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Geniuses and Genius? - Session

Session: 54

A look at what happened during Session 54.

Session Entry

Game Date: 12/7/2007  - 12/8/2007
Location: San Francisco, California

Who: Amethyst (II), Contego, Eon (Lazarus), Indigo, Stalwart, Rita Streeter, Dr. Rebecca Miller-Ambrose

Khepa finally wakes from passing out while Eon was visiting her in Tokyo. Dr. Rebecca Miller-Ambrose calls Judah then begins some basic tests of Khepa's reflexes and coordination. Khepa says that she recognizes Rebecca from her and Judah's wedding photos. Khepa thanks the doctor for attending to her.

Stalwart gives Contego a copy of the Space Prime RPG and talks with him about the spider aliens. He explains that they are called the Shadow Guardians in the game and that they were wiped out by evil Yricians. It was these evil Yricians that Karex protested the book over saying it slandered his race as the 'evil' Yricians that ate sentients and used them for a repository for their eggs where a mutant strain that had been removed from the gene pools on Homeworld millennia ago.

Stalwart posits that the spider aliens, since they seem to have dimension spanning abilities, are survivors from the dimension mentioned in the game and were fleeing to this area since it was a nexus world. He also mentions that he believes that the 'others' that the spider aliens referred to when Indigo spied on them are the Yricians.

"I'd image that if my race had been wiped out by another race, I would adopt a shoot first policy, too," comments Stalwart.

Contego talks Stalwart with about his research on the 'strange blue crystal.' The young scientist offers to provide instruction in some of the sciences that he has studied to Stalwart saying that it would help him when he is doing this kind of research. Stalwart points out that although he is not a scientist, he has experience with laboratory and testing procedures as well as being pretty much immune to any possible dangers.

Contego thanks Stalwart for the Space Prime RPG and leaves to go to his meeting with Rita Streeter.

Amethyst arrives in the public conference room and greets Contego just as security escorts Rita Streeter in.

After he introduces himself and Amethyst to Rita, Contego talks with the girl and asks her if she would be willing to take a test to gauge her science aptitude. Rita agrees to take the assessment and after a little while comments that it is more of a math and physics test than broad test of overall science knowledge. When Contego asks if she can elaborate on the equations in the test, Rita says that the equations are related to force manipulation through applied kinetics.

Contego commends her on his interpretation of the assessment and confirms the equations are related to pulse fields.

Rita and Contego spend a few minutes before Rita questions why he calls them pulse fields instead of Blanchenault fields. Contego admits that he was use to calling pulse fields due to his work for Marteau-Smith but should probably call then Blanchenault fields in deference to his grandfather. Rita says that if Dr. Blanchenault was Contego's grandfather then he must be Connor Smith.

Connor removes his helmet and says that she is correct and how did she know about him. Rita explains that she has studied other child geniuses and asks to see his hand. Connor takes off his right combat gauntlet and the 'skin' glove to reveal his cybernetic hand. Rita watches him flex his cyberhand and says that it is marvelous invention. She also comments on his generosity in giving the rights to the basic version of the cybernetics and nerve interface technology to Stanford. Connor says it is part of his way of giving back to society as most of his ideas have been used for weapons.

The Wardens get a call from Dr. Rebecca Miller-Ambrose indicating that Khepa has regained consciousness. Eon and Indigo go to the infirmary. Amethyst invites Rita to join her and Contego in a visit to the infirmary. Rita asks if she will get to meet Dr. Miller-Ambrose and Amethyst says that can be arranged.

When they get to the infirmary, Rita sees Khepa and asks who she is. Contego says she is a friend of the Wardens and Rita says she thinks she saw her on television helping defend Tokyo from the spider aliens. Contego says that she is correct.

"Is this your daughter?" asks Eon looking at Rita "Is this bring you kid to work day and I did not get the memo?"

Contego introduces Rita to Eon and explains that she is an eleven year-old genius that is visiting the Wardens.

