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New Friends and an Old Horror - Session

Session: 42

A look at what happened during Session 42.

Session Entry

Game Date: 4/6/2007  - 4/7/2007
Location: San Francisco, California

Who: Amethyst (II), Karex, Eon (Lazarus), Knight of Saint Michael, Indigo, Jaxton Gray, Shane Loveless (Mystic)

Story - Yricians in the News

Karex is happy with the news on the Yricians and contacts the Knight.

"Good news, there are more Yricians in the city," says the little gold-scaled one via communicator.

The Knight wonders aloud, "What is up with them, we had the fish fry and they didn't show up."

Eon meets with the Knight and Indigo in the level three common area. They discuss the reports on the Yricians in the news and what to do about them. Eon suggests that a debriefing would be in order to find out why they are here and what happened with the ship. The Knight suggests using a junker car as a ruse to get the two working at the body shop to talk with them.

Karex arrives in the common area and asks the Knight and Eon if they are going with him to greet the recently arrived Yricians. Both acknowledge that they will be accompanying Karex when he goes to welcome the Yricians. Karex asks them to wait while he goes to his quarters and gets some brochures to welcome the Yricians.

A few minutes later, Karex returns with his brochures and says he is ready to go. Eon asks to see the brochures and Karex says it would not do any good as they are written in Yrician. Eon asks what they say and Karex says they provide information helpful to Yricians on their first visit to Earth. For example, they contain information on local customs, what to eat and what not to eat and so forth.

Eon suggests that the brochures be reviewed for content and accuracy and the Knight agrees. Karex says that they have been reviewed and the Knight questions by whom. Karex replies that he has reviewed the brochures. The Knight asks about someone else reviewing them. Karex reminds him that he is the only one on Earth other than the new visitors that reads and writes Yrician.

When Eon and the Knight continue to question the content of the brochures, Karex says that they were produced as part of the services the Yrician Consulate-General provides to visiting Yricians. Karex goes on to say any further discussion of the matter can be taken up with Greta Yates, the Senior Foreign Affairs Officer for Yrician Affairs at the U.S. State Department.

The Knight asks Melinda to place a call to Greta Yates.

When Yates answers, she and the Knight discuss the brochures. Yates does not seem to feel that there is anything out of the ordinary with the brochures. It is a case of a foreign consulate providing information for their nationals visiting the United States. All of the embassies and consulates do it. The Knight thanks her for her help and says that he will be contacting her again to discuss others matters. She assures him that she will do her best to be of assistance.

Eon asks about getting copies of the brochures. Karex says that they are stored on the computer and that Melinda could provide him with copies. Eon asks if they are covered by Yrician diplomatic privilege and Karex replies that they are available to the public. Karex goes on to advise that there are 114 brochures for Yricians visiting Earth and an additional 92 for when Humans visit Homeworld.

Eon excuses himself and leaves the level three common area.

Karex and the Knight discuss the two Yricians that they are going to meet. Karex advises that they are from the Fixer caste and are the scientists and technicians of the Yricians. He also gives the Knight a few more details on the Fixers.

Karex concludes by saying, "They are Fixers. They do the How and are not concerned with the Why."

Eon calls Janelle Holliday and asks where Tommy is as the Wardens needed his translation abilities. She tells him that Tommy is in school. Eon says that he will catch up with Tommy later.

Eon has Melinda provide him with electronic copies of the Yrician brochures and then emails them to Tommy along with a note asking for his help with translating them.

Eon returns to the level three common area.

Karex says that they should get going as the Fixers would be the ones most useful to Earth supervillains as their caste has extensive knowledge of Yrician technology.

Karex stops by the kitchen on the way to the vehicle hangar and picks up a basket of fresh fish for presentation to the Fixers as a welcome gift.

The team arrives at the docks and requests an Alcatraz Foundation Security vehicle. Once they are given the modified SUV, Eon strikes the driver's side front fender putting a large dent in it. Karex asks why he did that and Eon replies they now have a reason to visit Carlos' Body Shop. Karex huffs and says they already had a reason to visit, a diplomatic reason. Eon looks at the Knight for support mentioned that they had discussed a plan earlier.

Indigo looks at eon and shakes her head, "You make no sense, this creature didn't do anything to you."

Eon once again tries to explain that he and the Knight had a plan. The Knight says the plan involved getting a junker not damaging one of the Wardens vehicles.

Indigo still shaking he head says, "You should take care of your creatures, not beat them."

As he is getting into the SUV, the Knight says in a low voice to Eon that he is responsible for paying for the damages.

