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Not So Easy in the Big Easy - Session

Session: 48

A look at what happened during Session 48.

Session Entry

Game Date: 8/3/2007  - 8/4/2007

Who: Amethyst (II), Karex, Eon (Lazarus), Indigo, Dot Dash, Amber (II), Delta-Vee, Boost

Adversary: Roi, Escarlate, Al, Aspic, Cailleaux, Caouane, Copperhead, Cottonmouth, Timber Rattler, Trois Rangs

An alarm sounds at the Wardens' headquarters, Adam announces that he was receiving a red alert signal from a Wardens' communicator in New Orleans. The communicator belongs to Boost.

The Wardens gather in the residential level conference room to review the situation.

Amethyst explains to the newer Wardens who Boost is and that he has been missing for almost two years. She also explains that Delta-Vee has been looking for Boost in New Orleans and had missed his last scheduled report window. Amethyst says that the team needs to go to New Orleans to help a fellow Warden, maybe two.

Eon calls to the hangar and has the duty team ready the Pegasus for a flight to New Orleans. He says that he will go ahead and scout out the area to give the Wardens an idea of what they are up against. Amethyst vetoes the idea of splitting up indicating that the risk was too great to go in without backup and the others might end up having to rescue three Wardens.

Karex suggests contacting Amber and Dot Dash to provide both support to the Wardens as well as evaluate how they react in a possible crisis situation. The other Wardens agree with contacting Amber and Dot Dash.

The Wardens call Amber on her special cell phones and the situation is explained to them. Amber explains to Dot Dash that the Wardens have invited them to help eradicate evil in the city of New Orleans and help Delta-Vee and Boost. Dot Dash says she would be willing to help. Amber tells the Wardens that the Sisters of the Order of St Jude are ready to help. Arrangements are made for them to go to coordinates in Mission Dolores Park for pickup. When Amber explains to Dot Dash where they are to go for pickup, she realizes that her young sister does not know about latitude and longitude and decides that she will need to teach her when time allows.

The Wardens board the Pegasus and after picking up Amber and Dot Dash, they head for New Orleans.

Karex explains to Amber and Dot Dash that the plane is the Wardens' Amazo-Jet and as demonstrated can land and takeoff without need for a runway. Amber notices that there are places for ten seats but one has been removed and replaced with a large water cooler.

Dot Dash notices that Indigo seems a bit stressed and asks he want is wrong. Indigo explains that she does not riding in the 'flying metal dragon'. Amber and Dot Dash are confused for a moment then realize that Indigo is talking about the airplane.

On the way to New Orleans, Adam tries to pick up Boost's alert signal but is unable, either the signal is too weak or it is no longer being transmitted. It is decided to go to the coordinates where the signal was last picked up and search the area. Amber and Dot Dash are temporarily issued Wardens' communicators. Eon has Adam display aerial and satellite maps of the area on the communicators HUDs. The area is to the west on the outskirts of the city and on the edge of the bayou. Amber asks to a check of the local news for possible trouble in area finds that there is nothing being reported in the news. A quick check of police and emergency personnel communications and response logs for the area also find nothing of significance,

When the Pegasus arrives in the area indicated by Adam as where Boost's signal originated from, the team sees the remains of a plantation style mansion. It appears that a large explosion was the cause of the destruction and bodies are strewn about the grounds around the mansion.

Amethyst and Indigo exit the plane and glide down to the ground. Karex and Amber with Dot Dash on her shoulder fly down to the mansion ground. Eon teleports to the ground joining the others and they fan out and start searching the area.

The bodies are all dressed in uniforms styled like those of the Grand Empire but they are red in color instead of blue. Most of them seemed to have been converging on the point that seems to be the center of the explosion. There is nothing to identify the source of the explosion.

"These are minions," states Karex looking at Amber and Dot Dash, "you can take out many minions."

Indigo sees the legs of a body that is not clothed in a red uniform sticking out from under the wreckage of the back porch roof. She asks Amethyst for help and her purple clad teammate lifts the wreckage off the body. Indigo sees that the man is wearing various voodoo fetishes and works her 'spirit sight' on him. There is a residual trace of mystic energy on the man but there is an area still under the collapsed roof has a much higher level of mystic energy. Indigo asks Amethyst to move more of the debris away from the body. When she does, Indigo sees an ornate knife with mystic energies that feel of death. Indigo tells Amethyst that she thinks the knife was used for sacrifices. Indigo shows the rest of the group the knife.

"You found the murder weapon?" queries Eon.

"I don't think these people were stabbed," says Karex motioning his arms to encompass the area. "It looks like an explosion."

As the team continues to check out the area around the mansion, Eon and Indigo find a set of tracks leading away from the mansion. They appear to be made by either a very heavy individual or someone carrying another person as they are sunk deeper into the ground that any other nearby footprints. The team follows the footprints south into the edge of the bayou. The tracks end when they reach a small road a few miles south of the mansion. The group spreads out up and down the road looking for tracks on the south side of the road and finds nothing.

While they are looking around, Karex picks up a very faint signal on the Wardens alert band. He calls Amethyst, Indigo, Eon, Amber and Dot Dash to his location. They all pick up the signal and Eon decides to teleport several miles away to try and triangulate the position of the signal.

After a couple of teleports in various directions, Eon picks up the signal again a few miles southwest of where Karex originally picked up the signal. Eon asks Adam to triangulate the signals location based on his and Karex's position. While waiting, Eon is startled by the sudden appearance of a glowing flying paranormal. Eon recognizes him as Delta-Vee/Randy without his helmet and notes that he is glowing more brightly that when he last saw him. Delta-Vee greets Eon and asks where the other Wardens are and Eon tells him.

