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Wedding Day - Session

Session: 49

A look at what happened during Session 49.

Session Entry

Game Date: 8/25/2007  - 8/26/2007

Who: Amber (II), Amethyst (II), Karex, Eon (Lazarus), Indigo, Dot Dash, Trent Anderson (Cobalt), Katrina Daniels (Sapphire), Mei Lynn Chung (Cang), Gianna Daniels, Tommy Holliday, Toby Holliday, Jaxton Gray, Kore Moorland (Miss Majestic), Parmon Greene (Mr. Gray), Leif Thorssen (Thunder), Dr. Arron Jensen (Volt), Caitlyn Danielsonon (Psyche)

After having breakfast at the Harrigans's ski lodge where they are staying, Amethyst, Amber, Dot Dash, Indigo and Karex head for Rebecca's sister Vonnie's house for the wedding. All are in costume except for Karex, who is wearing his consul-general uniform.

At the wedding, Karex opens a small box he had been carrying to reveal a basket full of fresh fish. As he heads to his seat, the Yrician greets the guests and hands them a fish. When Amethyst asks why he is passing out fish, Karex explains it is a Yrician custom to honor the couple on their day of joining.

Vonnie's house, the site of the wedding, is on the side of a mountain and has a large deck overlooking the valley. The guests are seating looking out over the valley and the ceremony takes place on a small dais at the edge of the deck.

Judah, Saldar and the Justice of the Peace take their places on the dais. Judah and Saldar are wearing Victorian era tuxedo with tails. Rebecca is escorted by her uncle Don and she is wearing a simple white linen dress with a circlet of white flowers in her hair. The ceremony is very simple with the couple exchanging personalized vows and rings, and is over in less than twenty minutes.

"That was too easy," says Judah as he greets his teammates after the ceremony.

"We did not put out an ad, Warden to be married on isolated mountain side ideal time to attack, please bring rice," responds Karex.

"Bring fireworks," comments Judah.

"Fireworks, I only brought fish. You need to tell me these customs in advance," scolds Karex.

After a few minutes of milling around and greeting guests, Rebecca's sister, Vonnie, announces that it is time to head to the reception which is being held at Harrigans.

"The reception theme is the eighties," announces Judah.

"So we bring stone clubs?" queries Karex.

"The 1980s," replies Judah.

"Oh, I thought you meant B.C.," responds Karex.

A short time later, everyone is gathered at Harrigans where they find a large buffet featuring fresh New England seafood as well as roast beef, pork, venison and turkey. Judah and Rebecca are seated at the head table with Saldar and Rebecca's mother, June, her Granny Ann and her Uncle Don and Aunt Lillian. The Wardens are all seated at one table on the right of the head table. The rest of Rebecca's family is seated at the remaining three tables.

There is much discussion about the décor and the 1980s in general. It is an interesting discussion as most of the guests were children or teens during the period and all of Rebecca's nieces and nephews had not even been born. Talk soon turns to other historical eras as some of the older guests take the chance to talk about how things were during their youth.

After a while, Karex starts trying to promote a plan to get the era from 2000 to 2009 proclaimed the KAREX decade. When Judah notices the general lull in conversation once Karex starts his campaign, he stands up and suggests that that Karex submit the request to the government and travel to Washington, D.C. to fill out the forms. Karex thanks Judah for the suggestion and says that he will do that.

Amber is enjoying the lobster, sushi and other seafood and says it reminds her of Florida foods. Dot Dash says she especially enjoys the crab cakes. They both notice that Karex is eating same kind of food. It is obvious that Karex is thoroughly enjoying the lobster, because he is eating it shell and all. Everyone else seems a bit taken aback by Karex eating the whole of the lobster and conversation soon turns to Karex and his eating.

"Didn't the people of this land use to eat all the Buffalo?" asks Karex when asked why he eats the whole lobster.

"No, they used the bones and skins for tepees and other things," responds Eon.

"How do you keep your scales strong?" queries Karex.

"I don't have scales," replies Eon.

"Yes, you are scale deficient," states Karex. "But those others we just encountered seem to have overcome that problem."

The discussion continues about eating food and the matter of digestion comes up. Karex points out that his caste has been genetically engineering to be the perfect explorers a highly efficient digestive system capable of deriving sustenance from all types of alien flora and fauna is one of the benefits.

