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Boys and Girls - Session

Session: 50

A look at what happened during Session 50.

Session Entry

Game Date: 9/24/2007  - 9/25/2007

Who: Amber (II), Amethyst (II), Dot Dash, Eon (Lazarus), Indigo, Karex, Toby Holliday, Jaxton Gray, Caitlyn Danielsonon (Psyche)

After Amethyst calls for a meeting to discuss Toby's status and Dr. Andrew Kensington's proposal with the team, Karex talks with Toby. The boy tells Karex about how things were when he was 'away' with his great uncle. Toby also explains that even though he and Tommy were twins something about being 'away' that made him grow up faster than Tommy. After talking with Toby, Karex goes to meet with Amethyst and the other Wardens to hear Dr. Kensington's proposal.

Amethyst, Amber, Dot Dash, Eon, Indigo and Karex attend the meeting with Dr. Kensington to talk about Toby.

Dr. Kensington opens the meeting by telling the Wardens that based on the latest observations by Dr. Miller-Ambrose and his analysis of those results, Toby is now stable and will not go 'away' as long as he is wearing the stabilization device. The story behind his proposal to stabilize Toby permanently is detailed but he wants the Wardens to understand fully what the process and its history.

The doctor then tells the story of the stabilization band. When the Kronians first arrived, they had to live in their environment suits. If they left their suits, they began aging rapidly to the point of dying from old age within an hour. Void provided Shockwave with a device that would stabilize the Kronians and allow them to live without their suits. Jaxton volunteered to test the device and it worked without issue. By analyzing the data from before and after putting on the device as well as studying the device itself, Dr. Kensington was able to determine that for some reason the Kronians were out of synch with the normal time stream and the stabilization device corrected that issue. With continued study, a means was derived to permanently stabilize the Kronians and allow them to live in the present without having to wear the stabilization devices all the time. Jaxton once again volunteered to test the process and suffered some aging side effects from the testing but the process was fine-tuned and Jaxton was permanently stabilized as were all of the other Kronians.

Dr. Kensington goes on to explain that Toby was stabilized using a modified version of the device that Void had originally designed for the Kronians. Through study and analysis of Toby's energy signature and the settings of the device that were necessary to keep Toby from going 'away', the doctor believes that he can permanently stabilize Toby using a modified version of the process that permanently stabilized the Kronians.

Dr. Kensington then says that the process is not without some risk. It could age Toby as it had Jaxton or make Toby go 'away' again. The risk of Toby being aged by the process is estimated to be around 10%. The biggest risk of the process would be Toby going 'away' and there is roughly a 40% of that happening with a very slight chance, less than 1%, of him going away permanently.

Dr. Kensington concludes by telling the Wardens that as things currently stand unless the stabilization device that Toby is currently wearing malfunctions, is removed, or is destroyed, the chance of the boy going 'away' is small, somewhere around 5-10% with almost no chance of him going 'away' permanently

Karex asks about using the process to accelerate and decelerate people. That way someone who needed a long time to heal from an injury could be sped up, so they healed in a relatively short time. A person who is dying of some terminal disease could be slowed down to a point of almost suspended animation to give the doctors more time to find a cure. Dr Kensington says it would be too dangerous as there is no point of reference. In both the Kronians and Toby's cases, the stabilization devices provide a point of reference as a starting point for the process.

The Wardens discuss what Dr. Kensington had told them. Karex suggests asking Toby how he feels about his current situation. Dot Dash and Amethyst agree it is a good idea to talk with Toby. Karex also suggests not telling Toby's parents he is alive until after the procedure, that is if Toby decides he wants to have the procedure. Amethyst says that is something they can discuss later.

Toby is brought to the conference room so that the Wardens can talk with him about the stabilization process. Karex tells the boy there is a process to keep him from going 'away' and not have to wear a stabilization device. The process would involve some risk but it would allow Toby to be free to go anywhere without working about his stabilization device failing. Toby thinks for a moment and then says he wants to lead a normal life

"Donít we all," responds Eon.

