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Halloween Thrills and Chills - Session

Session: 52

A look at what happened during Session 52.

Session Entry

Game Date: 10/31/2007  - 11/1/2007

Who: Amethyst (II), Contego, Eon (Lazarus), Indigo, Stalwart, Meka Karex, Trent Anderson), Katrina Daniels, Mei Lynn Chung, Gianna Daniels, Meka Karex, Jaxton Gray

Stalwart arrives prior to the start of the Halloween party at the Ramon Marcel Community Center. He introduces himself to the security guards and staff at the community center and then thoroughly searches the center for weird devices, occult pentagrams, and anything else out of the ordinary. Stalwart recalls that last February, some robot went crazy during a demonstration at the community center, that there was an attack on the Wardens by some flying teleporting crystal beings back in April by the community center, and that Gremlins went on a rampage last May over by the community center. As such, if anything weird or supernatural was going to happen on Halloween, he is guessing it would most likely happen there.

"Mom, I am going to go and see Gianna," said Tommy to Janelle.

Janelle had a bunch of candy bags and Halloween balloons in front of her. She made her way to the big door to the kitchen.

"Here mom, I can get the door for you," Toby said.

"Tommy, I thought you were going to see Gianna," Janelle said before seeing the child.

"No mom, I just got here with Amethyst," the child answered.

Janelle put down everything she had in her arms and looked closely at the boy in front of her. There was something different about him, was he taller?


The boy smiled and nodded before jumping into his mother's arms.

"Aaron!!!" Janelle yelled for her husband who was talking with the new Warden that she had not met yet.

Aaron looked up and saw Janelle hugging Tommy with tears streaming down her cheeks. As Aaron ran towards Janelle, he saw Tommy coming around the corner and realized the boy that Janelle was hugging must be Toby, their son who they had not seen since the accident many years ago.

"Toby?" Aaron asked quietly.

"Yes, Aaron, the process that Karalyn told you about worked and Toby is home," answered Amethyst.

"Thank you, thank you," said both Janelle and Aaron.

Amethyst smiled at the Hollidays as the family hugged.

"Mom, Dad. I have missed you so much," exclaimed Toby before turning to the purple lady of the Wardens. "Thank you, Amethyst for helping me."

Janelle with tears running down her cheeks looked at Amethyst. The happy mother tried to speak but the words just did not come.

Amethyst just nodded and said, "I will tell the other volunteers. You and Aaron take the boys home. I am sure you have a lot to catch up on."

After the Hollidays leave, Amethyst goes to help Indigo pass out treats to the kids.

Once the party starts, Stalwart takes up a position outside to keep an eye out for anything threatening.

Meka attends the Halloween Party, in costume as Sherlock Holmes. He hands out hand-carved sculptures made of melted colored sugar that look like each of the different Yricians at the Embassy and toy Interstellar Criminal Investigations Division (ICID) junior investigator badges. He stands outside next to a truck which has had the sides of its cargo box converted to video screens and plays an animated video about the ICID.

The video begins with text scrolling up the screen declaring, 'When interstellar crime threatens the underdeveloped solar systems of the galaxy, it falls to the brave investigators of the Interstellar Criminal Investigations Division to protect species that lack the technology to protect themselves.'

A calm authoritative announces, "Meet Kholar the Gluttonous," as a chortling pale purple amorphous blob whose mouth is a mere gap in its surface and whose half-dozen eyes move seemingly at random around its bulk extends pseudo-pods to adjust controls in what appears to be a cockpit.

"He has preyed upon countless innocent primitive worlds."

A sleek triangular space ship swoops down into the pink atmosphere of a strange planet, revealing a planetary surface covered with elaborate crystalline structures. Strange beams of energy lance out from the ship onto the planet below. Wherever the beams touch, the crystalline structures collapse into dust.

A close-up image of Kholar, standing in an open doorway, pans out to reveal the massive size of his starship. Thousands of primitive insectile creatures carrying cloth-wrapped bundles into the ship's open cargo bay.

"This was just one of the countless worlds where Kholar used brute force to bully the natives into turning over their most precious historical and religious artifacts to be sold on the black market as curiosities to unsuspecting buyers. However, thanks to the hardworking investigators of the ICID, it would also be the last."

