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Goin' a Courtin' - Session

Session: 47

A look at what happened during Session 47.

Session Entry

Game Date: 7/16/2007  - 7/18/2007

Who: Amethyst (II), Karex, Eon (Lazarus), Indigo, Dorothy Axtell (Dot Dash), Amber LaNormane (Amber), Trent Anderson (Cobalt), Katrina Daniels (Sapphire), Mei Lynn Chung (Cang), Gianna Daniels (Power-Girl), Tommy Holliday (Tom-Tom), Toby Holliday, Jaxton Gray.

FSS Special Agent Michael Pierce, the FSS Liaison to the Wardens, contacts Amethyst and speaks with her about providing extra security for the parole hearings of Darla 'Dragon Lady' Wu, Cassidy 'Aster' Anderson, and Mayra 'Lady Laser' Wellington at FSS Western Region headquarters. He indicates that a couple of non-credentialed paranormals, Amber and Dot Dash, had submitted a request to be present and speak on behalf of some of the victims' families at the hearing. Amethyst tells him that she will talk to the Wardens about providing the extra security requested.

Amethyst has a meeting with Karex, Eon and Indigo and tells them about the FSS' request about security because Amber and Dot Dash are not credentialed and maybe a threat.

"So they're illegal aliens," states Karex.

"No, they're from Florida," replies Eon

The team discusses the parole hearing and acting as additional security. They review the dossiers on each of the prisoners and make notes about their abilities. In their review of the prisoners' records, the group finds that the Amazons had never harmed any of the victims of their robberies and in a couple of instances had fled the scene when the authorities had arrived with blasters blazing. Next, the team reviews the transportation arrangements and note that the prisoners will be flown in to the FSS Western Region headquarters and put in holding cells the next morning. Later in the day, the prisoners will be moved via tunnels from the holding cell facility to the adjacent Special Tribunal on Paranormal Matters courthouse for the hearing. Dedicated security will be provided by two FSS Response Support Unit (RSU) teams and since the courthouse is adjacent to the FSS Western Region headquarters, all On-Duty and On-Call FSS RSU teams will be able to respond quickly.

The Wardens agree to the FSS' request to provide additional security for the parole hearings. Amethyst contacts FSS Special Agent Michael Pierce and informs him that the Wardens will be at the parole hearings.

The discussion turns to crime and punishment on various worlds.

Karex explains that there is little crime on Homeworld so there is very little need for punishment. Each member of Yrician society knows their place thanks to the castes and millennia of genetic engineering. The few misguided souls that do exhibit anti-social criminal behaviors are given extensive counseling and if needed retroviral genetic stabilization treatments.

Amethyst asks Indigo how criminals like thieves are punished on her world.

"We usually hang them," Indigo calmly replies.

"I believe that they are starting to send paranormal prisoners to an alternate dimension," says Eon.

"They do not, Eon," responds Amethyst while glaring at Eon.

Karex questions if sending prisoners to another dimension would be advisable as how would the authorities pay them a surprise visit, "In case they are illegal drug dealers."

After some more discussion on crime and punishment, Indigo has become a bit surprised by Eon's comments and asks, "Are you always this cynical."

"Amethyst is on this end and Karex is on the other. Me, I am in the middle," replies Eon.


Amethyst calls Amber and Dot Dash and asks them to meet the Wardens at the AC to discuss the parole hearings of Darla 'Dragon Lady' Wu, Cassidy 'Aster' Anderson, and Mayra 'Lady Laser' Wellington.

Amethyst, Eon, Indigo and Karex meet Amber and Dot Dash at the AC and they go up to the apartment that the Alcatraz Foundation had recently rented above the coffeehouse.

