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Yricians, Dolphins, Brothers - Session

Session: 41

A look at what happened during Session 41.

Session Entry

Game Date: 3/18/2007  - 3/19/2007
Location: San Francisco, California

Who: Amethyst (II), Karex, Eon (Lazarus), Knight of Saint Michael, Indigo, Jaxton Gray

Adam contacts Karex to inform him that there is an incoming message from the 'dolphin communicator.' The message from Squeeeee Cass translates to 'large objects crashing into water near dolphin family area.' Adam says that is the best match in the lexicon of dolphin language that Karex has provided. Karex advised Adam to relay message to Squeeeee Cass advised that he is on his way.

After Karex leaves, Adam relays Squeeeee Cass' message to the other Wardens present at the base. Eon is shocked that Karex can actually speak to dolphins and even more astounded that the dolphins can 'speak.'

Eon radios Karex and asks what he is doing and Karex replies that he is following Squeeeee Cass to investigate his report of objects falling from the sky. Eon asks Karex to wait for them to catch up in the Anhinga. Karex says that that would not be the best course of action as the dolphins do not trust humans. They continue to debate the point but Karex does not wait for the other Wardens.

Finally tiring of the debate, Karex reiterates his previous statement, "I am their friend... it is humans they distrust."

When Eon says that he and the others will be following, Karex warns them to look out for the glowing green dolphin. She is a mutant with paranormal abilities and was the one that sealed the waste pipe. She may be able to damage the Anhinga with her paranormal abilities.

The Knight grabs a bottle of calvados on the way to the Anhinga dock then meets up there with the Anhinga's pilot Hector Regalado, Eon and Indigo.

"Do we have to go in the flying metal dragon," asks Indigo.

"No, we have to go in a plastic fish," responds Eon.

"What's plastic," asks Indigo.

Eon and the Knight spend a few minutes explaining to Indigo about the Anhinga then trying to convince her to go aboard the vehicle. Indigo expresses reluctance in going inside a fish, but finally relents and boards the Anhinga.

Karex follows Squeeeee Cass to the area approximately 150 miles off the coast; it takes the duo about 3 hours to reach the location. Karex picks up many active sonar signals and ship noises to the north of the location. The returns off an object embedded in the side of a sea cliff captures his attention and he decides to take a closer look at it. He finds that the object is an Yrician escape pod and frees it from the sea cliff.

Karex tells the other Wardens of his discovery and says that he is taking the escape pod to the surface. The Knight asks Hector to meet Karex on the surface.

Indigo finds herself distracted with thoughts of her brother. She blames it on being at sea, as she had been on several fishing trips with Luka and her father when she was younger.

Karex says that the escape pod is probably from a diplomatic team's ship that was shot down, most likely by one of Earth's supervillains. When Eon questions why Karex thinks it was shot down versus suffering some type of mechanical failure. Karex says that that would not be possible. Yrician vessels are very reliable.

Eon asks Adam to notify the Navy of Karex's discovery and ask for there assistance. A short time later, a Navy commander responds to Eon and tells him they are aware of the situation and have a task force in the area. The position of the task force is north of the Anhinga's present location. When Eon asks for further details, the Navy commander says that he is not authorized to release any further information.

Karex gets the escape pod to the surface and opens the hatch to find the pod empty of Yricians. He informs the others that the escape pod is empty and that he is heading north to look for possible survivors. Karex drops the pod and starts swimming north at top speed.

The Knight not wanting to lose the escape pod asks Hector if they can grapple the escape pod. Hector says that they should be able to, if it is not too heavy. The Knight orders him to try and catch the escape pod. It takes three tries but Hector is able to grapple the escape pod.

Once they are back on the surface, the Knight examines the escape pod but cannot find a way to open it.

As he nears the Navy's search area, Karex notifies them they he is in the area and will be searching for other Yrician escape pods. Karex notices that the vessels in the area include two salvage recovery vessels operating numerous underwater ROVs as well as a large salvage barge.

The Knight orders Hector to rendezvous with the Navy task force so that they can turn the escape pod over to them.

Karex searches the area around the Navy task force and does not find any other escape pods. What he does find appears to be the wreckage of some type of Yrician ship. Karex goes up to the surface and flies up onto the salvage barge.

The Anhinga arrives on site and turns the escape pod over to the Navy. It is taken by a crane and placed on the salvage barge.

Indigo once again finds herself distracted with thoughts of her brother.