As Eon drives to Carlos' Body shop, he tries to explain to Indigo the rules of the road. When they stop at a traffic signal, Eon tells her what it is and that it is used to control traffic.

Indigo looks at him with a puzzled expression and asks, "You put fire in the sky to control traffic?"

Eon and Karex try to explain that the traffic signal is not fire but lightning, then Eon tries to impress her by 'magically' changing the signal from red to green. Indigo is not impressed and states that Eon does not know how to craft magic.

As they continue towards Carlos' shop, Karex begins talking about getting a uniform. When Eon asks why, Karex explains that now that he is consul-general he needs a general uniform. The Knight tries to point out the difference between a military general and Karex's position as a diplomat. Karex says that he has been thinking about getting a tri-corner hat and Eon says that he would look like a pirate with one. They continue to discuss uniforms and Karex's points out his liking some of colorful uniforms worn by generals in South America. Eon dismisses them as too gaudy and the Knight says if Karex is going to wear a uniform, he should look at modern U.S. uniforms.

Eon asks Karex what he would wear on his home planet. Karex replies that he would wear a bodysuit on Homeworld. Eon then says that as a representative of the Yricians that he should wear clothes representative of Yricians. Karex replies that as the Yrician representative to Earth, it is his decision what to wear and he feels that native dress would be more appropriate.

Eon continues to discuss Karex's clothing and almost misses the turn for the shop.

"You are easily distracted," chides Karex.

The team exits the vehicle and is approached by a man whose shirt identifies him as Carlos.

Karex greets Carlos and says he is here to speak with the two Yricians. Carlos asks what it is that Karex wants to talk with them about. Karex explains that he wishes to speak with them about their work visas and papers.

"You mean they are illegal?" inquires Carlos.

Karex assures Carlos that the Yricians are not here illegally and that the papers were a mere formally. Carlos seems to be relieved and then states that if they were illegal he did not know about it. Karex once again ensures Carlos that the Yricians are on Earth legally. Carlos directs the team to the repair to talk with Gregix and Wrixton.

Eon speaks to Carlos in Spanish about the damage to the driver's side fender. Carlos says he will have the service manager come out and write up an estimate.

Gregix and Wrixton are working on a car's body panel when Gregix sees Karex.

"Look, its Karex," exclaims Gregix before introducing himself and Wrixton.

Karex welcomes the duo then gives them the basket of fish and the brochures. They speak in Yrician for a few minutes about getting work visas and passports. Karex explains that the documents will allow them to travel freely about the planet and to work in the United States.

Karex then asks in Yrician how they are adjusting to Earth. Gregix tells him that Carlos is a good boss and provides them with all the burgers and tacos they can eat. There is one issue though, it is with the accommodations. Carlos does not have proper bathing facilities. There is no place to relax and soak. It is causing issues with their scales which are becoming dry and itchy. Karex says that he can look into better accommodations for them.

Gregix leans into Karex and says that he and Wrixton have a favor to ask. They would like to request living quarters with him. Karex thinks this is a wonderful request and that Gregix and Wrixton can help with the construction of the consulate-general facility.

Karex ask the Knight if Gregix and Wrixton can stays at the Wardens base until the consulate-general's residential units are built. Karex explains that it would keep safe and out of the hands of supervillains. The Knight agrees to allow Gregix and Wrixton to stay at the Wardens base.

Karex tells Gregix and Wrixton in Yrician that they can move it to the Wardens base. It will be temporary until the consulate-general residential units are constructed then they can have permanent quarters at the new facility.

Gregix and Wrixton thank him and grab there stuff.

Gregix turns to Carlos and speaks with him in Spanish. The Knight recognizes that they are speaking Spanish but does not understand what they are saying. In the end, Carlos shakes his head and looks kind of sad. He then gives Gregix and Wrixton a hug before saying adios.

Once they are all in the vehicle and on the way back to the Wardens' base, Karex asks Gregix in Yrician how many escape pods were on the ship. Gregix says that there were five escape pods on his side of the ship so if there was a similar number on the other side then there would be ten total. Gregix goes on to explain that he does not know what happened to the ship. One minute, the scout observer who was flying the ship was telling them to buckle up for landing then there was a crash. The ship lost power and the scout observer told them to head for the escape pods. Gregix tells Karex about the Yricians on the ship. He says that there was a scout observer trainee, a warrior and four hospitalers in addition to him and Wrixton.

Eon and the Knight start asking about the ship and who shot it down.

Wrixton responds "not shot down, ship old, it broke."

When asked additional questions about the ship, Wrixton continues to respond with the same statement.

