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Kelly, Gremlins, Warrior, Boy - Session

Session: 44

A look at what happened during Session 44.

Session Entry

Game Date: 5/14/2007  - 5/15/2007

Who: Amethyst (II), Karex, Eon (Lazarus), Knight of Saint Michael, Indigo, Jaxton Gray, Blue Boy

Amethyst patrols the area around the Ramon Marcel Community Center. She is thinking about heading down to Stanford in the morning to talk with Orlando about Kelly, when she sees Orlando outside the community center.

She greets him and explains to Orlando that she was just thinking about paying him a visit to find out how Kelly was doing. Orlando explains that it must be fate because he was looking for Amethyst to help him with Kelly. He explains that Kelly was not attacked by a cat but by a small black creature. Amethyst recognizes the description as the black bio-ceramic creatures that the Wardens have been calling 'gremlins.'

Amethyst calls the Knight and advises him of the situation.

Orlando asks Amethyst to follow him and heads around the corner to the back of the community center. As the pair round the corner, they see a group of gremlins attacking Orlando car. Orlando tells Amethyst that Kelly is in the backseat of his car.

Amethyst sounds an alert and hopes that the Wardens will arrive in time to help her save the girl.

The Knight out on patrol turns for the community center and spurs his horse to full gallop.

Judah is at Rebecca's condo and calls on the Xenexis for assistance. After the switch to crystalline form, he teleports straight up into the air and gets a line of sight on the community center then starts teleporting towards it.

Karex and Indigo are at the base and head for the vehicle hangar and take the Hippogriff to the site.

"Here is a parachute in case you decide to jump out," says Karex as he hands Indigo a parachute pack.

"Why would I do that?" inquires the bewildered mage.

Karex tries to explain what a parachute is and only succeeds at confusing Indigo even more. Hearing the goings on over his communicator, the Knight jumps in and tries to clear things up with little success.

Exasperated Karex says, "Just don't jump out of the plane without it."

Amethyst charges in and grabs one of the 'gremlins.' As she tries to secure it with zip cuffs, it manages to escape.

Eon arrives on the scene right next to Orlando's car. He sees several 'gremlins' clawing at the vehicle trying to get in and another that has busted out a window. Karex jumps out of the Hippogriff and takes wing. Seeing the 'gremlin' about to enter the car through the window, he lets loose with a water blast knocking it off the car. The gremlin hits the ground and lies still in the puddle from Karex's blast.

Eon reaches through the window, grabs Kelly and teleports away with her. Indigo who had been observing from the tail ramp of the Hippogriff jumps out of the low hovering aircraft near where Eon had teleported to with Kelly.

The Knight arrives on the scene and charges towards Orlando's car. As he gallops by, he slashes two of the 'gremlins' with his sword. Their outer shells pierced, the pair explodes as the cosmic energy that powers them is unleashed blowing off the top of Orlando's car. Karex water blasts another 'gremlin' leaving it lying motionless in a puddle of water.

Indigo examines Kelly and sees nasty infected gashes on her right arm and face. She works her magecraft on the girl healing the festering wounds. After the wounds are healed, Indigo can tell that something is still wrong with the girl as she still has a deathly white pallor to her complexion.

Eon returns to the combat and captures a 'gremlin' in a dark energy dome. The creature explodes but does not break the dark energy dome. Amethyst grabs the 'gremlin' that had escaped her. Karex seeing that the gremlins he blasted had not gotten up or exploded tells Amethyst to hold out the one she grabbed so that he can water blast it. Amethyst holds out the 'gremlin' and Karex blasts it. The 'gremlin' stops struggling.

The Knight scoops up the other two downed 'gremlins' in a canvas duffle bag he had acquired on the way to the scene. Amethyst adds hers to the collection. Karex collects the captured 'gremlins' from the Knight. The little dragon pops open a fire hydrant with his tail then holds the 'gremlins' in the stream of water gushing from the damaged hydrant.

The team discusses what to down with the captured 'gremlins.' In the end, the creatures are zip cuffed, soaked in water and each is separately englobed by Eon in a dark energy sphere.

Kelly is loaded onto the Hippogriff by Amethyst and Indigo. Orlando then boards the aircraft and it takes off for the base. On the trip back, Amethyst calls a medical alert for Dr. Miller to meet them at the base. Kelly's condition is relayed to the doctor.

The Knight and Karex head back to the base with the englobed 'gremlins.'