"I didnít think you did," comments Karex.

"Normal is relative," replies Eon.

"We can fix that," states Karex. "We can probably remove that crystal at anytime."

Dot Dash gets upset and starts crying. She points out that Toby will get to see his parents and she never saw hers. Amber comforts Dot Dash.

Toby says that he would like to go see Dr. Miller and talk with her about the process. Karex commends Toby on his choice to discuss the matter with an expert before making a final decision. Toby leaves to go find Dr. Miller.

Once he is gone, Amber mentions that Dragon Lady is on the loose and asks what the Wardens intend to do about it. Eon says the same thing the Wardens do about all paranormal criminals. They will have all data on the criminal analyzed and if something comes up that bears investigation, the team will look into it.

"How is your parolee?" Eon asks turning to face Karex.

"She is doing well and has a real talent for lasers," replies Karex.

"You are not giving her the means to become..." queries Eon.

"No, not a supervillain," interjects Karex. "She will be a valuable asset for Karex Corp."

Eon says that speaking of parolees that it is time for Cassidy's painting lesson. He invites Dot Dash to join them. He says that he finds painting very cathartic and it might help her find a place of calm. Dot Dash says that she will think about it. Eon takes his leave and Dot Dash and Amber leave shortly after him.

In the hallway, Amber urges Dot Dash to join Eon and Aster for painting lessons. She tells Dot Dash that it will give her a chance to talk with Aster about Dragon Lady and find out what the parolee knows about her former leader's escape. Perhaps Aster can provide a lead on finding the missing Dragon Lady.

Back in the conference room, Karex asks Amethyst about the repairs to the base in the aftermath of the lockdown. Amethyst replies that all is going well. Karex says that he had the fixers add some devices to ensure that that type of situation never happens again. Amethyst thanks him for his foresight in avoids such situations in the future. After Karex leaves, Amethyst contacts the maintenance staff as well as the security staff and asks them to be on the lookout for modifications made to the base by the Yricians. Any such modifications found need to be analyzed then removed. She says that Mandrake's extra security precautions had caused enough problems and the team did not need future instances of special alien built security features causes problems.

Dot Dash joins Judah and Cassidy for painting lessons in his studio. Cassidy seems to have either no desire to paint or she is painting in abstract as her technique seems to be little more that splashing colors on the canvas. Dot Dash addresses Cassidy as Aster and asks her about Dragon Lady's whereabouts. She replies that her name is Cassidy and that Aster is in the past. She goes on to explain that Dragon Lady is also a part of her past, a part that she wants to put behind her. Cassidy's attitude makes it clear that she no longer wishes to speak with Dot Dash.

Dot Dash shrinks down and Judah dips her in paint and she runs around the canvas. After she is finished 'painting', Eon helps her clean up by dunking her in a cup of water.

After the painting lesson, Dot Dash meets with Amber in the residential lounge. Dot Dash reports on her conversation with Aster, no Cassidy. Amber is suspicious that Aster is hiding something but does not push the matter.

Amber asks about her painting and Dot Dash talks about how she painted it but that she had left it in Judah's studio. Amber asks to see it. Dot Dash takes off down the hall and quickly loses Amber. She gets all the way to Judah's studio before she realizes Amber is not behind her. She waits for Amber to catch up before entering Judah's studio.

Dot Dash shows off her painting and Amber notices that she is much more hyper than normal. Amber inquires about the paint and how Dot Dash cleaned up. Judah says that the paints used were water-based acrylics and Dot Dash was cleaned up with water. She asks Judah why Dot Dash is so hyper. Judah says that he does not know, but offers to take Dot Dash to the training room to help her work off some of her excess energy.

