxton Gray

Amethyst talks to Dr. Kensington about testing Indigo to try determine if she is from a known dimension. He explains that a test can be conducted by having her use her powers while being monitored by the extra-dimensional energy sensors. The results from the tests can then be compared to the dimensional energy signatures on file for matches.

Karex wants to test Tommy as he suspects the boy may have a paranormal talent for languages. He finds out that Tommy is at school and decides to visit him there. Karex calls school and speaks with principal explaining that the Wardens need to speak with Tommy Holliday about an event from a couple of weeks ago that involved supervillains. The principal explains that Karex would need to get parental permission to speak with Tommy during school hours. Karex conferences in Aaron Holliday and after some discussion he grants Karex permission to talk with Tommy later that afternoon at the community center. Karex thanks the principal for his time.

The Knight checks with Miriam Kim, Director of Personnel for the Alcatraz Foundation about setting up contract employee pay for a confidential consultant. Miriam indicates that the Knight can submit an invoice with the cost of the services to accounting and a cashier's check will be issued for payment of the contractor.

Karex goes to library to get additional materials for testing Tommy that afternoon.

Judah does some research on the men who were pursuing him during the European trip. He has some image manipulation done by Melinda to sharpen the images he took while on the trip. Facial recognition comparisons of the photos to others on file show they are not the same individuals that were in Brazil and San Francisco. They are not the clones suspected to be with the Grand Empire. The computer-enhanced photographs show the new group of pursuers to have olive skin, dark hair and dark eyes.

Judah calls the Knight and Amethyst to review he research and get a briefing on his trip with Indigo in search of her brother. Amethyst says that she will be at the base as soon as she can.

When the Knight arrives, Judah briefs him on what he and Indigo had found out about the 'Mountain Troll.' There is very little information that was not already known after Melinda's searches but all of the data gather and an interview with a local expert were recorded for further analysis. Judah then goes on to update the Knight on the castle search and new pursuers. He describes his memory of torture while in castle Rhyllwyd in Wales in the late 1940s.

Karex returns to the base and researches underwater mining gear for use by Karex Corp. After researching for a while, he decides to send an official communiqué to the Yrician satellite regarding the dolphins and their status. After completing the message, he asks Melinda to compile the data for transmission. When asked what channel, Karex realizes he does not remember the communication frequency for the Yrician satellite so he replies all channels and provides a vector which would be the signal out into space above the Wardens headquarters.

Amethyst arrives at the base and has just started talking with Judah when there is an alert for her and the Knight. Melinda advises that Karex is asking to have a signal on all communication channels beamed out into space. Amethyst says that the Knight can take care of it.

Melinda tells Karex that the data has been compiled and is awaiting transmission.

When Judah sees Amethyst talking to no one, he realizes she must be on her communicator. He asked what's happening, she tells him something the Knight can take care of and asks him why he had called her. Judah gives her the same rundown about the trip, the 'Mountain Troll' and his pursuers.

Melinda advises Amethyst that she is still waiting for permission to send the transmission. Amethyst once again replies that the Knight will take care of the matter.

When he sees Amethyst responding to another communication, Judah asks if there has been a security breach. Then states if there is the Knight is probably going to be upset.

Amethyst says she is not sure then under her breath, growls and mumbles, "I hope it is not Karex, again."

When the delay with the communication begins to be what he thinks is excessive, Karex goes looking for Amethyst. She is not in her quarters so he asks Susan where Amethyst is and is told in the security center. He heads for the security center. When he finds her, Karex asks Amethyst for permission to send a diplomatic communication and Just as he does the Knight enters the security center.

The Knight questions the nature of the communication and Karex informs him it is a diplomatic package. Judah questions how long it would take the signal to arrive because radio can't exceed the speed of light. Karex explains that the signal only needs to reach the relay and then a courier would pick it up. The Knight asks if he can talk to the courier. Karex explains once again that the signal will be going to the relay then the courier will pick it up. There is not a means to communicate with the courier.

Judah and the Knight question the existence of the relay satellite and want to see it. Karex explains that he does not know for sure where it is, just its general directions. Even if he did know exactly where it was he could not show it to them because it is undetectable by Earth technology.

"We are an advanced alien species, you know," chides Karex.

"Can you go with it?" quips Amethyst.

"You cannot fax a person," replies Karex.