Eon stays on site awaiting the FSS who he had summoned after Kelly and the 'gremlins' had been removed from the area. When they arrive, he files a preliminary statement indicating what had happened and that the Wardens had taken an injured victim and the 'gremlins' to their headquarters. He then heads back to the base.

When the Hippogriff lands at the base, Amethyst and Indigo accompany Kelly to the infirmary. Her condition does not appear to have changed. There are no outward sights of injury, yet her skin still has a deathly white pallor. Amethyst helps the medical team transfer Kelly to an examination couch.

The Knight and Karex get three of the portable armored observation chambers that Prime was using during his dimensional energy experiments. They fill them with water and are transferring the 'gremlins' to the chambers when Eon arrives. He asks to examine one of the 'gremlins' so the last one is left out of its box.

Eon speaks with the Xenexis. He asks if they will help him examine the 'gremlin' and explains that it uses cosmic energy as a power source in an attempt to peak their curiosity.

The dark energy globe is destroyed and the 'gremlin' is laid on a table for examination. Eon touches the 'gremlin.' There is a great shriek from the Xenexis and Eon finds himself in human form. The crystal home of the Xenexis that is usually attached to his sternum is now attached to the rear of Eon's skull as far away from the 'gremlin' as it can get.

Eon tries to contact the Xenexis and all he hears are a chorus of screams and feelings of abject fear.

Karex requests that classical music and episodes of Carrots the story-telling dragon be played for the 'gremlins' to make them more at ease and more agreeable to contact and communication.

A discussion on whether or not the creatures are evil ensues. It centers on where or not energy in and of itself can be evil. Karex contends that the 'gremlins' are just cosmic energy powered constructs and thus cannot be evil. Eon debates the fact that their creator/controller could be evil and thus infuse his creations with this malice. The Knight see no point in debating whether the creatures are evil or not as he has seen their auras and knows for a fact that they are evil, whether that evil is in their energy or a reflection/extension of their creator/controller is just semantics.

Eon once again tries to calm and speak with the Xenexis but once again only hears screams and feelings of fear. He tells the others of the screams and fear of the Xenexis after touching the 'gremlin.'

Karex asks if there could have been an energy transfer when he touched the 'gremlin.' Eon says maybe but he does not know one way or the other for sure.

Karex thinks in would be good to have portable cosmic energy sensors and orders Melinda to get to work on it.

The third 'gremlin' is placed in his observation chamber and Karex asks Susan to check for energy emissions from or to the chambers. Melinda says that the boxes are shielded from that is the reason Prime constructed them. No transmissions can get in or out of the chambers.

The trio head for the infirmary to have the crystal on Eon's head scanned.

As they are headed to the infirmary, Karex asks, "Want me to try and push it back?"

"NO!!!" snaps Eon. "Put the pliers away."

Karex suggests that Eon can wear a toupee to disguise it, but that the toupee would be bumpy.

Eon growing frustrated, tries to convince Karex that he is picking up telepathic signals from the Dolphins and they need Karex's help. Karex tells Eon that he does not have telepathy. Eon says that maybe he has changed again and swears that he is picking up telepathic signals from the Dolphins.

Karex thinks in would be good to have Wardens-Dolphin communicators and orders Melinda to work on it, too.

Karex then suggests a helmet with a hole cutout of it for the crystal to protrude through. If done correctly, people would think that the crystal was on the helmet and not Eon's head.

Eon once again tries to convince Karex that he is picking up telepathic signals from the Dolphins and they need Karex's help.

"You're sure you don't want me to hit it with a hammer?" asks Karex. "I have this nice rubber..."

"NO!!!" yells Eon.

Karex starts to walk away. When the Knight asks where he is going, Karex says to check on the Dolphins.

Dr. Sloan arrives and examines Kelly. He verifies the initial assessment of Kelly's condition, no outward sign of injury then looks at the results of the MRI sees no sign of internal injuries. Then why is the girl so deathly white, he thought. He explains to Amethyst and Indigo that there are no signs of external or internal injuries. The girl's vitals signs are weak but stable and suggest that she is still suffering from some form of injury. Dr. Sloan says that she will run some energy scan tests but they will probably take the rest of the night to provide enough data to make a diagnosis. He suggests that they check in with him in the morning.

