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Darkness Returns - Session

Session: 43

A look at what happened during Session 43.

Session Entry

Game Date: 4/25/2007  - 4/26/2007

Who: Amethyst (II), Karex, Eon (Lazarus), Knight of Saint Michael, Jaxton Gray

Karex sends Gregix and Wrixton to borrow some Earth technology to study from the Warden's stash of captured technology and the security force's reserve storage locker. To ensure that they are not discovered by the Knight, Karex goes out on patrol to track the self-appointed chief of security and intercept him if he decides to return to the headquarters before the fixers have completed their task.

The Knight is keeping an eye on Karalyn Nicholas in hopes of capturing one of the bio-ceramic 'gremlins' that have been following her. In the Ramon Marcel Community Center parking area, he sees Karalyn's SUV. He has noted during his recent patrols that she has been staying late after everyone has left and locking up when she leaves.

Shortly after his arrival, the Knight spots Amethyst patrolling the area around the community center. It is another thing that he has noted as a recurring pattern during his observations of Karalyn. Amethyst arrives at the community center, goes in and talks with Karalyn then checks the area and reports in to Karalyn. Then shortly after Amethyst finishes her patrol, Karalyn locks up and leaves.

However, tonight things take a different turn.

Amethyst finishes her check of the area and is heading back into the building when something in his peripheral vision catches the Knight's attention, a dark rider descending from the sky accompanied by a trio of dark minions.

Amethyst also sees the dark rider and his minions and sends an alert for the Wardens then prepares for their attack.

The dark rider charges at the Knight and his trio of minions close on Amethyst. The dark flyer streaks by Amethyst striking her then circles around in preparation for another attack. Amethyst recognizes him as one of the crystal entities spawn from Cornelius Stone when Delta-Vee struck him during the combat at UC-Berkeley's Paranormal Medical Center. She then extrapolates that the large crystal entity is the one that was created when she struck Stone and that the man with the dark crystals embedded in his body was Stone. Knowing that during her combat training with Delta-Vee, the only attack she had capable of reliably hitting him was her Amethyst bomb; she unleashes one at the dark flyer. The attack succeeds in dealing some damage to her adversary and blows out some of the community center's front windows.

The dark rider swings his hammer in the direction of the Knight and a blast of dark energy lances out toward him but misses.

Karex arrives on the scene and after a quick assessment of the situation decides to attack the dark rider.

Judah calls upon the Xenexis for assistance and once again finds himself transformed into his crystalline form. He teleports a couple of kilometers straight up into the night sky in order to gain a line of sight on the community center. Once he has a clear line of sight, he begins teleporting towards the fray.

The dark flyer attacks Karex a couple of times using his fly-by strikes but Karex continues to focus on the dark rider and scores a hit.

The Knight and the dark rider engage in combat with both scoring telling blows on the other. The Knight recognizes the evil aura of his opponent as that of Edweard Ragnarsson.

Amethyst is encased in a dome of dark energy by Stone but manages to power out of the cage of darkness. Just as she escapes, the large dark brute takes a swing at her and connects but the effects of the blow are minimal.

Eon arrives on the scene and launches an attack at the large dark brute only to find that his attack does not seem to affect him. Eon also tries an attack on Stone but once again finds that it is ineffective.

The dark flyer strikes Karex again and the small golden scaled dragon retreats around the corner of the community center to recover from the punishment the dark flyer had inflicted. The dark flyer pursues but only to keep an eye on Karex. When Karex ducks behind the back of the building, the dark flyer quickly gains altitude in an effort to re-establish visual contact with his quarry. Karex flies into the community center through a window on one of the upper floors.

The dark brute regains his feet and unleashes a dark force bomb that knocks down Amethyst and Eon and destroys Karalyn's SUV as well as causing major damage to the front of the community center.

The Knight and the dark rider continue their engagement but neither is able to land the definitive blow.

Eon regains his feet and looses a blast at the dark rider, downing him.

The Knight, his opponent down, sees an opening and charges Stone. Using his lance, he scores a major blow knocking Stone into the front entry hall of the community center. The Knight continues his charge hoping for another opportunity at Stone but upon entering the building finds himself unable to maneuver in the rubble and close confines on the hallway. He realizes that another attack on Stone means that he will crash into a wall but presses on with his attack hitting Stone and crashing into the wall behind his target.

The dark flyer seeing the dark rider down and Stone missing from the battlefield swoops in and grabs the dark brute fleeing the area.

Karex flies out of the community center sees the dark rider stirring. He flies over and thumps the dark rider with his tail knocking him back out. Amethyst runs over and grabs the dark rider.

Karex flies into the front entrance of the community center and Eon teleports in after him. They close on Stone but he teleports away.

Outside, Amethyst is trying to secure the dark rider when she finds out that he was pretending to be out. He escapes her grasp and flies away on his shadow steed.

A quick check of the community center finds no sign of Karalyn. Amethyst calls Karalyn's cell and finds out from her that she had fled out the rear entrance when the combat started. Amethyst tells the others and says that she will go check and make sure Karalyn arrives safely at home.

The others wait for the FSS to arrive then make their reports on the incident before leaving the scene.

Record Last Changed Date: 6/6/2010

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