As the spacecraft rises out of the atmosphere, there is a flash of light as a dozen metallic figures that look just like Meka Karex, suddenly appear in front of the ship. Lasers from the robots' eyes lash out, scouring long lines in the ship's armor plating as the ship attempts to turn. One of the robots grabs hold of the fleeing ship, and what appear to be bolts of electricity course along the ship's surface. The massive ship's engines suddenly die. Another of the robots opens its mouth, and a barrage of high-speed rockets blast an opening in the ship's side. The robots quickly enter. The screen fades out, and then fades back in to show a furious Kholar raging inside what appears to be a transparent box suspended in a black void.

"Thanks to the hardworking investigators of the ICID, the stolen artifacts were returned and Kholar will never again threaten an innocent world."

In small type at the bottom of the ending credits, it states, 'The ICID and all related products are the exclusive property of the Karex Corporation. All events and individuals depicted within are fictional and purely for entertainment purposes.'

After each showing, Meka triggers a small Yrician fireworks display.

Judah shows up at the party dressed as Leonardo Da Vinci with Rebecca dressed as the Mona Lisa. He complements his outfit with a paint palette and Rebecca has an easel that frames her as if she is the work of art. Judah also brings supplies and does caricatures as a part of the festivities for the kids and other party guests.

Amethyst spends time with Trent, Katrina, Mei Lynn and Gianna. She explains to them that Tommy and Toby had left the party as their family is celebrating Toby's return.


Contego decides to go patrolling and heads for the vicinity of the Ramon Marcel Community Center as he has heard that some of the Wardens will be attending the community center's Halloween party. He figures he can stop any criminals up to mischief in the area and then swing by the community center to introduce himself to the Wardens in attendance.

Contego spots a small orange monkey in a blue and yellow costume being chased by a little orange dragon and does a double take. After realizing that it is not just children in costumes, he recognizes the small orange monkey as Prime, a member of the Wardens, and Karex, another member of the Wardens. He wonders if it some game for the children when he sees that they are headed towards the Ramon Marcel Community Center. He chases after them and begins to think that maybe it is not a game as Prime's calls to his pursuer sound like sincere requests for Karex to stop chasing him.


The party has been going on a couple of hours when Judah and Indigo decide to take a break from the indoor festivities and join Stalwart outside to watch Meka's video. As they are watching the video, there is a loud crash and the truck rocks back and forth before the video stops. The trio investigates and finds Rextor sits on the ground by the truck and a Rextor sized dent in the truck's side.

"Is that the one that kicked your ass?" Indigo inquires of Judah.

Judah ignores her and asks Rextor what he is doing there. Rextor says in broken English that he is chasing the little orange one that spoiled Yrician honor. Judah questions who Rextor is talking about and the warrior Yrician says the small orange furry one that Karex told him to catch and bring in.

Prime teleports inside the community center and finds Amethyst.

Amethyst is passing out treats when she feels someone tugging on her vest. Expecting a child, she looks down to find Prime standing beside her. Remembering the reports of recent sightings of Prime, she is not that surprised to see him as she knew he would show up sooner or later seeking help to get himself out of some kind of trouble. She asks the little orange primate what he needs.

Prime yells "Will someone call off that dragon."

While Rextor is outside trying to explain in broken English to Judah who is trying to catch, Prime is inside explaining to Amethyst about the warrior Yrician that has been chasing him for weeks trying to beat him to a pulp while shouting something about spoiled honor. Amethyst and Stalwart share the respective tail via communicator with the rest of the group.

Amethyst asks Prime if he will be returning to active status. He asks if he was ever on inactive status then says he has his costume and has returned to the Wardens.

When there is a lull in the questioning of Rextor, Contego steps up and says he was out patrolling when he saw a small orange dragon chasing small orange monkey. He says he followed them to the community center.

Judah cautions Contego, "You have been doing too many drugs and should seek help."

Judah and Stalwart question Contego and who he is. They focus their questioning on if he is a true paranormal or just a reveler out in costume on Halloween. In response to their questioning, Contego tells them that he has paranormal abilities and to prove it, he activates his pulse field shield.

Amethyst brings Prime outside to meet with the other Wardens. Judah and Stalwart keep Rextor in check while Prime tries to explain why he thinks that the Yricians might be mad at him. Prime says that he has saw the Space Prime Role-Playing Game and the description of the Yricians as eating and laying their eggs in sentients contained there in. Rextor says Karex told him of this slander. Prime says that he understands how the Yricians might take offense but that he did not write the book. He says that he was gone before it was released and says it must have been the other Prime.