The discussion turns toward genetic engineering. Karex comments that humans should not try to genetically-engineer other humans. When asked why, he responds that even though humans have many flaws and could be improved dramatically that they just should not try it themselves. Judah and Amber say that it sounds like Karex is hiding something. Karex says that he is doing nothing of the sort. It would be too unpredictable but perhaps someone more responsible could help the humans out by doing it for them.

Rebecca surreptitiously gets Vonnie's attention and gives the prearranged signal to move things along. Vonnie stands and taps her knife of the side of her glass to get everyone's attention then announces it is time for the newlywed's first dance.

The couple takes to the floor and the first song is the Love Theme from Romeo and Juliet by the Henry Mancini Orchestra. Almost everyone else joins the couple on the dance floor after the first song is over. The dancing lasts for a while and there is even a little boogying to disco music.

When things start to die down, Vonnie announces that it is time for the newlyweds to open their gifts.

Karex asks that a gift that he has brought be opened first. He presents a small brightly wrapped package to Rebecca and Judah, explaining that it from Rextor the Warrior and that the orange-scaled Yrician wished to honor the first paranormal that he had defeated in battle on this world on the day of his joining.

Judah opens the box and finds a prismatic crystal about the size of a baseball inside.

When he holds it up for everyone to see there is a bright flash of light and everything changes. Judah, Rebecca, Karex, Amethyst, Indigo, Amber, Dot Dash, Saldar, the twenty members of Rebecca's family and the staff of Harrigans that were working at the reception find that they are no longer in the banquet room at the ski lodge.

The area is rocky terrain with smooth river rocks. There are jagged cliffs to the north and sounds of water like a river or ocean to the south. There is a single sun in the sky and it looks normal.

Saldar and Amethyst check on Indigo who has passed out. They can find nothing obviously wrong with her but are unable to wake her up.

"Eon teleported us somewhere," comments Karex.

"No I didn’t," responds Eon.

"Maybe this is the arena as Eon challenged Rextor the Warrior," says Karex.

"It better not be, there are innocents here," replies Eon.

Several of the team tries their communicators. They are able to communicate with each other but are unable to connect to the satellite uplink or pick up local radio or television signals.

"Maybe we are in another dimension," says Amethyst.

"Maybe it is just an illusion," states Karex.

After checking her cell phone and seeing no GPS signal, Dot Dash states emphatically, "That settles it, we are not home."

Dot Dash notices that outside of their conversations and the sound of water flowing there are no other sounds. She tells the others and after having everyone stops talking the only sounds they hear are water flowing over or lapping up against rocks.

Amethyst, Karex, Judah, Dot Dash, Amber and Saldar discuss their situation. It is decided that Saldar will stay with the wedding guests while Eon teleports up a few miles to look around. Amethyst will scout the cliffs and Karex will check out the water. Dot Dash and Amber decide to go with Karex to check out the water. Eon goes to talk with Rebecca and lets her know what has been planned as well as to check that on how everyone is doing.

Amethyst runs off to the north. When she reaches the cliffs, she climbs to the top and looks around. The cliffs go on for as far as she can see.

Karex, Amber and Dot Dash go south and soon find a very large lake or ocean. It is an unearthly blue color almost like it was dyed blue and goes on for as far as they can see. Karex goes for a swim and finds an underwater world devoid of life, there are no plants or other sea life.

After talking with Rebecca, Eon teleports up a couple of miles in the air. He sees the cliffs to the north and the ocean to the south. They go on as far as he can see to the north and south respectively. He also notes that the strip of rocky terrain between the cliffs and the ocean, as well as the cliffs and ocean, go all as far as he can see to the east and west horizon with very little deviation in their width and relationship to each other.

Amethyst, Karex, Amber, Dot Dash and Eon discuss what they see via communicator.

"Maybe we are in another dimension," says Dot Dash.

"Maybe it is just an illusion," states Amber.

"Clap your hands and sing if you think this is not real," says Karex.

"No, it is click you heels three times and say there is no place like home," says Eon.

"Don't do that until you are with the rest of us, we don't want to be left behind," responds Karex.

Eon continues to teleport upwards and sees that there is no horizon, the area below him continues in all directions without any sign of curvature. He also notices that there has been no change in gravity, it is the same the higher he goes up. It as if he was still standing on the ground. Eon relates this new information to the others. Karex says that Rextor would not be able to make a place like this.

Eon decides to check with the Xenexis to see what they perceive about this place. Their reply is short and rather cryptic 'strange energy, changes perception' they also say that it did not come from them. Eon tells the others that he has 'talked' with the Xenexis and he will be landing so that the team can decide what to do.