Amethyst briefs Amber and Dot Dash about the parole hearing. She explains that the FSS has some security concerns about paranormals at the parole hearings and that the Wardens will be providing extra security. Amber questions if the FSS expects that paranormal agents of the Sisters of Orontea or former Amazons teammates might attack the hearing. Eon says no the threat the FSS fears is the two of them as they do not have Radley-Gold credentials. Amber says that they have had a hard time learning the city and getting around. They had intended to visit the FSS Western Region headquarters at the Presidio but had not yet gotten around to it. Eon suggests that Amber and Dot Dash join the Wardens for a trip to the FSS facility to get the paperwork for their credentials started.

"We did not intentionally violate the Radley-Gold Act," says Amber before agreeing to Eon's proposal.

Eon, Karex, Amber and Dot Dash talk about the process and what would be involved. They talk about anonymous criminal background checks and identification procedures like voiceprints that also for advocate paranormal to provide statements and testify in court without having to reveal their identity. The discussion degenerates into nonsense when Eon starts relating the story of a mime paranormal that had problems getting credentials because he could not give voiceprint.

Amethyst puts an end to the discussion when she suggests that the team and their guest head out for the FSS Western Region headquarters at the Presidio.

Once there, Amber and Dot Dash start the registration process for getting FSS credentials.

While they are busy, Amethyst, Eon, Karex and Indigo checkout the facility in advance of the parole hearing. They check the VTOL landing pad, the holding cells and the courtroom where the proceedings will be held. The main concerns from a security standpoint are that the facilities are located next to and below the Golden Gate Bridge expressway. It would be easy to mount an unseen attack from a vehicle traveling on the expressway.

After their tour, they meet up with Amber and Dot Dash and head back to the Alcatraz Island headquarters.

As Dot Dash's restless nature becomes more apparent the more time they spend around her, Eon and Karex discuss a means of taking advantage of all the pent up energy. They propose that since she shrinks a 'hamster ball' type apparatus with some type of generator could be built and Dot Dash could run around it in and generate energy. Maybe enough energy to be a backup power supply for the Wardens' base.

As the conversation continues, the discussion turns toward modifying the Wardens base with 'hamster' tunnels for Dot Dash's special 'hamster ball' so that any time she moved around the base, she would be generating energy. It is pointed out that hamster tunnels are not very large so the tunnels would need to be larger to fit the 'hamster ball'. Amethyst tells about a house that had been modified with tunnels so that the cats that lived there could go anywhere they wanted and tunnels that size would work for Dot Dash's ball.

Eon says that if Dot Dash is going to be using cat tunnels then she could also catch mice.

"She can ride the mouse," interjects Indigo.

"Whee...," exclaims Dot Dash.

As the talk of hamsters, cats and mice continues, things start to get a bit silly.

"I have seen films of people juggling cats," comments Karex. "There was a Steve Martin documentary about the rise and fall of a millionaire."

Amethyst suggests that Dot Dash's ball could be armored. This would allow for some specialized attacks. The ball could be thrown at a target. When it hits the target would suffer impact damage, then the energy capacitor could be discharged to deliver a shock and finally, Dot Dash could pop out of the ball and attack.


Early the next morning Amethyst, Karex, Indigo and Eon go to the FSS Western Region headquarters to monitor the arrival of the three prisoners, Darla 'Dragon Lady' Wu, Cassidy 'Aster' Anderson, and Mayra 'Lady Laser' Wellington. The three are transferred from the transport aircraft to the holding facility to await their parole hearing later in the day.

The Wardens check out the area around the FSS headquarters and the Tribunal courthouse then take up position to keep an eye on things until the parole hearings start.

Amber and Dot Dash arrive for the parole hearings and are joined by the Wardens in the courtroom.

Judge Juanita Salazar of the Special Tribunal on Paranormal Matters presides over the parole hearings and invites comment on the matter before her.