The Knight, Amethyst and Judah continue to badger Karex about sending the signal and insisting upon seeing the relay satellite. Karex explains there is only a few minutes to send the signal for the courier is about to arrive. Amethyst questions why send the signal now and why did Karex wait until the last minute. The discussion continues for several more minutes in a chaotic manner as everyone tries to talk at once to ensure that he makes his point.

As things start to quiet, the Knight once again insists on seeing the relay and asks Karex can uncloak it. Karex replies that he is not able to uncloak the satellite. It is advanced technology and would be dangerous if it fell into the wrong hands. Karex also indicates that is why his ship was taken away after the scientists were allowed to tour it; the technology could be harmful if not properly used. The Knight says that Karex cannot send the message if he cannot show the Wardens the satellite.

The Knight insists that all he wants to do is "see the mailbox and meet the mailman." This will ensure that the message is getting to the right place and not being picked up by the wrong people. Karex explains that the Earth is already sending signals out into space that could be picked up by the 'wrong people.'

To which Judah quips, "All they are seeing is 'I Love Lucy and "Happy Days.'"

Karex tells the Knight that he is the official Yrician ambassador. The official representative of his race on Earth and that there are no others here. The official Yrician position is that no further contact has been authorized. The Knight continues to insist upon meeting the courier or other Yricians. Karex advised that the transmission window has been missed and that he would have to wait to send his message. Judah questions when the next courier will come through the system and Karex says that he is not sure.

Judah then says that Karex can use the extra time to compile and send all countries messages. Karex asks why Judah thinks that he has not already been in contact with other nations and had messages to send from them now. The debate continues and Judah asks if Karex limits the messages to only good countries. When Karex questions what would be a bad country Judah says like China, it would not be good if China was communicating with the Yricians.

"I just want to meet some Yricians," exclaims the Knight.

"Hello," replies Karex.

"Not you, someone else," responds the Knight.

The Knight and Judah continue to insist upon meeting other Yricians. Karex says that if he was allowed, he could transmit a request for a meeting.

Amethyst tires of the argument and leaves.

Karex then starts to talk about the message that he was going to send. He says that it was his first message since he had started his contact mission. He also mentions that he does not know what the courier or his race will do if the message is not there. Maybe they will land to see what happened, but then no one would even know if they were there because of course, the ship would be cloaked.

The Knight once again insists upon seeing the relay satellite. Karex replies it is not going to happen. The Knight once again states that it is too great of a security risk to allow the transmission with out some means to verify it is not being picked up by the wrong aliens. The threat is significant says Judah.

"Not really," says Karex. "Like I have said before, Humanity is the most violent race we have met."

The argument continues over sending the signal until Karex says that he will find some other means of transmission and leaves. Karex goes to his room and downloads the data from the message and then replaces it with basic information on his observations of dolphins.

The Knight asks Melinda to find any information on the 'ship tour' that Karex had mentioned. A quick search reveals that there are no official entries in the FSS or Orion databases on the incident. Melinda advises that she will continue searching for information on the subject.

Karalyn arrives at the community center and goes to her room to prepare for the sign language class. She talks with Kimberly before the class to coordinate on the day's lesson.

Karex goes to the community center to meet with Tommy. He is greeted by Gianna. She gives him a hung and asks why he is there. He explains that he needs to talk with Tommy about the Robot Ted incident. Gianna warns him that Tommy tells stories so be careful of what he says. Karex gives her some candy and says goodbye.

Karalyn is teaching her class when there is a knock at the door. She says come in and Karex opens the door. He says he needs to speak with Tommy and Karalyn asks him please wait as the class will be over in five minutes.

When the class is over, Karex sticks his head in the door and says, "Tommy, I could use your help. There is a shiny new $100 bill in it for you." Karalyn tells Tommy if he wants she will stay while he talks to Karex. Karex says that what he needs to ask Tommy about is a private Wardens matter. Karalyn says that she is the adult responsible for Tommy. Karex says that he has gotten Tommy's father's permission to speak with the boy. Tommy tells Karex that he wants Karalyn there and Karex relents.

Karex asks Tommy if he remembers what he told the Wardens about the Robot Ted incident. Tommy acknowledges that he told them he heard gibberish tells the robot to attack just before the robot went crazy and started attacking people. Karex says that he believes that Tommy has a gift and would like to test him to see if it is true.