Eon and Randy return to where the others are waiting. Eon introduces Delta-Vee to Indigo, Amber and Dot Dash. Randy explains what happened at the mansion from his point of view and tells the others that he had had Mark in his arms but had lost him again when the world exploded. After he had regained consciousness, Randy had followed the heavy tracks to the road and had been trying to find where the person went when he had run into Eon.

The group talks about the coordinates of the signal were deeper into the bayou and the plan for locating Mark and whoever had taken him.

"If they were clever villains, they would have an underwater lair," observers Karex. "After all, I have ah... nevermind."

"You have an underwater base?" asks Eon.

"Duly noted," comments Amber.

After they complete their planning for finding and rescuing Mark, the Wardens pair up and head for the source of the signal. Karex takes to the air carrying Amethyst. Amber flies after him with Indigo. Dot-Dash secures herself behind Eon's hat headband and he teleports up in the air where Randy rendezvous with him. Randy then waves goodbye, dives towards the ground and streaks off in the direction of the signal. Unable to keep up, the team continues their cautious approach towards the source of the signal.

About fifty to sixty yards from the point that Adam has identified as the signal's location, the team gathers on a small rise and check out the surrounding terrain. The trees and undergrowth are so heavy that they only have unobstructed sight for 15 to 20 yards ahead. From the air, the foliage is so dense that the ground is not visible. After some discussion, they maintain their current pairings and head off in search of Mark.

As they stealthfully advance through the swamp, the team spots a wooden shack on the edge of a deepwater slough. Dot Dash shrinks and move up to the shack, she hears talking inside but cannot make out what is being said. Karex takes to the air and takes up a position hovering over the shack.

Indigo works her 'spirit walking' and leaving Amber holding her body, she sticks her head through the wall to look inside the shack. She sees a 'swamper', Matthieu, talking with reptilian looking paranormals. She also sees a man tied up on a bed in the corner of the shack. He bears a resemblance to pictures she had seen of Mark.

As Indigo is checking out what is in the shack, Amethyst moves to take up a position between the shack and the slough. She is attacked by Escarlate but suffers no real damage.

Indigo is spotted by Roi and he sounds the alarm.

Eon uses his dark energy blast on Escarlate. Dot Dash closes in and uses her disorientation ability on Escarlate messing up her equilibrium. Dot Dash uses her disorientation ability once more on her foe, leaving Escarlate lying on the ground unable to rise.

Amethyst plows through Aspic as she tries to join the combat. Aspic goes flying back into a tree and does not get up.

Dot Dash runs up the side of the shack and tries to punch through the window and fails. She realizes that the window is some type of heavy Plexiglas as she falls from the windowsill to the ground.

Caouane gases Amber, Indigo and Eon leaving them rubbing their eyes and retching because of the noxious cloud. Little does Caouane know that Eon is unaffected and is faking as he stumbles in her direction retching. Eon quickly 'regains' his composure and blast Caouane with a bolt of dark energy knocking her back into the trees.

Cottonmouth, Timber Rattler and Copperhead burst forth from the shack followed by Roi. The first three attacks Eon, Indigo and Amber while Roi tries to assess the situation. Eon responds with a dark energy bolt. Indigo unleashes a 'flame of the spirits' attack and Amber strikes out with a bolt of psychokinetic energy. Roi is blasted with a gout of water from Karex.

The three heavies, Al, Trois Rangs and Cailleaux, spring from the slough and launch a surprise attack on Amethyst without success. She responds by releasing her amethyst force tornado knocking the trio back in the water. Amethyst keeps an eye out for them but they do not resurface.

Cottonmouth, Timber Rattler and Copperhead head flee towards the slough. Amber, Indigo and Eon continues unleashing attacks on them trying to prevent their escape.

Karex unleashes another water blast at Roi leaving him lying unconscious in a mud puddle. Karex proclaims his victory over 'the king' and says that he will make him his manservant. Eon taking advantage of the downed opponent and blasts him with a bolt of dark energy.

"Eon, stop it!" shouts Dot Dash.

Amber scans the downed Roi telepathically and announces, "He is only unconscious, not dead."

"I wasn't trying to kill him," responds Eon defensively.

"Sure looked like it and I would have been upset," states Karex. "Like I said I think he will make a good manservant."

Karex then claims Roi's crown.

Mark is rescued from the remains of the shack and Indigo works 'spirit touch' on him healing him. Matthieu is also recovered from the wreckage and his wounds healed to by Indigo.

Roi, Escarlate and Matthieu are bound.

The Wardens call for the Pegasus to meet them at the road.

Karex takes Roi and flies off with him. The rest of the Wardens along with Amber and Dot Dash start to gather up Mark, Escarlate and Matthieu when they realize that Randy is nowhere to be found. They fan out to search for their missing companion and after about forty-five minutes find him unconscious next to a large cypress tree. The tree shows damage from signs of an impact. They gather up Mark, Randy, Escarlate and Matthieu and head for the road.

Back at the road, they discuss what to do with their captives. As the discussion continues, Indigo points out that based on what she heard listening to them talking at the shack all are, at the very least, part of a plot to hold Mark against his will. The discussion continues as the team boards the Pegasus and head back to San Francisco.

Run Date: 2/26/2011

Record Last Changed Date: 5/22/2011

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