Eon points to Karex and says that the scout observer says that Yrician technology never breaks. Wrixton starts laughing and looks like he is having a fit.

Eon looks at Karex and says, "Never breaks, huh?"

Karex replies "I guess that is why we have a Fixer caste."

Indigo asks if Wrixton is okay and Karex explains that he is just laughing.

The group and the two visitors arrive back at the Wardens' headquarters.

The Knight asks more questions about the ship. Gregix explains once again with Karex's help as a translator that the ship was old and failed just before re-entry. He does not know of anything else that would have caused the ship to fail. The Knight asks if Gregix and Wrixton would be willing to look over the ship wreckage and provide an analysis of it. The two Yrician fixers agree to inspect the ship wreckage.

Gregix becomes frustrated during the conversation with the Knight and plays with his large jeweled necklace as if something is wrong. Karex recognizes the necklace as an Yrician translator and asks if anything is wrong. Gregix says in Yrician that his translator is not working properly and asks is there a workshop where he can look at it. Karex explains the issue that Gregix and Wrixton are having with the translators to the other Wardens and asks permission for then to use the electronics workshop. The others agree to let Gregix use the electronics workshop.

Karex escorts the group to the electronics workshop where Gregix starts checking his translator. Gregix tells Karex in Yrician that the device has been hit by a molecular disruptor. Gregix is surprised and said that he did not think that Earth technology could make disruptors. Karex says that they cannot. Gregix says that a shot from a molecular disruptor could be what caused the ship to crash. The escape pods were safe because they did not rely on nanotech circuitry and they had hardened molecular engineered armor shells that could survive a blast from a disruptor. Gregix tells Karex that the translator cannot be fixed.

Karex tells the other Wardens that the translator has been hit by a disruptor and cannot be fixed. The Knight questions why it cannot be fixed. Gregix through Karex tells the Knight that he would not understand. After a short back and forth, on whether or not the Knight would understand, Gregix agrees to give a very simple explanation of the issue. Gregix says the translator is held together with 'atomic glue' then checks to make sure the Knight understands. The Knight suggests that it cannot be fixed with Earth technology. Gregix explains once the 'glue' is broken, it cannot be glued again. To replace the communicator he would need to build one on or requisition one from Homeworld.

Eon suggests that the translator could be fixed with magic. Karex says that it will not work but Eon still tries to get Indigo to work her healing magic on the device. Indigo says no and explains that her healing only words on living things. Eon then suggests using extra-dimensional energy to repair the device. Karex says no that extra-dimensional energy is the cause of many of the problems on Earth. Eon continues to argue the point.

"If you do not know what you are doing, do not do it," says Karex.

Eon mentions Ben Franklin and his experiments with lightning.

Karex replies that Benjamin Franklin was an experimenter and knew the basics of what he was doing when he flew his kite with a key on it during a lightning storm.

"I did not know that you studied American History," comments the Knight.

"I watched it on television," replies Karex.

"I should have known," states the Knight.

Gregix and Wrixton retire to Karex's quarters.

Karex tells the other Wardens that there are six other Yrician from the crashed ship. He identifies their castes and the team discusses where they might be. The hope is that they will be drawn to San Francisco because that is where Karex is. They also discuss how to locate the Yricians. After reviewing the different possibilities, it is determined that there is not a means to adjust the sensors under the Wardens' control to locate Yricians.

After a while, the discussion turns toward the warrior. Eon and the Knight fear that the warrior might be a threat to the people of the Bay Area because of the conversation he had with the sushi restaurant owner. Karex says it was probably more of the sake talking that any real threat. He does not believe that the warrior will be issuing challenges left and right but that the challenges will be restricted to paranormals. Eon then mentions that the Wardens should be on alert because they are the most well known paranormals in the area. Karex says that the Wardens do not have anything to worry about because he is with them. He then goes on to explain that combat with another Yrician would not be advantageous to the warrior's stated goals. The discussion goes on for a while until Karex is notified that there is a reporter asking to see him in the Press Cottage.

Karex goes to the Press Cottage and meets with the reporter. It turns out to be Wendy Cho from TV-32 News. She asks Karex about the reports of other Yricians on Earth over the last few days. Karex verifies that there are other Yricians on Earth. He tells her that they were visitors whose ship was attacked causing it to crash. Karex also tells her that the two fixers who were working at Carlos' Body Shop had relocated to Alcatraz and would be staying with the Wardens. He goes on to state that the fixers will be working on the construction of the consulate-general facility and will take up residence there once it is completed. Karex provides a rundown of the Yrician castes and provides details on the other Yrician crash 'survivors.' He also comments on the warrior and urges the authorities and the populace in general not to threaten the warrior. He urges all the Yricians that see the newscast to contact him for orientation on visiting Earth.