Eon arrives at the infirmary and sees Dr. Sloan. He shows him the crystal attached to his skull and asks about getting a scan done. S. Alon says that since the Xenexis reside in the crystal they may posses the ability to choose where it forms when they retreat to it and Eon returns to human form. Previously, they may have chosen Eon's chest because it was 'out of the way' as well as being the site where they first merged with his body. S. Alon and Eon discuss what happened when he touched the 'gremlin.' Dr. Sloan does a cursory examination and finds nothing out of the ordinary with Eon except for the fact that the Xenexis crystal had migrated to his head. He tells Eon that he is currently working on Kelly and since Eon was showing no ill effects from the change in the crystal's location to check back in the morning for another examination.

Karex decides not to go visit the Dolphins. Instead, he collects a couple of the bio-ceramic 'gremlin' pieces that the Wardens had collected from previous encounters and goes to his room. Once there, he shows the samples to Gregix and Wrixton. They spend a few hours discussing the 'gremlins' and their origins. Gregix and Wrixton promise to continue looking into the matter as their schedules allow.


The next morning Judah wakes to find that the Xenexis crystal had returned to his chest. He tries to contact the Xenexis but they are silent. Judah and Rebecca go to the Wardens' base together as she had received a page from S. Alon requesting her for a consultation on Kelly.

Judah joins Karex, Indigo and the Knight in the team common area. They discuss Kelly's condition. Karex suggests Yrician hospitalers could help her. Judah questions why they should be brought in as they have no experience working on humans as patients. Karex explains that the Hospitaler caste has advanced knowledge of genetic manipulation as they had stabilized the Yricians into the current castes.

Before Judah can reply, Karex asks Melinda to check for reports of Yricians of the proper caste color for Hospitalers.

Melinda replies that there have been no reports of silver Yricians but an alert was coming in from the FSS about an orange Yrician causing a disturbance on the waterfront.

Karex says that it is the warrior and they need to go meet with him. He also suggests bringing sushi and sake as a welcome gift for the warrior. Judah pokes fun at Karex about wanting to get the warrior drunk.

They take the Anhinga to the FSS pier to avoid warning the warrior of their approach and making a scene upon arriving.

Once at the FSS pier, they rush towards the area reported as the scene of the disturbance. As they approach, Karex hears an Yrician yelling.

"Hold still and I will hit you!"

The team reaches the wharf and sees the Yrician warrior and Blue Boy. Blue Boy seems to be keeping the warrior's attention, while the people in the area getting out of harm's way. They also notice broken crates, a lamppost and other debris strewn around the area.

Judah says that they should try to negotiate with the warrior and Karex concurs. Judah steps out into the open without assuming crystalline form. He waves his arms to get the warrior's attention and once he has it he speaks to him trying to ask the warrior to calm down and talk.

The warrior points at Judah and asks, "Paranormal?"

Judah tries to talk with the warrior but he does not seem to be interested in what Eon has to say.

The warrior once again points at Judah and asks, "Paranormal?"

When Judah replies yes, the warrior hits him with a water blast knocking Judah back through the front of a souvenir shop.

Blue Boy quickly closes and taps the warrior on the shoulder trying to get his attention away from Judah. As the warrior turns, Blue Boy quickly retreats.

The Knight slowly maneuvers around to the other side of the battle careful not to draw attention to himself. He wants to speak with Blue Boy about what is going on but by the time, he has reached the other side of the area, Blue Boy has moved to the place where Judah had come from and where the Knight had started.

Blue Boy sees the Knight and waves. The Knight yells out that he wants to talk to him and asks Blue Boy what is going on. Blue Boy explains that he was on his way to catch the tourist launch to Alcatraz when he heard crashing and sounds of destruction coming from the area. He came to investigate and saw the Yrician throwing crates around. Blue Boy says that he decided to keep the Yrician occupied to allow bystanders to get away.

While the combat continues, Indigo sneaks into the storefront where Judah landed. Seeing that he is badly injured, she works her magecraft and heals him. He is still unconscious but otherwise appears to be fine.

Karex speaks to the warrior and asks what happened. The warrior explains that he was walking around when someone attacked him from behind. Karex sees a large whelp on the back of the warrior's head and asks Blue Boy if he attacked the warrior. Blue Boy replies that all he has done is tap the warrior on the shoulder from time to time to keep his attention. Karex explains to the warrior that Blue Boy was not the one that attacked him. After several assurances, the warrior ceases trying to grab Blue Boy.

The Knight talks with Blue Boy. He explains to the Knight how he goes away and comes back. He tells him that he usually slows down when he needs food. He goes on to say that he ate earlier before heading to Alcatraz and says he feels like he is about to go away. He asks the Knight to knock him out before he goes away and the Knight complies with his request.

