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Someone Old, Someones New - Session

Session: 46

A look at what happened during Session 46.

Session Entry

Game Date: 6/21/2007  - 6/22/2007

Who: Amethyst (II), Karex, Eon (Lazarus), Indigo, Dorothy Axtell (Dot Dash), Amber LaNormane (Amber II)

After conversing with Judah, it is decided that Amethyst and Indigo will go into the AC to provide support in case something goes wrong during the meeting with Judah's mystery guest. Karex will fly air cover outside the AC. Two Alcatraz Foundation Security Force members in covert operations gear will be stationed inside the AC. One will be posted by the door and the other will be near the counter listening for the passphrase.

Since they do not wish to be conspicuous, Amethyst helps Indigo pick out and dress in modern casual clothes. Indigo has a bit of trouble with the zippers but masters them with a little practice. Both Amethyst and Indigo finish off their 'covert' casual gear with baseball caps and the Wardens' covert communicator ensemble of tinted glasses/HUD, flesh colored throat mike and flesh colored mastoid speaker.

Amethyst and Indigo arrive at the AC about 30 minutes before Judah scheduled arrival time and are seated at a table near Judah's regular table. A few minutes later, Charlie Trang of the Alcatraz Foundation Security Force gets a table near the door. Shortly thereafter Lauren Smith of the AFSF takes a seat at the counter next to the order window.

Judah goes to the AC to meet the person seeking Sargon Ur-Bau. Once there, he is seated at his regular table and orders a coffee to enjoy while he is awaiting his visitor.

Karex flies air cover above the area with streamers and sticks; he pretends to be a kite. While he is aloft, Karex decides that Karex Corporation should market an Yrician kite kit.

A man walks up to Judah and says to him, "Hello Judah, it has been a long time old friend."

The man is slender and stands about six feet tall. He has black hair and a Mediterranean complexion but his facial features are more akin to Native American features with a hawkish nose and high cheekbones.

Judah looks at the man questioningly as if the man has made a mistake in greeting Judah as a friend.

Saldar seeing the look on Judah's face says, "Would you prefer Sargon Ur-Bau, or Ambrosios, or Tirigan, or maybe Menmet-Ra, or perhaps Gideon Valerian."

Judah responds that Judah is fine as he beckons the man to sit.

Judah and Saldar talk about why he chose the current time to re-establish contact. Saldar says that the times are changing and that those with talents, abilities and powers are becoming more prominent.

"Such as your companions Amethyst and Indigo, who are sitting at the table over there," as he nods towards where Judah's teammates are sitting. "Or your little golden scaled friend, who is flying around above the buildings outside. Is he really an alien or just a fancy kite?"

Saldar continues his discussion with Judah and asks if his old friend can feel the change. Saldar says that he feels that the purpose for which they were destined is getting closer with each passing day and it is going to be a challenge. All of the others from the old days will be needed and he hopes that they are still around because there are some he has not seen in many centuries. Saldar also mentions that Judah has changed.

Judah admits that he has changed tells Saldar about the crystal embedded in his chest. Judah shares with Saldar a little about the Xenexis, the alien life forms that inhabit the crystal. Saldar scans the crystal and confirms to Judah that it is not of this world as the energy signature does not match. Judah tells Saldar that the Xenexis are stranded here and that he is trying to find a way to get them home.

Judah tells the AFSF that they can go back to the base and thanks them for helping with the surveillance.

Soon after the security force members leave, Judah and Saldar leave the AC followed by Amethyst and Indigo. They all end up in the alleyway behind the AC.

Karex questions Judah about his guest and Judah tells Karex that the guest is a friend.

Judah then suggests continuing their conversation in a more private area like the Wardens' base and Saldar declines.

Karex scouts the area and says that he sees no one appears to be watching them and no one followed them out of the AC.

"Besides an alley is a great place to discuss secrets, just like in the movies," concludes the gold-scaled Yrician.

Karex suggests that the way to determine if Judah's guest is the genuine article is ask him his favorite flavor of ice cream. He says that if Judah and his guest are truly friends then Judah should know his friends favorite flavor of ice cream. Judah says that ice cream did not even exist when he first met his friend.

Judah asks Saldar to tell about the place where they first met. Saldar talks about a small village in Mesopotamia that no longer exists in the modern era. He and Judah talk a little about the village and Judah tells Karex that the story of the village is how he knows that his friend is the as Karex had said the genuine article.

Being out of sight in the alley, Judah changes into Eon and then back to his human form. He shows Saldar the crystal after changing back. Saldar asks if Judah still had the gift of healing and Judah tells him that he does not. Judah explains that he believes that his transient form is what allowed the Xenexis to merge with him.

"I tried to remove that with a pair of pliers but did not get to it in time," Karex says while pointing to the crystal.

Judah expounds a little bit on Karex statement and says that he did not need Karex's assistance in the matter as in the end all had turned out fine. The Xenexis were rescued from possible destruction and he was benefiting from their union with him.

"Alright if you are pierced with strange meteoric particles again, I will not help," exclaims Karex.

The discussion continues with Karex, Indigo, Amethyst and Judah talking about the Xenexis bonding with Eon.

