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They Came from Outer Space - Session

Session: 53

A look at what happened during Session 53.

Session Entry

Game Date: 11/20/2007  - 11/20/2007

Who: Amethyst (II), Contego, Eon (Lazarus), Indigo, Stalwart, Prime, Taurex, Meka-Karex, Solana, Satomi Matsuda, Neji Matsuda, Rita Streeter, Jaxton Gray

At 9:35 AM Pacific Standard Time, the United States government declares a state of emergency. The announcement details that an attack on the Earth by an unknown force is imminent. All citizens are warned to stay indoors and if the structure they are in has a basement or underground facilities, it is recommended to take refuge there. All schools are put on lockdown with parents warned not to attempt to pick up their children as they will be cared for by school staff and local law enforcement personnel. All flights in U.S. airspace are ordered to land as soon as possible and flights en-route to the U.S. are ordered to divert to the nearest airport and land. All Military, Law Enforcement and Emergency Responders are put on alert status.

Five minutes after the initial announcement by the United States, the United Nations announces that all nations should enact similar emergency measures to those detailed by the United States as an attack by off world forces is imminent.

A couple of hours later, Contego picks up a buildup in energy from the spider alien ship high over the Pacific Ocean. The readings surge up and down showing what he believes to be an out of control energy reactor. He quickly sends an emergency shutdown signal to all sensors stations in the Wardens sensor network as well as initiating a shutdown of all equipment at the Wardens base on the ground level and sub-level 1.

His quick thinking saves the Wardens sensor nets and headquarters systems as an electro-magnetic pulse wreaks havoc with electronic systems and devices around the Pacific Rim.

Contego brings the sensors and other systems back online after a few minutes. Working with Dr. Kensington, Contego starts scanning the frequencies that he had determined where being emitted by the spider alien ship. After a few minutes of monitoring, Contego concludes that the large alien vessel is no longer present over the Pacific Ocean but small craft with signals consistent with the spider alien ship were entering Earth's upper atmosphere. Dr. Kensington agrees with Contego's assessment and after several more minutes, they have identified that there are five spider alien small craft.

One of the small craft disappears over the Pacific Ocean. Its trajectory and speed are consistent with a non-powered decent from orbit. Another of the small craft appears to be under controlled flight and is heading towards Japan. The third small craft is under controlled flight and is heading towards Seattle. The last two small craft appear to be headed towards San Francisco. One is maneuvering smoothly but the second is flying erratically.

The Wardens relay the information on the spider alien small craft to the FSS liaison for further dissemination to national and international commands.

All teams are changed put on high alert status. Team One and the Rapid Response Team remain at Alcatraz while Team Two and the Reserve Team move to the FSS Western Region headquarters at the Presidio.

The Wardens learn from the FSS that several patrols of X-42 fighter aircraft were lost when their electronic systems suffered catastrophic failure from the EMP. Agent Zuaza also relays the military is trying to get assets into place to intercept the two alien landing craft headed towards San Francisco. The EMP has had an unexpected effect on nuclear hardened electronic systems and backup systems are slowly coming online but they are reporting issues with residual energy interference. At this point, the military commanders are unsure if they will be able to oppose the alien landing crafts' approach.


Thirty minutes later trajectories show that both of the landing craft are coming in too fast for the Wardens to try and oppose their landing from the air. As the spider alien landing craft near the city, Team One is in the Pegasus awaiting dispatch to the first landing site and Team Two is waiting to respond to the second landing site.

The erratically moving spider alien landing craft is the first to arrive and crashes into a neighborhood near Mission High School. Team One responds to the site to assess whether they are needed to combat the spider aliens there or respond to the second landing site.

As they are arriving at Mission High School, the second alien landing craft performs a controlled landing at Bernal Heights Park. Jaxton dispatches Team Two to that location.


As the Pegasus passes over the spider alien landing craft at Mission High School, Eon and Prime teleport to a position behind an overturned SUV to the southeast of the landing craft. Meka lands in a position to the northeast of the spider alien ship where he is joined by Contego, who is dropped off by Indigo. Indigo continues along with Taurex, who is carrying Stalwart, and they join Amethyst between the high school and the landing craft.