Karex begins examining the debris that the Navy has recovered. He notices that it is much thicker that the scout ship hulls he saw being constructed during his training. Karex informs the other Wardens that the recovered pieces of hull are armored and were probably from a military ship. It was probably escorting a diplomatic mission to determine why no communiqués have been sent by him, after all the Wardens prevented him from sending his transmission.

Eon asks Karex what a military ship would look like and Karex says that he has never seen one. When Eon asks why is that, Karex explains that he is a scout and was never shown any military ships. Eon comments that he is a civilian and has seen military ships. Karex tells him it is not the same. Each caste has its own responsibilities, tools and equipment and so one caste may never see some of the things that another caste works with every day.

Eon says speaking of castes what colors of Yricians should they be looking for amongst the survivors.

Karex explains that the workers have brown scales; warriors, masters of close combat, have orange scales; military, the pilots and ship crew, have gray scales; fixers, the Yrician technical geniuses, have bronze scales; scout observer diplomats have gold scales like his and hospitalers, the medical and caregivers, have silver scales. If the ship that was shot down, was a military vessel with a diplomatic mission aboard, all of those castes could be present.

Eon once again questions that the ship was shot down and Karex once again says that such a thing would be impossible. Karex elaborates saying that Yrician technology is superior and to ensure no issues all systems have multiple redundancy as well as being capable of self-repair. The Knight suggests that something may have turned off the ship causing it to crash.

"I suspect it was magic," states Karex.

The Knight has Indigo check the escape pod for traces of magic. She finds none and reports it to the Knight. He asks her to check everything else just to be sure. Indigo continues checking for magic traces as per the Knight's request.

Karex starts reviewing what he has observed regarding the crash and some things bother him. The pod was unoccupied and its reentry stabilizers had fired showing that it had deployed from the ship and was not part of the debris. The pod also did not have power and there were cracks in the superstructure that seemed to indicate some type of attack as the pods are designed for the stresses of reentry and splashdown. The final thing was that the pod and all of the recovered debris had no identifying markings as well as signs of them obviously being removed in some places.

When Karex mentions the lack of markings, Eon questions if the ship might have been stolen by Yrician criminals. Karex explains that there is no such thing as an Yrician criminal. Some individuals maybe considered weird by their caste but there are no criminals. The Knight supports Eon's opinion that the lack of markings seems to support that the ship was stolen.

Karex explains that there are no Yrician criminals. All castes have their roles and responsibilities and are peaceful working for the good of society. Eon questions that if all Yricians are peaceful why there are warriors. Karex explains for protection and that even warriors are relatively non-violent. Eon asks relative compared to whom? Karex responds compared to humans, of course. Warriors have channeled aggression unlike humans who are chaotic. Karex reiterates that there are no Yrician criminals. Those individuals who do exhibit anti-social or criminal behavior are fixed by the hospitalers.

The Knight questions, "Fixed by what means?"

Karex replies, "Therapy counseling, psychoactive medications, genetic manipulation, whatever is necessary."

Indigo completes her checks and informs the Knight that she has found no traces of magic on any of the debris. The Knight reports this information to the other Wardens.

Eon asks Melinda to check for any news items or other reports that may be related to the ship crash. Melinda reports multiple news items and reports from maritime traffic in the area and several land-based observers about a meteor shower in the area. The reports indicate that the meteor shower was observed on the night of March 6th, twelve days ago.

Karex quickly matches up the dates and states that it is possible that the ship was an armored courier ship, most likely the one tasked with picking up his reports.

Eon mentions that they need to build a spaceship. Karex says that he was not aware that humans had developed faster than light travel. Eon said it did not need to be faster than light; it just needed to be capable of getting the Wardens into space. Something space worthy to complement the Wardens other vehicles.

Eon speaks with the Navy commander and asks if they have any information on the orbital space above the recovery site. The Navy commander tells Eon that he would need to check with the Air Force's Space Command for information on orbital craft, satellites and debris.

Karex goes to talk with Squeeeee Cass to find out if the dolphins noticed any other Yricians in the area recently. Squeeeee Cass says no other Yricians but more wreckage. Karex asks the dolphin to show him. Squeeeee Cass swims southwest for a short while before stopping. He tells Karex that the water here smells and tastes bad. Squeeeee Cass says he will not go farther but if Karex keeps going for a short while longer, he will find the wreckage. Karex continues and finds a large group of rusted fifty-five gallon drums that appear to be leaking into the water.