In the training room, Eon places Dot Dash on a treadmill. He uses an eclair to entice her to run but keeps moving it away so that she could not reach it. Dot Dash keeps running faster and faster then Eon suddenly turns off the treadmill. Dot Dash goes flying across the room traveling through the ťclair. She hits the wall with a resounding SPLAT! Amber goes and peels her off the wall. Dot Dash is covered in cream filling.

Amber asks, "Are you okay my little cream puff?"

Dot Dash is now more hyper than she was before and is talking so fast it is hard to understand her. She gets up and runs around the training room until she passes out.

On his way back the consul-general facility, Karex receives a call from Overseer. The computer tells him that he has a visitor at the facility. The visitor is a human female named Wu.

Karex calls Eon on a private channel and informs him of a possible issue at the Yrician embassy and advises him to place the base on alert. Eon contacts Amethyst and the Wardens security staff about a possible issue at the Yrician embassy and to put the base on alert status. Amber hears him talking to the others and Eon tells hear to wake up Dot Dash and wait for further instructions.

Karex arrives at the consul-general facility and meets with Darla 'Dragon Lady' Wu. He asks if she is seeking asylum or if there is an immediate threat of attack on her, the embassy or the Wardens. Wu responds neither and explains she is seeking a neutral representative for negotiations with the FSS.

Karex explains the situation to Eon and asks that Dot Dash and Amber are kept away from the embassy.

Wu tells Karex that a group of female supremacists took her from the FSS transport and tried to recruit her. The FSS transport's schedule was secret so she fears that there is a leak in the FSS or the Tribunal. She explains that she pretended to join the Sisters and after they stopped watching her every move, she escaped. She says that recent events have left her in a position of not knowing whom to trust.

"Well you can trust me," states Karex.

Karex offers to contact his attorneys who represent the Yrician embassy for matters involving Earth governments' laws. Wu says that that would be a good idea as she wants to turn herself in and complete her sentence. Karex asks what she plans on doing once she is released. She tells him that she was once a teacher and feels that she should use her experiences as an example of what not to do and counsel others not to do what she has done. She says she owes society something as payment for her previous criminal actions. Karex calls his attorneys but they are not available so he leaves a message for them to contact him as soon as possible in regards to an emergency matter.

Eon arrives at the embassy and talks to Karex and Wu. After the conversation, Eon steps out the room and calls Psyche. He asks if she would be willing to telepathically scan a willing subject to help determine if she is telling the truth. Psyche says that as long as the subject willing gives her permission to do a scan that she would do it to help the Wardens. Eon asks her to come to the Yrician embassy.

Karex joins Eon in the hall and they debate telepathically scanning Wu to determine if she is telling the truth. Karex explains that she is under Yrician protection and cannot be scanned without her permission while in the embassy. Eon points out that she has a history of criminal behavior and they need to know if she is telling the truth.

"She will have to step outside," responds Karex.

They return to the room and continue their conversation. Eon asks Wu about reading her mind to verify that she is telling the truth and not trying to setup the Wardens for some kind of trap. Wu says that she understands his concerns and that she would have to think about submitting to a telepathic scan.

Amethyst, Amber and Dot Dash go outside to help in case of trouble. Amethyst takes up a position near the hangar buildings away from the public. Amber and Dot Dash mill about in the crowd outside of the museum building. After a while when no threat becomes obvious, Amber ask Amethyst what is going on. Amethyst tries to explain that Karex has probably blown something little way out of proportion. Her stammering explanation makes Amber suspicious and she reads Amethyst's mind without her permission. She finds that Eon had said to keep her and Dot Dash away from the embassy. Amber tells Dot Dash that their 'friends' are trying to hide something from them and they head towards the embassy.

Amethyst warns Eon that Amber had probed her mind and knew that he wanted to keep the two probationary Wardens away from the embassy. Eon explains to her the situation with Wu and her presence at the embassy. Eon says that he has called for Psyche and asks that Amethyst help her should Amber and Dot Dash try to stop her from getting to the embassy. Amethyst says that she does not want things spirally out of control and Eons says he feels the same way.