Shortly after the team lands, five spider aliens phase through the east side of the craft, another five phase through the west side of the craft.

Contego and Meka fire at the aliens and miss. Eon unleashes a blast of dark energy striking one of the aliens. Prime teleports to the southwest of the ship in order to engage the aliens on that side of the landing craft. Amethyst charges past the aliens to join Prime.

Three of the aliens close on Prime and Amethyst while the other two on the west side of the craft move towards the high school. The five aliens on the east side of the craft close on Contego and Meka.

Eon joins Contego and Meka and the trio continues to fire on the spider aliens on the east side of the landing craft. Eon and Contego manage to down one of the aliens in short order but Meka continues to miss with his attacks. As the combat continues, Contego and Eon down another alien and Meka continues to have issues with hitting the aliens. The spider aliens manage to score a few hits on each of the trio. Eon and Contego notice that the two aliens that they have downed fade away.

Amethyst uses her 'amethyst tornado' to engage two of the three aliens that are attacking her and Prime. Prime blasts the third one with a cosmic blast. Prime then attacks the third spider alien again forcing him into a position where he is close enough to Amethyst that when she unleashes her second 'amethyst tornado' all three aliens are hit.

Indigo and Taurex engage the spider aliens advancing on the high school with blasts of eldritch energy. Unfortunately, Taurex's blast is composed of a flurry of brightly colored butterflies which have no effect on the alien. Stalwart lands several kicks to one of the aliens and downs it. As the alien fades away, Stalwart moves to help Contego, Eon and Meka. Indigo and Taurex continue to attack the second spider alien that was advancing toward the high school.

Eon teleports to the high school and warns students that are trying to flee the scene away from the combat.

Prime and Amethyst continue the engage three aliens with cosmic energy blasts and 'amethyst tornados.' One of the aliens goes down and fades away. The aliens manage to score a couple of hits on Amethyst but she is none the worse for the wear.

Contego and Meka suffer at the hand of the alien attacks and Contego is forced to withdraw. He uses his pulse field sensory shield to fade out of view while recovering. Stalwart joins the two of them landing several kicks on a couple of aliens but also takes some hits in return.

Indigo and Taurex blasts the second alien at the high school. Indigo orders Taurex to practice his attacks on the alien before she flies over to help Stalwart, Contego and Meka. Eon teleports back to help his teammates on the east side of the landing craft.

Prime and Amethyst continue their fight with the three aliens at the southwest corner of the landing craft. Downing them but not before Amethyst takes another hit. The two downed aliens fade away while Amethyst and Prime survey the field.

Indigo blasts one of the aliens and then comments to Meka, "That's how it's done metal man."

Meka misses another attack on an alien and suffers several hits in return.

"Damn it Meka pull your own weight," chides Eon while blasting a spider alien.

Stalwart lands a couple more kicks downing another spider alien. As it starts to fade away, he yells "Get off my planet, you damn dirty aliens.

"You're going down alien," says Meka as he finally hits an alien then glares at the Wardens around him.

"Good job metal man," praises Indigo.

Taurex scores a hit on the last alien by the high school and it fades away. He looks up to see a trio of students, two girls and a boy running out of the high school towards the combat. He calls to the Wardens to alert them to the situation.

Five more spider aliens phase through the front of the landing craft and head for the high school.

Prime teleports to the high school to help Taurex. He is joined by a paranormal female paranormal dressed in green with several pieces of high-tech equipment. When asked to identify herself, she replies via a Wardens communicator that she is Solana. The communicator is the one that is assigned to Fortaleza.

Eon teleports back to the high school over by the three teens. Indigo flies over to the high school and Stalwart spins around and engages the spider aliens.

Meka seeing all the other Wardens moving towards the high school comments, "All the humans run off leaving the robot to face the alien hoard."