Amber is granted permission to speak and says that she is against the parole of the three former Amazons. She says that the three still have their paranormal abilities and represent a danger to society. She states that her order, the Order of St. Jade suspects that the Amazons worked with the Sisters of Orontea as such they were indoctrinated with a philosophy that females are superior to males and are the rightful rulers of the world. She states that she believes that although the Amazons had not inflicted physical harm on their victims in their previous criminal endeavors, those victims were subjected to psychological harm and law enforcement personnel were assaulted. She states that if released she believes that they would return to their criminal ways and provide a funding source for the Sisters activities that would do physical harm to victims. The judge thanks Amber for her comments and says that she will keep them in mind during her deliberations.

Karex speaks on behalf of Mayra 'Lady Laser' Wellington. He says that he has reviewed her paranormal and feels that they do not propose a significant danger and with the right environment could prove to have commercial value. He says that the Yrician Cultural Trust would be willing to hire and oversee her parole.

Eon and Amethyst discuss Karex's offer to employ Mayra 'Lady Laser' Wellington both feel that there is some danger in letting her get her hands on advanced technology or access to the Yrician fixers.

Karex and Judge Salazar continue their discussion of Mayra 'Lady Laser' Wellington parole. The judge indicates that there are three years left on Mayra's sentence and if released on parole she would be on probation for those three years. The judge asks Karex if the Yrician Cultural Trust would be willing to oversee Mayra's parole for the entire three-year period. Karex says that he would be willing to hire Lady Laser on a three-year contract and oversee her activities as a work release type program. Judge Salazar thanks Karex for his input and says that she will weigh his offer during her deliberations.

Eon sub-vocalizing via the communicator asks Karex what he is doing by offering to hire Lady Laser and give her access to high technology. Karex says they she will not understand Yrician technology and that the projects he plans for her to work on have no military or weapon applications. Eon is not convinced but drops the argument as he wishes to speak to the judge about the parolees.

Eon asks about the current mental state of the prisoners. Are they still intent upon performing criminal acts or have they reformed? Judge Salazar says that one of the first steps in the parole process is the preparation of a psychological profile by the Blanco Mesa staff. Then fellows of the Winslow Institute are invited to interview the prospective parolees and are then asked to review the staff evaluations. If both agree on the candidate's eligibility for release then the parole process continues. If not, then the process is discontinued and future reviews are scheduled.

Based on this information, Eon offers to provide oversight for one of the former Amazons for the duration of their parole and probation. He says that he will provide employment as his personal assistant as well as offer the chance to work as his protégé and earn Advocate credentials from the FSS. The judge thanks Eon for his input and says that she will consider his offer during her deliberations.

While a couple of others are presenting their opinion on the possible parole of the prisoners, Eon, Amethyst and Indigo discuss the prisoners. Indigo points out they are thieves and asks if the Wardens should trust them and allow them access to their headquarters. She says that there are many things to tempt a thief in the Wardens' base. Eon and Amethyst try to explain how the American justice system tries to reform criminals.

Indigo says it is too much trouble, "Normally you deal with thieves by cutting off their hands."

Amethyst speaks on behalf of Darla 'Dragon Lady' Wu. She says that Karalyn Nicholas, head of the Green Valley Trust, will employ and oversee Wu if she is paroled. Amethyst says that Karalyn will employ Wu for the three years of her probation. Amethyst also indicates that she will help oversee Wu's probation. Judge Salazar thanks Amethyst for her input and says that she will review Karalyn and Amethyst's offer during her deliberations.

After Amethyst, there are no more speakers and the judge announces that the public part of the hearing is over. She explains that she will review all of the comments and render a decision on the matter of parole for Darla 'Dragon Lady' Wu, Cassidy 'Aster' Anderson, and Mayra 'Lady Laser' Wellington. All non-official personnel are asked to leave the courtroom.

Outside the courtroom, the Wardens discuss the hearing.

"If they are truly rehabilitated then we need to help them," says Eon. "Redemption is one of the highest human virtues."

As they continue their discussion, they are joined by Amber and Dot Dash. Amethyst asks Amber about her appearance at the hearing. Amber explains that she was there to represent the victims of the Amazons crimes and to assess the threat the three former Amazons posed. She thinks that the Wardens are being duped and that the Amazons will turn on them. Karex points out that even if the former Amazons are not released now that their sentence will be completed in three years and they will be released anyway. Amber says that they are paranormal criminals and are a threat to the public so they don't need to be let out.