Amber and Dot Dash reach embassy but do not try to go in. Amber calls to Eon via communicator then while talking with him detects his mind and telepathically probes him without his permission. Eon yells out loud for Amber to quit intruding in his mind. Karex tells Overseer to lock the embassy doors and summon security.

Amber finds out from her probe of Eon that Kelly 'Dragon Lady' Wu is in the embassy. Amber searches for Wu's mind and once she finds it, she probes her telepathically. Wu tries to stop the intrusion but is unable to and she starts trying to control her thoughts by directing communication with Amber. Amber seeks information of the Sisters of Orontea and the Order of Saint Jade. Wu thinks that they are both crazies but the Sisters are worse. Amber projects that the Order and the Sisters are not related and that the Sisters broke off. Wu focus her thoughts on the Amazons not being associated with the Sisters then she starts concentrating on Karex giving her Yrician protection as long as she remains at the embassy.

Seeing that Wu is in some sort of distress, Eon asks Karex about letting Amber and Dot Dash in to keep the situation from escalating further.

"How do you know they are not assassins?" asks Karex.

"Why would you think that?" Eon says answering a question with a question.

"Two rival orders, blood enemies," responds Karex.

"You have been watching too many movies," chides Eon. "You need to watch the History channel."

Psyche arrives at the embassy and Karex orders Overseer to let her in. Taking advantage of the door opening, Dot Dash sneaks into the embassy behind Psyche. Karex, Eon and Wu do not see the diminutive one enter.

Karex is alerted by Overseer to a small intruder that entered when Psyche was admitted to the embassy. Karex asks aloud for Rextor and Overseer responds via the room's speaker system that Rextor is on a mission.

"Oh yes, he is looking for Prime," responds Karex aloud. "Have the fixers bring a large vacuum cleaner and we will suck the intruder up."

Eon asks Karex what is going on and Karex tells him that Dot Dash has snuck into the embassy. He tells Eon that he has had the embassy computer summon the fixers with a vacuum to remedy the situation. Eon asks if Karex would be willing to open the embassy door and give Dot Dash the chance to leave. Karex agrees and has the embassy door opened. Dot Dash exits with all haste. Overseer confirms that the small intruder has left the premises.

Karex asks Wu where the Sisters of Orontea held her after they took her from the FSS. She gives Karex an address in Elk Grove, California, a suburb of Sacramento. Karex relays the address to Dot Dash and Amber telling them that it is a possible base of operations for the Sisters of Orontea.

Dot Dash sends the address to Jacob. He identifies the location as an office warehouse complex and that that particular office warehouse was rented by Orlando Express Delivery, a local courier company. Amber requests Jacob to send the information to the Order.

Karex receives a call from Morty Morton. Karex tells her attorney about Wu's case and asks him to look into it. Morton says that he will take care of the matter and arrange for Wu's surrender to the authorities. He also asks if Karex wishes for him to find someone to help represent Wu as he and his partner are not criminal attorneys. Karex says find someone to consult with but he wishes the matter to be handled by Morton's firm.

After some discussion, the Wardens decide to investigate the office warehouse used by the Sisters.

Karex leaves Wu under Psyche's protection at the embassy.

The Wardens take the Pegasus to investigate the office warehouse. They find the place abandoned and it looks like it was done in a hurry. The team collects documents and equipment that remain at the facility to check for any possible leads as to where the Sisters might have gone.

There is a very heated discussion between Amber and Eon about trust and privacy. Amber claims that if Eon had trusted her and Dot Dash like the team members they thought they were, then the information about the Sisters could have been obtained more quickly from Lady Wu and that the Wardens might have caught her alleged kidnappers. Eon points out that trust is a two-way street and teammates do not intruder upon their teammates' minds. Things almost fly out of control before the argument stops abruptly and everyone remains silent on the flight back to San Francisco.

Run Date: 3/26/2011

Record Last Changed Date: 5/29/2011

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