Saldar shares his name with the Wardens.

Karex looks at Saldar for a moment then says, "Saldar is a hard to pronounce, I shall call you Kang."

Indigo questions why Karex has chosen a name like Kang. He tells her that he had read it in a comic book and it seems to fit Judah's friend. Indigo ask why the name seems to fit Saldar and Karex tells her that it just does. Indigo says that she feels it is disrespectful to call Saldar a name that is not his own. Karex says that he believes that Saldar will not mind. Saldar stands watching the discussion without comment.

Karex and Judah argue about sharing contact information with Saldar. Karex questions how they would contact Kang because if he is old like Judah is, he probably does not have any identification. The conversation degenerates into a discussion of social security numbers.

Saldar returns to talking about the changes in the energies of the world allowing for more and more paranormals and his and Judah's destinies. Saldar broaches the possibility that the Xenexis and their crystal are interfering with Judah's ability to sense the change in the energies. There is a brief discussion about the changes are they personal, emotional or just the latent energy signature of this world. Saldar say he cannot be sure of which one it is or maybe it all of them and that is why it is hard to quantify the changes.

"Do you feel the rising of an ancient threat to fight which you have been preserved for five thousand years or so as to be here to face when it rises once more?" queries Karex.

Saldar and Judah look at him sternly before continuing their conversation.

"Is the threat pottery?" interrupts Karex, "Perhaps a dead Chinese emperor will arise and attack us with pottery soldiers. I think I saw it in a movie once."

"No," replies Judah.

"Well one strike wrong," chirps Karex.

Saldar talks about the energy of their enemy. He then demonstrates a little of his abilities in regards to detecting energies by telling the others that although Indigo is one of the Wardens, she is not of this world. He then tells them that Amethyst's energies are firmly grounded in this world but that her aura also has the touch of another world as well

Saldar says it is time for him to take his leave. Before going, he provides Judah with his cell phone number in case Judah needs to contact him. Judah notices that the cell phone numbers has a New York City area code.

After Saldar leaves, the Wardens return to their base.


Amber and Dorothy after getting settled in for the last few weeks feel it is time to visit the Wardens. They feel it time to advise the Wardens on the dangers of the Amazons getting released on parole and their possible involvement with the Sisters of Orontea.

Amber and Dorothy also feel it is time for their paranormal identities, Amber and Dot Dash, to meet the Wardens. After changing into costume, they head for the waterfront. Once they are there, they decide to bypass the tourist launch and head for the island under their own power. Amber takes to the air flying, while Dot Dash shrinks down and runs across the water.

Sensors at the Wardens headquarters pick up Amber's approach. When the identification call goes unreturned, Adam sounds a red alert indicating that a human-sized unknown flying object, possibly a paranormal, was approaching Alcatraz Island.

Amethyst, Indigo, Karex and Eon respond to the alert. Karex takes to the air to intercept the flier. Eon teleports up into the air above the island to assess the situation. Amethyst dives into the water and starts swimming towards the flier. Indigo takes up a position on the shore watching the direction from which the flier is approaching.

Karex meets up with Amber. She says that she and her sister wish to talk to the Wardens. She is escorted to shore by Karex and Amethyst. They do not notice Dot Dash's tiny form as she follows them running across the water. Eon teleports down to join Karex and Amethyst with the visitor. Shortly thereafter, Indigo arrives.

Karex starts questioning Amber about who she and he unseen sister are. Dot Dash screams at the Wardens and once she has their attention, she runs up Amber's back and stands on her shoulder.

Karex starts joking about Dot Dash's size asking if she is a small toy or perhaps an escapee from a circus act.

"Is this how you normally greet people?" queries Amber.

"No this is not how we normally welcome visitors to the Wardens base. I am Amethyst, this is Eon, and that is Karex. You should know him. He is always in the news being a prob... um, saving people," responds Amethyst.

Amethyst invites Amber and Dot Dash to join her and the others in the Wardens conference room so that they can discuss their reason for visiting.

Amber provides some information of herself and Dot Dash and then introduces the team to the Order of St. Jade. While she is talking about the Order's history and goals, Eon remembers meeting a warrior woman in the Southwestern United States in the late 1800s who had said something about the Order of Jade. He wonders if it is the same Order.

After Amber is finished, the group reveals a little about themselves. Amethyst's description of herself and her abilities is short and sweet. Eon is a little bit more long-winded in describing himself and his abilities. Karex takes the cake though as he not only talks about himself but also the other Yricians. Karex urges Dot Dash to avoid the warrior by telling her of Eon's perils in his first meeting with the warrior and the warrior desire to prove himself against Earth's paranormals.

While Karex is talking, Melinda tells Amethyst via communicator that the initial check on Amber and Dot Dash has found the story of who they are and why they are here to be accurate. The two of them also have no criminal records under the name of Amber LaNormane or Dorothy Axtell.

At the end of the meeting, Amethyst provides Amber and Dot Dash 'special' cell phones that will allow them to contact the Wardens directly and vice-versa.

Run Date: 1/22/2011

Record Last Changed Date: 5/1/2011

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