"Don't need to be let out?" queries Karex. Then he asks what she would do with them.

"We can re-open Alcatraz," replies Amber matter of factly.

Amethyst says that they have been locked up for seventeen years and have paid for their crimes. Eon says that seventeen years can change people. Amber responds they have been locked up together during those seventeen years and have been reinforcing each other's ideals

"Seventeen years ago, I was walking around with John Battle..." says Eon starting to give an example of changes over time.

"Not this again, you and John Battle," says Karex cutting him off. "We have all heard these stories."

Later that afternoon, they are invited back to the Special Tribunal on Paranormal Matters courthouse to hear Judge Salazar's decision on the former Amazons parole.

The judge agrees to parole Mayra 'Lady Laser' Wellington on the condition that she accepts a work contract from the Yrician Cultural Trust and that for the remaining three years of her sentence she will be on probation and needs to maintain her employment with the Yrician Cultural Trust. If she should not meet these conditions then her probation will be revoked and she will return to Blanco Mesa to server the remainder of her sentence there.

Judge Salazar agrees to parole Darla 'Dragon Lady' Wu on the condition that she accepts a work contract with Eon and that for the remaining three years of her sentence she will be on probation and needs to maintain her employment with Eon. If she should not meet these conditions then her probation will be revoked and she will return to Blanco Mesa to server the remainder of her sentence there.

The judge says that Cassidy 'Aster' Anderson is to be granted parole but wishes to have paranormal supervision of her probation. The judge is preparing a proposal for Wardens or another Radley-Gold group to oversee her probation. Once that proposal is accepted, the judge says that she will set the condition of the parole and probation.

Judge Salazar says that that the parole of the three former Amazons will begin on July 24th, then adjourns the hearing.


The Wardens invite Amber and Dot Dash to join them at the base for a practice and training session. Both agree and go with the team to Alcatraz. When they get to the training room, the Wardens' trainees are having sparring sessions. Jaxton invites the Wardens and their guests to join in.

Dot Dash is paired with Tom-Tom for a sparring session. She does not seem to grasp that it is a sparring session as she quickly disarms him then smacks him hard upside the head knocking him down. Jaxton calls a halt to the session and says that Dot Dash is ejected from further training. Dot Dash seems distraught wondering what she has done. Eon says that no one is to be ejected and that he will take care of it.

Eon checks on Tommy. He helps the boy to his feet and off to the side of the combat area. After making sure that he is okay and finding out that he had just had his bell rung, Eon tells Tommy that is how the sonic blast felt the last time that he and Amethyst had did combat training with Tommy and the others.

Eon then goes over to Dot Dash and talks to her about the training sessions and sparring. He then leans in close and says "Just between you and me, you did good."

Eon tells Jaxton that everything is okay and that Dot Dash needed another sparring session opponent. Sapphire agrees to be Dot Dash's next opponent. She opens the sparring session with her force ram, knocking Dot Dash across the room. Dot Dash responds by shrinking and charging. Sapphire does not see her at her small size and yells out invisible opponent.

Power-Girl yells, "Not fair" and explodes releasing waves of concussive force.

Everyone in the vicinity is attacked and knocked to the ground. Dot Dash is thrown across the room into a wall and knocked unconscious. While everyone is trying to get the bearings and concussive waves of force continue to batter them, Toby runs into the room. He embraces Power-Girl and kisses her. Power-Girl passes out in his arms.

The concussive force waves have knocked the instruments in the practice room offline. Trying to determine what has happened, Jaxton starts bringing them back online and recalibrating them.

The Wardens and Amber shake off the effects of the force waves and look around wondering what happens. Dot Dash wakes wondering the same thing.

Toby still holding Power-Girl in his arms calls out for medical help. While Amethyst is checking the girl, Karex whistles and says medical personnel.