Karex notices the warrior's battle armor laying out of the way a short distance down the walkway. He questions the warrior, who tells him that it is broke and he was on the way to Alcatraz to get the fixers to repair it.

The Knight says they need to return to Alcatraz and picks up Blue Boy. Karex offers to get the warrior's armor and the warrior picks up Judah.

Karex tries to pick up the armor but is unable to lift it. The warrior laughs at him then hands Judah to Karex. The warrior explains that he will take the armor and swim to Alcatraz as he had originally planned.

The Wardens watch as he picks up the armor and goes to the end of the wharf. The warrior attaches a tether to the armor and jumps into the water dragging the battle armor in after him. They then take the Anhinga back to the island.

Karex briefs the fixers that the warrior is on the way to the island with his broken body armor. They surmise that the internal components of the armor were destroyed in the attack just before re-entry just as their communicators had been. Karex then joins the others in the Wardens' common area.

Karex sees Blue Boy still unconscious lying on the couch and suggests that the Knight take him to the infirmary. The Knight asks why because all he had done was hit him with the flat of his blade. Karex says there maybe other health issues and that Blue Boy might not simply be unconscious but in a diabetic coma.

"I hit him with a broadsword, not a candy cane," replies the Knight.

A little later, Toby comes to and asks to be taken to the infirmary. He explains that he thinks a sedative may slow him down and help him not to go away. Karex looks at the Knight with his 'I told you so' look as they take Toby to the infirmary.

After explaining the issue to Dr. Miller, she agrees to give Toby a sedative.

Toby and the Knight talk.

Toby explains that he did not die in the accident as everyone thought he had. His uncle Solomon saved him but was unable to save his aunt Thelma. His uncle was Blue Streak and had shifted them away to save them but was unable to shift them back. His uncle took care of him for several years until he died. Toby thought he was going to die because his uncle could touch things when they were away but Toby had not yet learned how to do it. This was when Toby learned that when he was very hungry, he would slow down and come back. After discovering this, Toby buried his uncle and came to Oakland to find his family. He learned that Tommy could hear him when he was away so he told Tommy he was alive. Tommy tried to tell their parents that Toby was alive but it upset them and they would not believe it. Toby realized that he was growing faster than Tommy and if he did not find a way to come back for good he would get old and die like his Uncle. Tommy tried to help him find a way to come back for good and suggested that he try and talk to the Knight and Amethyst.

Toby tells the Knight that it feels like he is about to go away again and asks for more sedatives. The Knight talks to Dr. Miller again and although reluctant to continue drugging the boy, she agrees to give him another sedative. Toby goes to sleep after he is given the sedative.

While the Knight and Toby are talking, Karex checks in on Judah. Finding that he is okay, Karex turns to go just as Judah begins to stir. Karex decides to stick around and greets Judah when he wakes.

"It was nice of you to throw the fight. It calmed him down," says Karex as he congratulates Judah on his diplomacy.

Judah is upset and says that he wants to issue a personal challenge to the warrior. Judah claims he was sucker punched and wants another shot at the warrior. Karex tries to explain to Judah that he had accepted the warrior challenge and had lost. When Judah continues to insist that he was sucker punched, Karex goes into further detail. The little dragon explains that the warrior in his own words as told in the news story by the sushi restaurant owner had come to Earth to challenge its paranormals. When Judah had responded in the affirmative to the warrior asking if he was a paranormal, he had accepted the warrior's challenge. Judah says he does not care what the warrior thought and he wanted another chance at the warrior. Karex says that he will inform the warrior that Eon wishes to face him in the arena. He asks Judah if the fight can be publicized and televised as it would be on Homeworld. Judah says that would be fine.

The Knight, Indigo, Judah, Karex and Dr. Miller discuss Toby. The first thing they decide is to give him quarters at Alcatraz so that he can be around if they discover some way to make him 'come back for good.' They continue on discussing possible means to stop Toby from 'going away' as Dr. Miller is reluctant to continue using drugs on the boy. One possibility with some promise is to build a device similar to the ones that were used to bring the Kronian 'into phase.' It is agreed that they will follow up with Jaxton and Dr. Kensington. Dr. Miller says that she will scan Toby as long as he is in the infirmary to collect data that can be used by either Dr. Kensington or her in their effort to help Toby. It is agreed to discuss with Toby the plan for giving him a room on Alcatraz when he wakes up again.

Run Date: 6/5/2010

Record Last Changed Date: 8/7/2010

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