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Detective Work? - Session

Session: 5

A look at what happened during Session 5.

Session Entry

Game Date: 6/13/2004
Location: San Francisco, California

Who: Amethyst (II), Boost, Kitsune, Knight of Saint Michael, Nexus, Fortaleza, Kika

Nexus spends several days investigating the Grand Empire. He finds that like the agents from the recent raid, a lot of the Grand Empire's agents have ties to South America and most to Argentina. He also finds out about the Grand Empire's past association with DuValren Industries. When Nexus finds that DuValren has an office in the bay area, he suspects that they may be providing aid to the Grand Empire return to San Francisco.

Nexus compiles a dossier for the team on the Grand Empire. It details the organization's suspected founding in the late 19th and/or early 20th century by deposed European aristocrats and their retainers. It goes on to explain about the organization moving a lot of its assets out of Europe to avoid the strife caused by World War II and the bases that were setup in Africa and South America. It plots the growth during the Forties and Fifties, when the Grand Empire consolidated its power base and fought with the Nazis that were trying to move into South America. It highlights that the criminal ventures of the organization started in the late Sixties and were mostly confined to Africa and South America with some missions in Europe. The dossier also covers the growth of the organization's scope of operations to include North America during the Seventies and the fact that the Grand Empire became the major nemesis of Orion during the Eighties. It spotlights the setbacks suffered by the organization and the fact that it was almost eliminated in 1986, when Orion cracked their computer network and located most of the Grand Empire's bases. It details the raids conducted by Orion and that by 1989, that all Grand Empire operations in North America and Africa had been stopped while operations in Europe and South America had been reduced to sporadic nuisance raids. The dossier also mentioned that abandoned bases were found in Europe and South America leading Orion to suspect that some of the organization had gone into hiding. There are also details on the reemergence of the Grand Empire in 1996 with coordinated attacks in thirteen cities in the United States and that the organization continues to operate in North America, South America and Europe. It also details that the Grand Empire's criminal endeavors focus on the acquisition of wealth and high technology. The dossier also details the encounters of John Battle and the Wardens with the Grand Empire since its reemergence.

Sara after looking through the dossier does some further research on the Grand Empire. She adds an appendix to the dossier with Orion's evaluation of the current troop quality and operational methods of the organization.

A follow up with the FSS on the raid on the Grand Empire base reveals that they were unable to recover any data from the base's computers as the equipment and the storage devices that were recovered were found to be burned out.

Amethyst spends time researching the Grand Empire and other recent criminal activities in the bay area. She points out several thefts of the new drugs Ketrovan by three female paranormals to Sara and Sara says that she will follow up on them.

Mark is upset by the issues between himself, Randy, the coach, and the gymnastics team. He moves out of the dorms at Berkeley and into a residential suite at the Wardens Headquarters. He also informs Susan, the administrative computer, to refuse all calls from Randy. Mark spends some time working out on his own and researching paranormal activity in the area. He also continues to research alternative healing and medical techniques. It is during a foray into Chinatown that he meets Master Gao Wu Quon, a practitioner of Chinese medicine and herbalism.

The Knight works out every day with Kika and Fortaleza. It gives him a chance to develop tactics for use against airborne combatants. Boost and Amethyst join in a couple of the workouts for the same reasons as the Knight.

Sara shuns the workouts to further investigate the Ketrovan thefts. She finds that Ketrovan is the latest and greatest synthetic pain killer. It is as effective as Morphine but without the side effects and is non-addictive. The Ketrovan thefts have targeted three drug warehouses in the bay area. The crimes were perpetrated by three female paranormals. One with ice generating and manipulating abilities, another with fire generating and manipulating abilities and the third with darkness generating and manipulating abilities. Each robbery only involved taking ten cases of the drug, far less than the supply at the warehouses. Two of the thefts took place last year and one this year. There does not appear to be any discernable pattern to the thefts. Sara shares her findings with Amethyst.

Run Date: 8/27/2005

Record Last Changed Date: 2/26/2006

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