Karex plays Tommy a tape of the dolphin language. Tommy listens intently and then excitedly tells Karex that he can understand it. Tommy says that they are talking about underwater cities. Karex tells him that that is correct. Next, Karex shows Tommy some Yrician writing and Tommy concentrates on the writing is able to translate it. Tommy asks what kind of writing it is as he has not seen it before and Karex explains that it is Yrician writing. Karex then shows Tommy some encrypted news stories but he is unable to translate them. Tommy asks Karex to speak Yrician. Karex speaks some basic phases and Tommy is able to translate them.

Karex explains to Tommy that he has been blessed with the 'Gift of the First Ones' that allows him to understand all languages and that he should study to be a diplomat for the 'fate of the world could depend on it.' Karalyn seeing that Tommy is uncomfortable with what Karex is says asks him to stop talking.

"He is not Prime in a suit," says a bewildered Tommy. "He's a real alien."

Karex tries to offer Tommy a job working for him but Tommy ignores him. Karalyn tells Karex that she thinks he should leave. As he is leaving, Karex offers Tommy his card along with the $100 dollars he promised him but Tommy refuses to take them.

Karalyn asks Tommy what is wrong. Tommy once again states that Karex is not Prime in a suit then says that he is a real alien. Tommy goes on to say that the Yricians eat people and lay eggs in them. Karalyn asks Tommy what he is talking about; Tommy runs over, grabs a book from his backpack and shows it to Karalyn. He tells her it is Prime's book about aliens and to look on page 212. Karalyn looks at the book and on the page that Tommy refers to is a picture that looks a lot like Karex, the text says the Yricians eat sentients and there female lay eggs in sentients. Karalyn tells Tommy to go to his mother who is working in the kitchen.

After Tommy leaves, Karalyn acting as Amethyst calls the Knight and tells him what has happened and asks him to come to the community center. She then goes out to her SUV, drives a few blocks to a parking garage, changes into Amethyst and runs back to the community center.

The Knight arrives at the community center with Eon. They talk to Amethyst and she shows them Prime's book and the entry on the Yricians.

As he is looking at the book, the Knight mumbles in Norman French, "He has been gone five months and is still causing problems."

Amethyst, the Knight and Eon discuss the book. The Knight admits that he had previously on scanned the book and suggests that everyone read it fully when he gets the chance.

The Knight then says that while they are on the subject of Prime, he has some information to give them. Scans have detected Prime's cosmic energy signature in the city recently. There was no pattern to the appearance of the energy signatures. Eon and Amethyst agree that this is something that needs to be investigated.

The Knight, returning to the here and now, asks why Karex was at the community center. Amethyst says that she had talked to Miss Karalyn about what Karex and relates Miss Karalyn's story of Karex testing of Tommy to Eon and the Knight. The Knight says he wants to speak with both Karex and Tommy. He asks if Amethyst knows where Tommy is and she says that Miss Karalyn sent him to the kitchen to be with his mother. The trio heads for the kitchen.

Karex is about to leave when he hears a siren in the vicinity and decides to check it out. The siren also catches the attention of the Knight, Eon and Amethyst and they decide to investigate as well. As all four reach the front door to the community center, they see an ambulance pull up outside. The paramedics grab their gear and head for the door as they pass the Wardens fall in behind them. They quickly discern that the paramedics are headed for the gym.

On one side of the gym, the team sees Tommy lying on the ground. His left chest is caved in and there is blood coming out of his mouth. In the middle of the gym, they see Gianna sitting on the floor in a heap, crying. Karex goes over to Gianna and the Knight follows. Amethyst follows the paramedics to check on Tommy.

Gianna grabs Karex and continues crying. He hugs her and asks what happened. She says that Tommy made her made by saying that Karex was an alien and was going to eat them. She says that she punched Tommy and hurt him bad. Karex, used to the rough and tumble childhood of Yricians, tries to comfort her explaining that getting hurt is part of growing up and that she should not be upset. His attempt only elicits more tears from Gianna.

Amethyst looks on as the paramedics get to work on Tommy. It is obvious that he is very badly injured and she wonders if he is going to make it.

The Knight speaks with Gianna, "There is a lesson to be learned sometimes you need to exercise restraint."

Karex takes a jab at the Knight by commenting, "It is nice that you finally admit that you were wrong."

