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Hatchlings and Demons - Session

Session: 51

A look at what happened during Session 51.

Session Entry

Game Date: 10/12/2007  - 10/15/2007

Who: Amber (II), Amethyst (II), Dot Dash, Eon (Lazarus), Indigo, Karex, Jaxton Gray

A young boy of ten shows up at the Yrician Consulate-General facility with his father. The boy, Darcy Clements, presents a picture of what appears to be two silver-scaled Yrician hatchlings swimming in the ocean. He provides the location of where the picture was taken and asks for his reward.

Karex looks over the picture, then hands a note card to the father, "Please provide your contact information."

Karex then writes out a check to the boy. Karex tells the father and his son that if they find any other information on Yricians to contact him and he will pay them another reward. Karex provides the father with a business card and tells him that the contact number is a toll-free direct number to the Yrician Consulate-General facility operator.

Immediately afterwards, Karex activates his Warden's communicator, "I have a tentative location on two Yrician hatchlings of the Hospitaler caste. I am leaving immediately to attempt retrieval. I don't know how long I will be gone."

Amethyst and Eon respond indicating that if there are Yrician hatchlings running about perhaps all of the Wardens should help Karex locate them. Karex meets with Amethyst and Eon at the base. Karex shows them the pictures of the silver-scaled Yrician hatchlings. It shows the hatchlings swimming in the ocean and Karex says that the pictures were taken near the California-Oregon border.

Amethyst contacts Amber and Dot Dash and tells them about the Yrician hatchlings sighting. Amber and Dot Dash say that they will be happy to help search for the hatchlings. They request to be picked at Mission Dolores Park. Amethyst says she will have the pilot swing by and pick them up before the team heads north.

On the way to the hangar, Eon picks up two nets and two large garbage cans with sealable lids. When Amethyst looks at him strangely, he asks her how she proposed to catch and hold the hatchlings. Amethyst just smiles and shakes her head.

The Pegasus picks up Amber and Dot Dash per their request before heading towards the California-Oregon border. While in flight, the team discusses the hatchlings.

"What do they eat?" asks Amber.

"Pretty much anything," replies Karex.

"So, they are a threat to humans," comments Eon.

"Not really, they are just as likely to eat a tree," responds Karex.

The discussion turns towards how to catch them. Eon explains catching the hatchlings was his reason that he brought the nets and the garbage cans with sealable lids. Amber and Amethyst asks if the hatchlings getting caught in a net would hurt them and propose using blankets instead of nets. Karex say it is not likely that the nets would hurt the hatchlings as Yricians are very tough even from birth. He also notes that there is little chance of the hatchlings drowning if they are trapped in the nets underwater as their swim bladders allow them to absorb oxygen from the water. Karex says that he does not needs any tools to catch the hatchlings as he intends to swoop down on them and scoop them up. Just as he has seen Hospitalers caring for the young on Homeworld do it. Amethyst asks him if his has ever caught hatchlings before. Karex reluctantly admits that he has no experience with hatchlings. Amber asks what Karex plans to do with the hatchlings once he has captured them. Karex says he plans to take them back to Alcatraz.

Eon notes that, "There is not a woman to care for the young."

"Maybe they are a more advanced species," says Amber while glaring at Eon.

Karex explains that he will once again do what he has seen the Hospitalers do on Homeworld. He plans to let the hatchlings run around Alcatraz until they get old enough for instruction then have someone teach them to read and educate them.

While the others are talking about what to do with hatchlings once they are caught, Eon focuses on finding them. He contacts the local Sheriff's office and asks about any reports of strange sightings on the beaches or ocean in the area. The deputy indicates that there have been several reports of giant silver flying fish in the area. She provides the locations of the flying fish sightings to Eon. He relays the information to the other Wardens.

The team arrives in Oregon and decides to go to the location where the sheriff's office indicated the most recent sighting had occurred. Karex and Amethyst conduct searches in the water with Karex offshore and Amethyst closer to the beach. Dot Dash alternates between running on the water's surface and the beach. Amber flies a slow searching pattern spiraling outward from the beach where the sighting occurred. Eon stays on the Pegasus flying high above the scene looking for anything out of the ordinary. The team spends an hour searching the sighting area but do not find anything indicating that the hatchlings had been there.

They decide to move on to the area where the boy took the pictures of the hatchlings swimming.

On the way, Amber asks Karex how thinks the hatchlings got to Earth. Karex says that they might have come here with their parents or that maybe they were clones of some of the Yricians from the shipwreck or that they may have popped through from another dimension. He pauses and looks as if he is considering other possibilities then says that those three are the most probable ways they got to Earth.

At the site where the pictures were taken, the Wardens conduct another search in the same manner as they had at the first site. The team spends two hour searching the area but once again do not find any signs that the hatchlings had been there.

Eon says that they need to get a lot of fish and spread them around the beach to bring the hatchlings out of hiding.

Karex says that the large group of searchers maybe be keeping the hatchlings away. He suggests that they split up and search on their own, keeping in contact via communicator. The others agree and head out to search on their own. Amethyst searches in the water concentrating on deeper areas near the coast and the rocky outcroppings offshore. Eon raids Karex's snack basket on the plane and takes several fresh fish. He skewers the fish on a stick and walks north along the beach with the wind at his back. Amber flies spiral and reverse spiral searches patterns scanning for Yrician minds. Dot Dash run along the beach for a ways then randomly picks another direction and run that way for a while crisscrossing back and forth between the beach and the highway. Karex takes to the air looking for houses that he thinks Yricians would like and when he spots one he lands and talks to the residents.