Eon returns to the ground where his teammates have gathered by the wedding guests. They continue discussing their observations about the place they are in and what they need to do to return home.

"They said it was strange energy and it changed their perception," relates Eon about what the Xenexis had told him.

"It is an illusion." exclaims Dot Dash.

"No more as if they had changed places," responds Eon.

"Lets sing the 'we don't believe this is real song'," says Karex.

The team continues the discussion on whether or not the place is an illusion or another dimension.

"Maybe this is Indigo's dream and we are all in it," posits Karex. "Maybe someone should wake her up."

Amethyst explains that she and Saldar had already tried to wake Indigo without success.

Discussion continues on the nature of the place that they are in and they eventually decide that whether or not it is an illusion or another dimension that the crystal is the source. They decide to try and replicate the events that lead to them being here. Karex tries to give Eon the crystal. Eon touches it and then pulls away.

"Don't be a silly, touch the damn crystal," demands Karex.

"Karex watch your language," warns Dot Dash.

"Okay, I will not call him a silly anymore." responds Karex.

Eon takes the crystal from Karex. He holds it above his head as had done before. Dark energy flows from Eon's hand and engulfs the crystal and everyone is back in the ski lodge's banquet room.

*Light changed, darkness blocks,* chorus the Xenexis in Eon's head.

"What was that?" asks Eon.

*Strange energy that changes perception,* replies the many voices of the Xenexis.

A check of the GPS time and their chronometers shows that about 20 minutes had passed, the same amount of time that they had perceived had passed during their time away.

"So, we all planned that," states Eon. "Did everyone have fun?"

"You have better be kidding," replies Rebecca.

Eon changes back to Judah, smiles and kisses his bride.

Karex raises the possibly that Eon's crystal structure had reacted badly to the gift crystal causing the 'adventure'. Sort of like an allergic reaction. Judah assures him that it was not an allergic reaction.

Judah takes the crystal and puts it back in the box from which it came. He then folds the box up around the crystal and wraps it up in packing tape. The wedding guests give him a round of applause. Judah borrows a pillowcase from the ski lodge staff and throws the taped up box inside it then bundles it up and ties it off. He receives another round of applause from the wedding guests. Judah then takes the bundle to Haley Goffin, the pilot of the Pegasus. He instructs her to not open it and take it to the Wardens' Reserve at Alcatraz. He says that they should secure it until the Wardens return from the wedding.

While Judah is talking with Haley, an alert comes in on Wardens' emergency channel. Amethyst recognizes the voice as Mariah, the inactive Wardens' member who used the codename Star. She tells Amethyst that she was on her way home and tried to access the base to pick up some things but was not able to enter. She says she tried to communicate with the computer but there was no reply. Amethyst tries to contact Adam, Susan and Melinda but the computers do not answer.

Judah tells Rebecca about the emergency and the need for him to go with the others. He promises to be back as soon as the crisis is resolved and kisses her goodbye. On his way to the Pegasus, Judah takes Saldar to the side and asks him to look after Rebecca. Judah says he does not know what is happening in San Francisco but if it is so type of trap, he wants to make sure that Rebecca is safe. Saldar promises that he will see that she is.

The Wardens take the unconscious Indigo and board the Pegasus then head for San Francisco. En route, they talk to Star about accessing the base and has anything changed and she says that everything remains the same. Eon suggests bringing in the FSS to help check out the base. Star says to keep them on the mainland and after some discussion, everyone agrees. Shortly before the team arrives in San Francisco, Star says that she will be going up to North Bay she has an irritable six year that requires her attention.

Haley sets the Pegasus down on the parade grounds as the hangar doors do not open when she sends the landing signal.

The team first decides to take advantage of Dot Dash's shrinking abilities and sends her into one of the fresh air intakes. She blasts through three air filters before she encounters an armored seal blocking her path. She is unable to blast her way through the seal and returns to the surface.

The team discusses how they are going to get in. Eon says that he can get a team in through the hangars but if the base is on lockdown as they suspect, they are going to have to break through some armored doors to access the main part of the base. Karex offers to check the water accesses and try to enter the base through them. With a plan in place, the team splits up and goes to work.

Amber flies Eon and Amethyst up to the roof of one of the hangars. He teleports into the upper hangar bay with Amethyst and returns to the roof. Eon then teleports Amber into the upper hangar bay. Afterwards, he teleports outside to recharge. While waiting, Eon talks to Haley and tells her to guard the package. If necessary, she is to fly away to keep it from falling into the wrong hands.