The Knight asks Eon to heal Tommy and Eon says no can do, not since the change to crystalline form. Eon suggests calling Indigo as she mentioned being able to heal people when he had talked with her about her abilities. A call is made to Indigo to request her assistance; a call is also made to the officer on duty at the base to have the Hippogriff bring Indigo to the Ramon Marcel Community Center.

The Knight asks Gianna to calm down and tell him what happened. She stops crying and says that her and Sally were talking when Tommy came up. He was acting more annoying that he usually does and said that Karex was a real alien and not Prime in a suit. Gianna said that Karex was their friend and Tommy said that Karex was just pretending to be good. He was going to eat them when they let their guard down. Gianna said this made her mad and that Tommy kept saying that Karex was a real alien and was going to eat them. She said she told him to shut up and when he didn't she punched him. She apologizes saying that she did not to mean to hit him that hard.

The Knight replies, "We will work on that."

He asks where Sally is and Gianna says that she does not know. The Knight goes in search of Sally to see what she witnessed regarding the incident.

Gianna asks Karex about Tommy and if he will be all right. Karex says that Earth medical technology should have Tommy fixed up and back on his feet in no time.

Sally shows up while Karex and Gianna are talking. She tells Gianna that she is sorry for runaway and hiding but that Gianna was real mad and it scared her and that is why she hid.

The Knight sees Sally talking with Gianna and goes back over to talk with the little red haired girl. When he tells Sally that he wishes to speak with her, it startles the little girl and she jumps.

Amethyst sees Sally jump and wonders what is going on, so she tries to read the girl's emotional state and fails. As Sally walks away with the Knight Amethyst tries reading the girl's lips to find out what she is telling him.

Sally tells the Knight her story about what happened it synchs up well with Gianna's description of the incident. Sally also explains that when she saw how mad Gianna was that she hid. Sally goes on to tell him that Tommy is always trying to annoy them and telling stories about having a brother who is a paranormal. He is always picking on her and Gianna and making them made, she said that if Tommy ever made her mad as he did Gianna that she would punch him, too. The Knight asks if Tommy ever picks on anyone else. Sally says that he leaves the teachers and boys alone. When the Knight comments that Tommy only seems to pick on the girls, Sally says she is sure that he has annoyed some boys, too. The Knight thanks her for talking with him.

Indigo arrives at the scene and goes into the gym. Eon brings her up to speed on what has happened and she goes over to help Tommy.

Indigo checks Tommy and sees that he is badly injured. She asks the paramedics to stand clear. The lead paramedic looks at Amethyst and she nods prompting the paramedics to step back and give Indigo room to work. As Indigo kneels out Tommy and starts to glow, a woman's shrill voice echoes through the gym.

"What are you doing to my son?!?!"

Amethyst looks up to see Janelle charging at Indigo. She steps between them and catches Janelle. She sags into Amethyst's arms and starts to sob uncontrollably.

Indigo finishes her magecraft working and as she does, Tommy's caved in chest heals and he resumes breathing normally.

Eon thanks Indigo for her assistance. Indigo asks why the children were fighting. Eon, Amethyst and Karex all tell her that the situation that just got out of hand.

Karex tells the other Wardens about Tommy's ability to speak with animals and maybe even machines. He warns that they should keep an eye on the boy as he may try to take revenge using animals or machines against Gianna.

The Knight speaks with Janelle and says that he hopes that all is well now. Janelle checks Tommy and the Knight asks if it would be possible to talk to him. Janelle starts cleaning the blood off of Tommy acting as if she did not hear the Knight's question. After she has finished cleaning up Tommy, she looks up at the Knight and says she believes that Tommy has had enough activity for today. She concludes saying maybe the Knight can talk to him tomorrow.

Karex picks on Eon for not giving Indigo flowers. Karex feels that Eon should be more appreciative of Indigo's assistance with Tommy. Amethyst explains to Karex that flowers are usually given as a thank you when emotional attachment is involved. She then takes a jab at Eon by asking Karex if he sees something between Eon and Indigo that the others are missing.

The Knight walks over and asks to speak with Indigo. He thanks her for her assistance and updates her on what had happen and what the fight was about.

After ensuring that Tommy is okay and that Janelle does not need help getting him home, the Wardens take the Hippogriff back to Alcatraz.

Run Date: 4/24/2010

Record Last Changed Date: 4/27/2010

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