Indigo glares at him and says, "I am not a dog."

Indigo works the 'spirit touch' on Power-Girl, healing her. Power-Girl wakes up.

"Are you okay young one?" queries Indigo.

Eon happened to be watching Gianna when she 'exploded' and knows that the force waves came from her. He comments on not making her angry or she will go off kind of like the Hulk from comic books.

"Don't read them," states Power-Girl.

"I'll go get it," responds Karex.

Karex asks Adam to find the source of force waves. Both Adam and Jaxton say that the force waves knocked the sensors offline and they are currently recalibrating. Eon smiles and then sub-vocalizes via communicator to the other Wardens about Gianna being the source of the concussive force waves.

Eon tries to get someone to kiss Toby to see what kind of effect it will have. He then cautions that it should not be Dot Dash because they did not know how their super-speed abilities would interact.

Dr. Rebecca Miller arrives in the training room. She checks out Gianna and Toby. Not finding any emergency issues, she suggests that the two of them be brought to the infirmary for a more thorough examination.

While the doctor is examining Toby, Eon continues to talk about having someone kiss Toby. Karex suggests that they get Toby to kiss a monkey.

"Why kiss a monkey when we have a dragon?" asks Indigo.

Karex explains that a monkey is a primate so it should be a good test subject and that he, the dragon, was not. Karex explains that by using a monkey if the victim dies from the test, they will not have harmed a human with the experiment.

"What about one of the parolees?" suggests Amber.

Karex responds that that don't know what the effects maybe so they don’t want Toby to kiss an innocent or a human for that matter. It may kill them.

"They are not innocent," states Amber coldly.

Karex suggests that since Eon can't die that he should kiss Toby. Eon declines and Karex calls him scared then dares him to kiss Toby. Eon grabs Toby and kisses him full on the mouth. Toby spits as if he has tasted something rancid. Rebecca gives Eon a strange look.

The team takes Gianna and Toby to the infirmary. Dr Miller hooks them up to several different types of monitors and begins running more check on them.

While everyone is waiting, Dot Dash explains that she does not have the ability to turn invisible and had only shrunk to a small size when she was sparring with Sapphire. She asks everyone to watch then demonstrates her ability to shrink down to about four inches in height. Dot Dash apologizes for any misunderstanding her shrinking may have caused.

After a few minutes, Dr. Miller pronounces that Power-Girl is okay and that Toby is definitely here. Eon makes joke about Toby ability to knock out an opponent with a kiss and Rebecca gives him another strange look. Eon apologizes to Toby for kissing him. Dr. Miller then says that Power-Girl has a higher energy level that her previous baseline level and that she would be running some more tests on her.

Eon jokes about running a cat scan on her. Have the cat look her over then ask the cat what is wrong. Dot Dash throws a coin at Eon.

Karex just shakes his head before commenting, "He is made of crystal maybe there is mold in the cracks."

"I guarantee you I have no mold growing in any of my cracks," replies Eon.

A discussion about the proper care and cleaning of crystal starts, Amber asks what kind of wax Eon uses to polish himself. Eon says that he does not wax himself. Karex says that he should because it will make his exposed surfaces shiny and protect his cracks.

"I am not going to get waxed, turtle waxed or simonized," huffs Eon.

"If you are not going to use his wax, you can kiss the turtle," responds Indigo.

The discussion continues getting more and more inane. Finally, Indigo says that there has been enough bartering. Karex says that they are not bartering but bantering. Bartering is what someone does when they want to trade for something.

"If we were trading there would be chickens," jokes Eon.

"I think she is telling you to cluck up," responds Karex.

"In America, it is shut the cluck up," exclaims Eon.

A discussion about chickens and eggs ensues which quickly turns to a discussion about Yrician mating habits. Karex quickly stops further comment by saying that such things are private and none of their business.

Run Date: 2/12/2011

Record Last Changed Date: 5/22/2011

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