Karex stops by the consul-general facility and gets Rextor, Gregix and Wrixton to help him break into the Wardens' base. Karex with the other three Yricians' assistance force open the outer door to the Anhinga's seaway. The fixers find some cutting torches in the hangar workshops and cut through an armored door to gain access to the base proper. Once inside, the Yricians go exploring.

Amethyst using some tools from the hangar workshops is able to force two of the armored doors allowing her and Amber access to the main part of the base. Rather than continue the time intensive task of forcing open the armored doors, Amber and Amethyst use the maintenance shafts for the elevator to go up to the residential level. They find Gianna and Toby in the hall outside of one of the apartments.

The two youngsters explain that they were walking back from the cafeteria when an alarm sounded and all of the armored doors shut. A few minutes later the alarm stopped but the doors did not open. Gianna was not able to force open or damage the doors so they sat down to wait for help.

Karex and the Yricians get to the power control room and start flipping the manual switches on the panel that routes power to the base from the hydroelectric plant, power cells and battery systems. Karex tells the other Wardens via communicator that he is flipping switches in an effort to reset systems and bring them out of lockdown condition. Amethyst is talking with him about not flipping the power switches when the power goes off and comes back on in the hallway where she and Amber are with Gianna and Toby. Karex and Eon discuss the alien and his companions flipping power switches on and off. Eon tells him to stop and Karex agrees.

Karex suggests hooking the embassy's computer up to the base's computers to bring them out of lockdown mode. Amethyst says no as they do not know what caused the lockdown. Hooking the computer systems to an outside computer could cause issues for the outside computer if some type of computer virus was the cause of the lockdown. Amethyst then calls computer specialist Freddie Lawrence at his home and explains to him about the lockdown. She asks him to try and establish contact with Susan, Adam and Melinda and determine what caused the lockdown of the base.

Karex tells the other Yricians he believes that someone broke into the Wardens base to steal valuable objects from the team and orders them to start collect valuables from around the base and store them in the hangar.

While recovering and getting ready to go back into the base, Eon sees Indigo standing in on the exit ramp of the Pegasus. She asked what happened and Eon gives her a brief overview of the situation. Eon teleports with Dot Dash and Indigo into the base and they begin searching the laboratory and workshop level to determine if anything had been taken.

Amethyst and Amber complete a check of the residential level and the commons level. They find that all of the personnel in the based as well as the Wardens' trainees are all okay. The security force members on duty indicate that it was an intruder alert that triggered the alarms. Thunder, Psyche, Mr. Gray and Volt responded to the 'mystic' wing as it was identified as the area where the intruder was located. The security team was responding as well but the lockdown had prevented them from getting to the 'mystic' wing. Thunder, Psyche, Mr. Gray and Volt have not been seen or heard from since the lockdown.

Amethyst and Amber relay the information from the security team to the other Wardens and it is decided to check out the 'mystic' wing. Using the elevator maintenance shafts the team meets up on sublevel one's split floor where the accessways to the 'mystic' wing are located.

Once they are together, Karex tells them that he and the other Yricians have been gathering the valuables from around the base and storing them in the hangar.

Karex then explains he is the ideal choice to go in the mystical wing as he is from a planet with no magic. After some discussion, it is determined that Indigo and Karex will take the lead on the way to the 'mystic' wing and the other Wardens will provide backup.

When the team enters the northern accessway to the 'mystic' wing, they find Thunder, Psyche, Mr. Gray and Volt frozen in place. They appear as if they were running down the hall when they were frozen. They also see a gold-scaled Yrician in a black robe covered in eldritch characters stitched in silver thread. The Yrician is frozen holding one of the latches that secure the door to the 'mystic' wing.

Indigo works the 'spirit sight' to determine what type of mystical energies are holding Thunder, Psyche, Mr. Gray, Volt and the gold-scaled Yrician.

Eon asks Karex who the Yrician is and where he came from. Karex says that he came from Homeworld and is probably the pilot of the craft that brought the other Yricians. Karex reminds Eon that he has provided the Wardens with all of the information he has from the other Yricians about who and what type of Yricians are on Earth.

Karex examines the frozen Yrician's clothing and says that he does not recognize robe. The team sees a Karex uniform in a heap on the floor next to the frozen Yrician. Eon picks it up and asks Karex what his uniform is doing there.

"It is not my uniform," states Karex as he examines the garment. "I would never wear such a low quality outfit."

