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Practicing Summer Vacation - Session

Session: 45

A look at what happened during Session 45.

Session Entry

Game Date: 6/2/2007  - 6/3/2007

Who: Amethyst (II), Karex, Eon (Lazarus), Knight of Saint Michael, Indigo, Jaxton Gray, Gianna Daniels ("Power-Girl"), Katrina Daniels (Sapphire), Trent Anderson (Cobalt), Mei Lynn Chung (Cang), Tommy Holliday ("Tom-Tom")

Jaxton picks up Gianna, Katrina, Trent, Mei Lynn and Tommy and brings them to the Wardens Alcatraz Island headquarters for training with the Wardens.

The Knight suggests exercises and drills something to get the blood flowing and work on establishing a routine. He emphasizes that practice makes one better so it should be exercises and drills. Karex suggests instead of training their bodies that they should train their minds by playing chess or another strategy game. The Knight contests Karex's suggest because the trainees are there for a workout and that they can download and play such games at home. Amethyst suggests configuring the training room with an obstacle course. Karex then suggests that if the trainees are there for a workout they can use Eon for target practice.

"If he gets damaged, we can just glue him back together," concludes the golden-scaled Yrician.

The team discusses various exercises for the trainees' workout and when someone suggests pushups, Amethyst asks about orange sherbet. Everyone looks at her strangely, as they do not get the reference.

The trainees almost in unison say that Jaxton said that that they were going to have combat training today.

Gianna smiles and says, "Yeah that is why you were invited."

There is a discussion amongst the Wardens as to who will be the trainees' first opponents. During the discussion, Eon jokes that he is the true head of the Grand Empire and that he is hiding in the open by working with the Wardens. After some banter between Karex and Eon about the Grand Empire, the Knight calls a halt to the debate. The discussion turns back to the 'adversaries' for the trainees and Amethyst and Eon are selected for the first round.

The training room is configured for a street scene and Amethyst and Eon are to play the role of bank robbers.

Amethyst leaves the 'bank' with the loot and climbs a nearby buildings' wall. Eon keeps an eye out for the 'good guys'. Cobalt vaults across the street and knocks Amethyst off the wall. Sapphire and Cang move to positions to cover Amethyst. Eon quick steps behind the two and blasts them with his dark energy blast. "Tom-Tom" with a sonic blast and "Power-Girl" with a mighty punch combine to knock Eon across the street where he lands at Amethyst's feet.

Jaxton calls time and starts discussing the tactics involved. He complements Cobalt for bringing Amethyst down and Sapphire and Cang for covering the downed opponent. He also complements using "Tom-Tom" and "Power-Girl" as reserves who were able to engage Eon when he used his abilities to get behind Sapphire and Cang.

Karex gives Eon grief for getting encircled and trapped by the trainees. Eon just grabs Amethyst and shadow steps a long ways down the 'street'. The kids all laugh at the 'bad guys' escape.

After a few more rounds of 'bank robberies', Jaxton calls an end to the training session. The trainees gather around him and the Wardens to discuss the scenarios from the session as well as the tactics used and encountered during them. The Knight gives each trainee as well as each of the Wardens pointers on handling some of the situations encountered as well as avoiding some of the more vulnerable positions that each had found themselves in during the various encounter scenarios.

Karex produces a blue ribbon and awards it to Gianna as the best trainee for the day's session. She blushes then thanks him for the award.

Just as Tommy is about to make a comment, Gianna interrupts by asking Jaxton that since it is going to be summer soon and they will be out of school will they be training more. The Knight says that since crime does not take a summer vacation that additional training sounds like a good idea.

Jaxton explains that he had been working on a plan for more training during the summer for the trainees but had not yet had a chance to speak with the Wardens about it. Now was as good a time as any, his plan entailed the trainees attending a 'summer camp' to better help them adjust to having paranormal abilities and improve their emotional control for choosing when to use their abilities. He suggests that the Wardens would be the perfect ones to broach the subject with the trainees' parents.

The Wardens discuss setting up the summer camp and how to get the trainees' parents to buy into the idea.

While the discussion is going on, Eon overhears Katrina, Mei Lynn and Trent discussing the issue amongst themselves in Cantonese. He hears them concur that since they are all over eighteen and can legally decide to train with the Wardens, they do not wish their parents to know that they have paranormal abilities. Since Tommy's parents know about his language abilities and 'self-defense' training with the Wardens, Gianna would be the only one that would present a challenge to the 'summer camp' idea. Katrina says that her parents would freak out if they were told about Gianna's paranormal abilities.

Jaxton takes the trainees home to give the Wardens the chance to finalize the plans for the 'summer camp'.

Eon tells the other Wardens about the information he gleaned from Katrina, Mei Lynn and Trent's conversation. It is decided by the group to preserve the trainees' secrets and that some type of cover story would be constructed to allow more training for both the older trainees and the younger trainees during the summer.

After some further discussion, it is decided that Katrina, Mei Lynn and Trent would be awarded summer 'internships' with the Alcatraz Foundation. The internships would entail working with campers at the Alcatraz Foundation's Super Summer Camp. The summer camp will have activities like a traditional summer boarding camp but will also have educational components to give the campers the opportunity to exercise their minds as well as their bodies. To help convince their parents to allow them to attend the camp, Tommy and Gianna are awarded full scholarships to attend the camp.

Once the plan is formulated, the team decides to create a pamphlet describing the opportunity that the Alcatraz Foundation's Super Summer Camp offers campers as part of the presentation to Tommy and Gianna's parents.

Amethyst also makes a note to speak with the Alcatraz Foundation about setting up other summer camps for children who have been victims of paranormal crimes.

As things are winding down, Eon pulls the Knight away from the conversation and asks him to be his best man. The Knight asks if he wants him to be the best man as the Knight or in another guise. They discuss who is being invited, William or the Knight and decide that the Knight would be best to add a little pageantry to the affair.

Karex overhears their conversation and tells the Knight no matter what type of clothing he wears he needs to make sure that he is able to eat.

"After all weddings are all about eating. First there is the ceremonial throwing of fertility food objects such as rice, fruits and nuts then there is large buffet."

Eon tries to explain to Karex that it will be a simple wedding for just family and friends. After watching Eon for a while, the Knight pulls him out of the room and chides him for trying to discuss Earth customs with Karex when Eon knows that all of Karex's knowledge about Earth tends to come from television and movies.

Karex says to Amethyst that he needs to check with the bride since she is the one that usually does the wedding planning.

As Karex is leaving the training room, Amethyst warns Eon via communicator that Karex is on his way to see Rebecca with questions about the wedding.

Eon manages to intercept Karex and asks him not to bother Rebecca with questions about the wedding as she is very busy and does not have time for interruptions. Karex tells Eon that he will not visit Rebecca to ask her about the wedding. He says that instead he will send her an email asking for some clarification on which wedding customs would be used and/or are appropriate for the wedding.

Run Date: 7/31/2010

Record Last Changed Date: 5/1/2011

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