Karex calls the Anhinga and reports his findings. The Knight tells him to stay on site and they will be there shortly to check out the dumped barrels. The Anhinga arrives on the site and takes readings findings a low level of unidentified chemicals in the water. The Knight reports their findings to the Navy. The Navy commander responds that the area is a known dumpsite for chemical weapons and nerve gas.

Karex talks with Squeeeee Cass about the 'wreckage.' Squeeeee Cass tells Karex that the dolphin family has lived near this area for as long as there are tales of the family. Karex believes he may have found the source of the mutagens that have been affecting the dolphins in the area.

Karex heads back to the base. On the way, he asks Adam to record a message for open broadcast to any Yricians on the planet needing assistance. The message indicates that they can come to the Wardens headquarters or contact him there if they cannot travel. He will ensure that they are provided medical care, food and any other assistance needed.

Adam notifies the Knight of Karex's request to do an open broadcast of a message in Yrician. The Knight approves the broadcast of the message.

The Anhinga returns to Alcatraz with the Knight and Indigo aboard.

After spending most of the day checking out the recovery site, Eon decides to take advantage of nightfall to check out orbital space above the crash site and starts teleporting upward. After about ten minutes, he has achieved an altitude of approximately ninety kilometers. He spends a short time looking around and randomly firing blasts to locate possible hidden craft. He then realizes he is having issues with temperature control, checks in with the Knight and returns to base.

After spending all night waiting for contact from other Yricians, Karex asks Melinda to monitor any broadcasts for mention of Yricians and Adam to monitor the communication channel the open broadcast is being made on for responses. Karex also checks with the base staff and is informed that no Yricians have shown up at the island.

Amethyst speaks with the Knight about Tommy. She says that Karalyn Nicholas had contacted her about a discussion she had had with Janelle Holliday about Tommy. Karalyn on Janelle's behalf requested that Tommy get self-defense training that the Wardens had promised and requested help keeping an eye on the community center to prevent further incidents. While they are discussing Tommy, Amethyst also mentions that Tommy will be coming into work with his father Aaron today for a tour of the base.

Eon gives everyone souvenirs that he and Rebecca had picked up on their visit to Syria. He has clothing for Amethyst, Indigo and Karex, and wine for the Knight.

A vote is held and Indigo is given probationary status as a member of the Wardens. The Knight teaches her how to operate her communicator. Arrangements are also made for her to meet with Armstrong Moorland's associate and determine if there is space in the 'mystic wing' for her to move to quarters there.

Tommy arrives with Aaron, it is decided the tour should start in the hangar buildings where Aaron works.

On the way to the vehicle hangar buildings, the Knight speaks with Tommy about his encounter with Gianna. The Knight warns that annoying people to the point of physical confrontation is not taking the high road. Tommy says that he will not do it again and the Knight complements him on learning from his mistakes.

Tommy asks about Gianna's paranormal abilities. Eon says she is very strong and that is all they know about her abilities.

Tommy is shown the hangars. He spends a lot of time looking around the Pegasus, Hippogriff, Anhinga and Erne. He also spends some time in his dad's shop area.

After touring the hangars, Tommy is shown around the rest of the base.

When the tour is over, Tommy asks to speak with Amethyst and the Knight in private. They agree and take Tommy into a conference room.

Tommy tells them that his brother Toby is still alive and that he can talk to him. He says that he has been able to talk to Toby since he was about five. He had told his parents about it but they did not believe him and since they got upset when he talked about it, he quit talking to them about it.

The Knight and Amethyst questions Tommy further about Toby.

They find that Toby has been running gangs out of their old neighborhood. He can only appear here for short amounts of time before he goes away. When he is away, he can still see everything around the area just as they do. He is also restricted by doors and walls while he is away. Toby is more grown up like a teenager.

The Knight and Amethyst both suspect that Toby is Blue Boy and may even be responsible for the attack on the bullies as revenge for them pushing Tommy down the stairs.

Tommy tells them that Toby wants to meet with them. Tommy also asks that they do not say anything about Toby to his parents until they can prove that Toby is still alive. He does not want to upset his mother anymore.

The meeting ends with the Knight and Amethyst telling Tommy that they will try and find a way to meet with Toby.

Tommy says that he will call them if Toby comes to talk to him.

Run Date: 4/24/2010

Record Last Changed Date: 5/11/2010

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