When Eon finds Karex's Wardens' id card in a pocket of the uniform he found on the floor, he postulates that the other Yrician had snuck into the Wardens' base with the id card dressed in the shoddily made Karex uniform. The team discusses whether the Yrician is the intruder or was he helping others break into the base. The discuss gets a bit heated about what to do with the Yrician and Karex defends him indicate that nothing criminal had yet been proven. Karex also points out that if the Yrician has committed criminal acts, he would be confined to the embassy as he is a 'foreign national' and not be put in a human prison.

Indigo interrupts the debate about the Yrician. She tells the other Wardens that Thunder, Psyche, Mr. Gray, Volt and the gold-scaled Yrician are alive and that the magic that is holding them is like the type that Miss Majestic uses. Indigo tells the team that even though the magic is like Miss Majestic's it is not the same and is some type of lock/warding magic. It is also much stronger that anything she has sensed of Miss Majestic's workings.

After being told that all of the frozen individuals are alive, Amber telepathically reads Volt. The only thought she can reads is 'intruder'. She tells the other wardens what she has found. Eon asks her to read the Yrician. Amber connects telepathically to the Yrician's mind and the only thought she can read is 'oh no'. She tells this to Eon and the other Wardens.

While the team is debating how to release the frozen individuals, Eon touches Thunder and is frozen. Indigo warns against anyone else touching one of the frozen individuals. Karex gets some cable from nearby and when he returns, he starts swinging a lasso around his head. Indigo catching the motion of the lasso out of the corner of her eye tells Karex no. She tells him that he will be frozen, too and that is highly likely if the cable had touched her when Karex threw it she would have been frozen as well. After studying the frozen individuals for a while longer with 'spirit sight', Indigo tells the others that she might know how to unfreeze them.

Indigo works 'Lessen the Gift of the Spirits' and frees Eon. She next works it on Volt freeing him as well.

The team talks to Volt and he tells them that a intruder alert was sounds. Something told them, he does not know what, that the intruder was trying to enter the mystic wing. They responded and saw that Yrician in a black robe, pointing a the frozen Yrician, trying to open the doors to the 'mystic' wing. The next thing he remembers is standing there with them.

Indigo works the 'Lessen the Gift of the Spirits' in turn to free Thunder and Psyche without difficulty but she has to perform the working twice to free Mr. Gray. Indigo then works the magic on the Yrician freeing him as well.

"Thank you mistress," says Taurex as he bows to Indigo.

"Do I know you?" asks Indigo.

"No, but I wish to learn from you," responds Taurex then with another bow, he introduces himself as Taurex the Apprentice.

Eon questions Taurex about the costume and how he got into the Wardens base. Taurex replied that he made the costume and walked into the base via the front entrance. Eon asks where Taurex got Karex's Wardens' id card. Taurex replies that he got it out Karex's top desk drawer from his office at the embassy.

Eon asks Amethyst to take Taurex to the secured conference room. Dot Dash and Amber volunteer to help escort Taurex to the conference room. Karex tags along with the three of them as they escort Taurex. Along the way he speaks with Taurex in Yrician. During their conversation, Taurex relates how he came to Earth, why he came and how he had adapted to learning magic. Amber telepathically reads Taurex and feels that the story he is telling Karex is the truth and there is no deception on the part of the magic-using Yrician.

After Amethyst has escorted Taurex from the area, Indigo tells Eon that she believes the wards protecting the 'mystic' wing are the workings of Miss Majestic's father Mandrake. She calls Miss Majestic and explains what is happening at the base and requests the young woman's assistance. Miss Majestic agrees to help analyze the wards.

Eon and Indigo go to conference room to join the others talking to Taurex. Karex tells the others about Taurex and what the magic-using Yrician had told him. Amber tells the others that she has read Taurex and even though she cannot say for sure that he is hiding something, she believes that he is hiding something. Karex says that Amber is too suspicious of others. He then asks Indigo to study Taurex and help find out what effects magics have on Yricians.

Miss Majestic arrives and analyzes the mystic wards that have secured the 'mystic' wing and locked down the Wardens' base. After some time checking things out and then asking Indigo for her thoughts on the wards, she leaves telling everyone she will be back with the key. She returns about an hour later with a small gold cylinder and uses it to gain access to the 'mystic' wing. A few minutes after she enters the 'mystic' wing, the lockdown of the base ends and all systems come back online. Miss Majestic tells Indigo that no one at the Moorlands' estate is able to reset the guardian wards that she had just 'unlocked' and only the minor locking and anti-scrying wards had been restored.

Run Date: 3/12/2011

Record Last Changed Date: 5/29/2011

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