Amethyst asks him to explain what he means about the other Prime and being gone. Prime explains that the last time he was at the Wardens' base was when he was working with Dr. Spheris in the labs. They were working on determining how a burst of cosmic energy had made him, a scientist's lab assistant, into Prime. There was an explosion and the next thing he knows his is in a future that is different from the one he experienced after he was first turned into Prime, but the Kronians were still fighting with Void and everything was in ruins.

The Wardens decide to take Prime back to the base to talk with him more about his being away and another Prime taking his place. They explain to Rextor what they will be doing and he is happy that Prime has been 'captured.' He tells them that he is going to tell Karex about the 'capture' of Prime and flies off towards the Yrician Consulate-General facility on Alcatraz.

Contego introduces himself to Amethyst and explains a little about himself. He tells her of his desire to become an advocate paranormal and join the Wardens. Amethyst invites him to come with them to Alcatraz and they can talk so more about his wish to join the Wardens.

While Amethyst is talking to Contego, Judah turns into Eon and talking to Prime. He explains that he has gained a different set of paranormal abilities and concludes by inviting Prime to tap into the Knight's private Calvados stash to celebrate that his friend's return to the Wardens.

Eon then excuses himself saying that he needs to tell his wife that he will be leaving with the Wardens. Stalwart comments about Eon leaving his wife behind at the party and Eon says that she is use to it. She knows that it is part of his being one of the Wardens.

Amethyst tells the others that she to will be back in a few minutes as she needs to say her goodbyes. Amethyst is looking for Trent, Katrina, Mei Lynn and Gianna when a young Asian girl stops her and asks if she really is Amethyst. The purple lady responds that she is and the girl launches into a tale. She tells Amethyst that she has been looked for Amber and Dot Dash but they have not been home for a few days. Amethyst explains that they have returned to their home in Florida. The girl says that her name is Satomi and she was Dorothy's schoolmate. Satomi goes on to explain that Dot Dash and Amber had said that the visions that she had were a paranormal ability that warned her when others wished to harm her. That is why she needs to speak with Dot Dash and Amber, but since they are not here, she will tell Amethyst. Satomi tells Amethyst that there is a great danger coming and that she feels others besides her will be hurt too. Amethyst talks with Satomi a little more about her vision of danger. Satomi says that she does not feel it will happen tomorrow or the next day, or maybe even next week but it is close. Amethyst calls Trent, Katrina and Mei Lynn over and introduces them to Satomi as interns with the Alcatraz Foundation. She asks the trio to talk with Satomi and record what she tells them. Amethyst tells them to make sure Satomi stays safe and send a report of her statement to the Wardens headquarters for evaluation. Amethyst excuses herself saying that she must return to the base to investigate another pressing issue.

Before the Wardens leave for the base, Amethyst asks Meka to keep an eye on things and call them if there is an emergency.

Back at the base, Eon talks with Prime about the Xenexis and the abilities that they have given him. Eon gives some of the details about the alien symbiotes and the incident that allowed them to bond with him. Stalwart and Contego listen to Eon tell his story to Prime.

When Eon has finished telling his tale, Stalwart asks Contego about why he is not fazed by all the talk of and encounters with aliens, alien robots and alien symbiotes. Contego says he views everything from a scientific perspective and that nothing he had encountered seemed out of the realm of possibility.

Stalwart and Contego ask Eon more about his alien cohabitators. In response to Stalwart question, Eon answers that he is the controlling entity and that the Xenexis are along for the ride. Contego quips that Eon is just a taxi driver.

Amethyst turns the conversation toward Prime and starts questioning him in regards to his statements from earlier. Prime reiterates that he is not the Prime that had most recently been with the Wardens and that he had been cast into what he believed was a different future by a laboratory explosion.

As the group continues to discuss the other Prime, they conclude that the laboratory accident that had sent their Prime away had probably brought an alternate dimension's Prime here. The alternate Prime possessed dimensional manipulation paranormal abilities and was the one that had disappeared trying to prove that there was an invisible alien ship at the construction site down the road from the baseball park.

Security sounds an intruder alert. The agent on duty indicates that a gold-scaled Yrician tried to gain entry to the base by impersonating Karex. The agent then reports that Karex is now at the security station wanting to speak to the Wardens about something very important. The team asks for confirmation of the situation. The agent on duty reports that a Yrician did try to gain entry to the base by pretending to be Karex and that Karex was now at the security station wanting to speak with them about a matter of great importance.

"How many Yricians are at the security station," asks Stalwart.

"Two," replies the duty agent, "Karex and another one that sort of looks like him."