Eon tries to recruit some of the Wardens' Reserve to assist in a search for the warrior. Thunder is the only one he is able to reach and he volunteers to check the areas north of San Francisco.

Eon spends the rest of the day looking for the warrior.

The next morning, Indigo wakes from one of her dreams about her brother and family and their fate at the hands of the Dark One. She starts thinking about one of her more recent dreams where her brother killed the little girl. She realizes that if she really did spirit walk to the place where she saw the death girl's body then the castle she saw in her vision was not in England. It was closer as she could not spirit walk that far.

Indigo talks with Karex and Eon about her vision and that it could not have been England were the girl was killed.

Karex looks thoughtful for a moment then says, "It looks like we have a mystery here."

Eon replies, "Yes a mystery. Better get Shaggy, Scooby and the gang."

Indigo with a puzzled look on her face says, "What?"

"I do not get the reference either," states Karex.

They discuss the vision and Indigo's spirit walking ability. Through extrapolation, they are able to determine that Indigo can start her spirit walk within approximately 400 kilometers of where her physical body is. Since the ocean is to the west that limits the search area significantly. They discuss how to narrow the search area down.

Finally, Eon suggests, "Use the computer."

Indigo asks, "What is a computer?"

Karex replies, "Think of it as a genie..."

Eon cuts off Karex by asking Indigo to describe the 'castle' she saw in her vision. Eon sketches as Indigo describes the place she saw in her dream. When he finishes and shows her the picture, she says that is exactly what she saw in her vision. Eon immediately recognizes that the sketch is not a 'castle' but a fairly modern prison. He scans the image and asks Melinda to run a comparison of all prison facilities within a 500-kilometer radius of Alcatraz.

Melinda quickly returns a result. The facility is the Federal Correctional Institution, Grizzly Ridge. It was closed in 1968 as it was very outdated and a cost analysis found a new facility could be built for less than it would cost to bring it up to modern standards. The town of Grizzly Ridge was pretty much abandoned once the prison closed and was destroyed by a forest fire in 1986.

The Knight, Indigo, Karex and Eon take the Pegasus out to Grizzly Ridge.

Shane is in the area following up on a lead about a village being burned by another of his kind. He hears the squeal of a jet engine and climbs to the top of a ridge. Looking down onto the flats below, he sees the Pegasus landing. He only recognizes the Knight out of the four people that exit the jet. He decides to go down and see what brings the Wardens to the area.

The ruins of the prison fit the general look of Indigo's vision and Eon sketch. After a quick look through them, the team decides to head for the village.

Shane yells out to the Knight. He stops and greets Shane. After they talk a bit, they find that they may be following up on the same incident. Shane says he would like to join them in their search.

"You have a fan," says Karex.

"Not a fan, just wait until it gets dark," replies the Knight.

"Oh, I did not realize you had that kind of relationship," quips Karex.

Shane tells Karex a little about his transforming into a demon after sunset. Karex asks if someone would try and detect evil or magic on the demon boy. He turns to Indigo as he asks the question. The Knight says that it will not be necessary because it has already been done.

"I thought that Yricians did not have magic," comments Eon.

"That is why we rely on experts," responds Karex while gesturing towards Indigo.

Karex then asks what the demon boy can do.

"I said wait until dark," replied the Knight.

Shane explains how Mystics originated many millennia ago and were rediscovered by some scientists as a pool of dark ichor. Shane explains that he died, so they through him into the ichor. It brought Shane back to life and gave him the ability to assume demonic form at night.

"I have different goals, unlike my brothers and sisters who are truly evil," states Shane.

Karex looks at Indigo and says, "You two have something in common. His family is evil, too."

The team reaches the area of the burnt out village and starts searching. Indigo manages to sense faint impressions of her brother's presence and follow them into the woods. She and Eon finds the skeletal remains of the little girl under a pile of leaves just like in Indigo's vision. It is the entire skeleton, not a single bone has been dragged off by animals.

Karex says he knows why no animal has taken any of the bones and warns everyone to be careful. Eon asks why the bones have not been taken by animals. Karex says that the skeleton animates to defend itself when animals come near just like skeletons do on television.

After finding nothing more in the area, Eon calls in the FSS. He explains that they have found human skeletal remains and that they are from a paranormal involved crime.

Shane heads out before the FSS arrives and the team heads back to Alcatraz once the FSS is on the scene.

Run Date: 5/8/2010

Record Last Changed Date: 6/6/2010

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