Walking along the beach, Eon spots two sets of small Yrician tracks. He follows them for a short ways and they meet up with a set of adult Yricians tracks and he for the highway. The tracks disappear in the rocks between the beach and the highway. Eon contacts Karex on a private channel and tells him about his find.

About a half a mile away, Dot Dash finds a set of small Yrician tracks. She radios all of the Wardens present and details her findings. She follows them for a short distance but they too disappear in the rocks between the beach and the highway.

"It is obviously Yrician parents on a family vacation taking their children to the beach," comments Karex.

Amber flies a search pattern over the area between Eon and Dot Dash's discoveries. She scans for Yrician minds, but does not locate any other than Karex.

Karex hits upon an idea about what Hospitalers would need to setup a home in the area. He calls the U.S. Postal Service and UPS asking about any out of the ordinary deliveries made in the area. Neither gives him any information about deliveries citing privacy issues.

Amber lands near Dot Dash and starts helping her scout the beach. Every now and then, she stops and scans the area for Yrician minds. Eon starts walking the highway checking for tracks along the shoulder of the road. Karex lands and starts walking the opposite side of the highway from Eon. Amethyst joins the other on shore after having no luck locating any sign of the Yricians in the water. Eon asks Karex to hold the fish on a stick while he checks on a path to the beach. Karex takes the stick and eats the fish.

Dot Dash finds another set of small Yrician tracks, but once again, they disappear when they reach the rocks between the beach and the highway.

The team gets together and using data gather on their findings as well as sightings reported to the police, they compile a sightings map with Adam's help. Once the sightings are plotted on a map, Karex asks Adam to run an analysis on the area for any location central to the sightings. The results Adam returns points to Carpentersville, so the team searches around the town. They do not find any Yricians after checking all the spots that Karex deems Yricians would like.

Karex asks Adam to run another analysis, but this time instead of inland places he wants to check for possible shoreline or offshore places. Particularly, places in the area with rocky outcroppings or even small islands. Karex also wants the search to extend further south into California looking for possible cliff or seaside caves.

After seeing the results, the group decides to spend a couple of days searching the area.

Before settling in for the night, Karex dictates a letter to Overseer in Yrician. It is addressed to the Yricians in the area gives directions on how to contact Karex and/or the Yrician embassy. Karex has the file sent to a local office services/printing shop and arrives at the shop shortly after the file. He speaks with the manager of the shop and arranges to have fliers printed up from the file. He also arranges to have them posted around the area in a twenty-mile radius as well as taking a couple of hundred to airdrop into areas along the coast.

Amethyst arranges through the Wardens special contact at Courier Communications to have sensors and video equipment mounted on some of the local cell towers to monitor for the Yricians.

The next day, Karex visits the local newspaper to provide information for a story on the Yrician survivors from crash. He also asks about having a message in Yrician printed along with the story. The paper agrees to run the Yrician message with the story in exchange for autographs from Karex.

The team's searches of the area prove to be unsuccessful in locating Yrician hatchlings or adults. Before returning to San Francisco, the team talks with all of the local sheriffs and asks them to forward any new sightings to them in San Francisco.


Several Ven soldiers stop Indigo while she is out for her evening walk. Seeing that they are wearing heavy armored as well as being heavily armed, she calls the Wardens for help.

Amethyst and Karex take the Anhinga and head toward the waterfront where Indigo is walking. Dot Dash speeds out the headquarters and runs across the water heading for the waterfront. Amber exits the headquarters and flies toward the shore. Eon teleports straight up out of the base to about a mile above the island. Once gaining his bearings, he has Adam pinpoint Indigo location, so that he can teleport directly there.

The Ven commander says the Prince wants to talk to her. When Indigo asks whom, the commander responds the Demon Prince of Golotha. Indigo replies that she has never heard of him. It makes no matter responds the commander and orders her to come with them. At this point, some Ven pull their swords while others notch arrows.

Indigo calls forth her 'spirit shield' then unleashes the 'flames of the spirits' working at the commander. The commander is hit and roars in pain then orders his troops to attack.

Dot Dash arrives on the scene and nails one of the Ven archers with a sonic blast. Eon teleports right next to Indigo. Karex flies in and water blasts one of the Ven archers sending him flying into a wall. Amethyst charges in amongst the Ven and lets loose an Amethyst force tornado scattering the Ven swordsmen. Amber blasts one of the Ven archers with a psychokinetic wave of force.

Dras covers the area in a blanket of darkness. He then becomes tangible and grabs Indigo's cat before teleporting away with all of his Ven soldiers.

Not knowing what is happening, Eon grabs Indigo and teleports away with her as the darkness clears.

"They stole her cat," states Karex.

Karex then explains a very large, one horned being appeared in the darkness and stole Indigo's cat.

Indigo staggers a couple of steps back towards where she had been walking with her cat then faints.

"Why do people always do that when I teleport them?" asks Eon

Run Date: 4/9/2011

Record Last Changed Date: 8/7/2011

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