Karex and his guest are escorted to the conference room to meet with the Wardens. Karex is wearing some type of high-tech garb that looks like it was specifically designed for a Yrician and his guest is wearing Karex's Wardens' uniform. When asked about the security incident, Karex replies it was just a test to see if security had been improved since Taurex's intrusion.

Karex then says that it is not important and that his scout-observer caste mate had some information that the Wardens needed to know. Then he introduces the group to Narex.

Narex stands and explains that he was left to observe Earth after Karex was made ambassador. He was assigned to observations and relay messages to the sector commander. When asked about his ship, Narex says that it is on the parade grounds under cloak. Eon kids him about being the invisible mailbox and Narex says that he is partially correct.

Narex explains that he has been tracking a partially cloaked ship approaching Earth. Its energy signatures are not Yrician but are similar to an encounter from Yrician history. He looks at Karex as if requesting permission to continue and Karex nods.

Narex tells the team that when the Yricians first went into space there was an incident involving an exploration cruiser. The ship returned from a mission badly damaged with all aboard dead. The residual energy signatures on both the ship and the dead crewmen are the same as the energy signature of the partially cloaked ship now approaching Earth.

Eon questions Karex about the encounter with the deadly aliens.

"I told you that humans were the most violent race that the Yricians had ever met," replies Karex. "That is the truth of the matter as none of the Yricians from the exploratory cruiser had survived the encounter."

When the Wardens start discussing what they can do about the approaching ship, Karex interrupts and says that Narex has an idea on how to find out more about the ship and a possible means to defend against it, if it should prove hostile. Karex says that that is why he had brought Narex to talk to the Wardens.

Narex explains that when the ship that brought the other Yricians entered inside the orbit of the moon, an interdiction satellite shot and them damaging, almost destroying, their ship. He knows it was an interdiction satellite because he happened to be scanning that quadrant when the incident occurred. He analyzed the energy readings to confirm his suspicions and found them to be consistent with those of a Yrician interdiction satellite. An interdiction satellite has better sensors that his ship as well as being armed.

Narex says that if Eon could teleport with a fixer onboard the satellite, it could be taken off its pre-programmed control and used to scan the intruder. It would also give them a weapon to use against the intruder.

There is much discussion about getting aboard the satellite and who should go. The opinions range from everyone going to just Eon and a fixer. Amethyst decides that only Eon will go to the satellite with a fixer. The others will remain behind to prepare for if the alien ship should prove hostile.

Contego questions why Karex had Narex pretend to be him and try to enter the Wardens base when they had such important news to deliver. Karex replies that as he had said before, it was just a test to see if security had been improved since Taurex's intrusion a couple of months ago and that he was happy to see that it had been.

"They truly are alien," mumbles Contego.

Amethyst invites Contego to stay at the Wardens' base in one of the guest apartments. It will give him the opportunity to lend his technical expertise to the problem at hand. It will also give the team a chance to get to know him better and see how he responds to stressful situations

Stalwart asks Prime if he has had any encounters other that the Yrician warrior since his return. Prime says that he had been attacked on three occasions by small flying saucers with laser beams. He says he was attacked at San Mateo State University, down on the waterfront and near the baseball park. When Prime remarks that, the encounters had left him with singed fur.

Eon questions, "They singed your metallic super fur?"

"They had laser beams," exclaims Prime.

Amethyst tells the others about her encounter with Satomi and the girl's premonition of doom. She tells them that she asked some of the Wardens trainees to keep the girl safe. She says that once they report in, it would probably be good for the team to met the girl and talk with her some more about her visions.

Amethyst orders Eon to take the newbies to get some lemon cake. Eon questions her saying that the AC would probably not be open at this time of night and Amethyst suggests showing them around the neighborhood until it opens.

When Contego hears Eon mention the AC, he says that he lives close by and could pickup some things while they were out.

After the trio has left the base, Stalwart mentions that he is not comfortable with Amethyst's total trust of the aliens. Eon says that the Yricians may see things differently than humans do, but it was obvious from their reactions that they feared the ship. However, instead of running away, they had come to the Wardens for both help and to give them a possible weapon against the intruders.

Amethyst informs the FSS of a possible hostile alien craft approaching Earth.

Eon shows Stalwart and Contego the Wardens apartment in town above the AC. Contego says that he will return and goes to his apartment to pick up some personal items to take back to Alcatraz. After Contego returns, the trio has coffee and lemon cakes at the AC before returning to the Wardens' base.

Run Date: 6/18/2011

Record Last Changed Date: 8/7/2011

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