Amethyst leaps over the landing craft to help Contego and Meka. She unleashes her 'amethyst bomb' on a group of spider aliens. Contego fires upon a couple of the aliens.

Eon identifies the trio of teens fleeing the high school as Satomi, her brother Neji and her friend Rita Streeter. He tries yelling at them to go back into the school but they do not seem to be paying attention.

Prime, Indigo, Taurex and Solana fires blasts into the advances spider aliens and in turn suffer several hits themselves. Stalwart takes a quick break to catch his breath before rejoining the combat.

Eon teleports by the teens and tries to grab two of them but misses. One of the spider aliens hits Neji and the boy goes down. Eon reaches down and scoops up Neji then grabs Rita. He teleports with the two of them to the high school while Satomi continues running in the other direction.

Amethyst jumps back over the landing craft trying to cut off Satomi.

Prime, Indigo, Taurex and Solana continue combating the spider aliens heading towards the high school while Stalwart attacks the two that were going after Satomi, Neji and Rita. The aliens manage to score a few hits but start to go down under the barrage of various types of energy blasts.

Contego charges towards one of the spider aliens that is running towards the high school. Firing a pulse blast and hitting the alien, he yells "Hey eight-legged freaks, over here."

As Amethyst is moving towards Satomi, two aliens phase through the southwest corner of the ship. Stalwart seeing the two new foes, warns Amethyst that the aliens are behind her.

Eon teleports in front of Satomi and tries to grab her. Somehow, she avoids him and continues past. She is knocked down by a blast from a spider alien that nearly hits her. Satomi scrambles back to her feet and runs off.

The spider aliens at the site are neutralized and the Wardens capture the landing craft intact.

Shortly after the combat is over at Mission High School, the team there hears a loud explosion and sees a large plume of smoke to the southeast.

Jaxton informs them that Team Two was fighting the spider aliens in Bernal Heights Park. Rextor managed to penetrate the hull of the landing craft and entered. The ship exploded shortly after Rextor entered it. Team Two believes that Rextor perished in the explosion.

The Reserve Team is sent to the Mission High site to help with search and rescue efforts in the neighborhood that the landing craft crashed through when it landed.

Reports come in from Seattle and Tokyo. The defenders of both cities were able to breach the hulls of the landing craft and soon after the ships exploded. All efforts in those areas have turned to search and rescue.

As the others fight the remaining two spider aliens, Amethyst chases after Satomi. The girl is racing off into the neighborhood that the spider alien ship had plowed through before coming to a stop next to Mission High. Amethyst realizes that the area is where she had dropped off Satomi after the meeting where the girl had told the Wardens' about her visions.

With the combat coming to an end, Indigo rushes over to the young boy who was attacked by the spider aliens. She is relieved to find the boy alive and uses her 'spirit touch' working on him to heal the massive wounds that had been inflicted by the spider aliens' weird dimensional energies.

After she has finished her working, Indigo remembers Eon's sketches of Satomi's visions and realizes that the boy is Neji, the girl's brother.

Amethyst and Satomi find the girl's house partially collapsed. Amethyst senses someone in the remains of the house in great pain. She asks Satomi to stand back and cautiously begins to remove debris from the area where she senses the person in pain. Moving a piece of the roof, Amethyst finds an older Asian lady who has obviously been injured by the house's collapse. Amethyst helps the EMTs get the lady, who Satomi identifies as her grandmother, on to a stretcher.

Amethyst asks the EMTs to keep an eye on Satomi after the girl requests to ride to the hospital with her grandmother and they promise Amethyst that they will. Amethyst contacts Jaxton and asks that he dispatch a security detail to the hospital to keep an eye on Satomi. She also requests that the detail pick up Neji on the way to the hospital. Once the ambulance has left, Amethyst makes a mental note to have Indigo visit Satomi and Neji's grandmother at the hospital.

Amethyst then returns to Mission High to help decide what to do with the spider alien ship.

Run Date: 7/16/2011

Record Last Changed Date: 8/25/2011

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