When Rita sees Dr. Miller-Ambrose, the girl shows the Wardens a burn on her arm and asks if she can get it treated. Amethyst how her arm was burned and Rita says she spilled a caustic base on it during an experiment. Indigo looks at the burn and then does her 'healing of the spirits' working and heals the burn.

Contego talks to Rita about her being a junior in high school at age eleven and the challenges. Rita says she pretty much keeps to herself, as she is so much younger than the others.

"You are ahead of where I was in school at your age," comments Contego.

"So, she is smarter than you," chides Eon.

"No, girls just mature faster than boys," replies Rita.

"In the long run as long as we both make contributions," states Contego. "It does not matter."

Rita says that she and Connor are different.

She says focuses on biology, as it does not cost as much as the hard sciences. She says that she did not grow up in a high-tech laboratory like Connor but has a small lab in her basement. She says that her parents are normal and genius runs in Connor's family. She concludes by saying that there are plenty of pigeons in the park and everyone has to start somewhere.

Rita asks Eon when he transforms does his full body change to crystal or is it just a crystal shell and he replies both. Rita asks him a couple of more questions about his abilities. Eon reveals his identity, as Judah Ambrose, and the existence of the Xenexis as the current source of his abilities

"You going to give away all of our secrets?" queries Indigo.

Realizing that Eon is the doctor's husband, Rita asks him if she can work with work with Dr Miller-Ambrose at the base. She says that there is so much that she could learn by working with the preeminent authority on paranormal medicine. Eon says that would be up to Dr. Miller-Ambrose and that he would mention it to her.

"How do you get around since you don't drive," asks Amethyst.

"The bus," replies Rita shaking her head and looking at Contego who smiles. He then shares the story about the 'smart car' that he had built for Amethyst and Rita laughs.

Contego asks if she will be going to college when she finishes high school. Rita says that her parents have talked to several universities and most think that she is too young, so she will probably do independent study for a year or two before starting college at fourteen or fifteen. Contego says that he could write a recommendation to Stanford for her and she says that that would be very nice.

Back in the laboratory where he did the blue crystal examination, Stalwart shows the chimp videos of the Wardens and observes the animal for signs of sentience. After seeing no readily visible reactions, Stalwart decides to take the chimp to the infirmary to see the Wardens in person. He grabs the mouse and takes the chimp by the hand then heads for the infirmary.

"What are you doing bringing a chimp to the infirmary?" queries Amethyst when she sees Stalwart enter the infirmary with a chimp in tow.

Stalwart says that he is testing it for sentience after having exposed it to the blue crystal overnight. He explains that so far there seems to be no changes to the chimp, so he says that he is debating keeping the chimp or giving him to a zoo.

"I can take care of him," volunteers Rita.

No seems to notice Rita's comments and they keep discussing Stalwart's experiments and the chimp.

"I can take care of him," volunteers Rita again.

Eon asks Rebecca about experimenting and she does not answer. The team continues to debate experimenting on the blue crystal. Eon expressing concern as he got his abilities when exposed to the Xenexis' crystal even though he was pretty much resistant to everything. Stalwart points out that he is immune to most radiation, diseases and bio-agents and that the chimp and mouse do not seem to be any worse for wear.

"I can take care of them," volunteers Rita looking up at Stalwart.

Stalwart hands her the mouse and the chimp's hand. He tells her that she must keep them in the infirmary.

"Sure I can take care of them here," states Rita.

Stalwart shutters and then says, "I just had this image of an enhanced chimp running around the base shooting people with a mouse with laser beam eyes."

"Can you do a picture of that?" Contego says to Eon.

"Don't go there," replies Eon.

"Donít you take commissions," chides Contego.

"Yes, I take commissions," replies Eon.

"How about $300?" offers Contego.

Eon just glares at Contego

"Hello, small child of unknown name...," says Stalwart realizing that he has not been introduced to Rita.

"I'm Rita," responds Rita with a large grin.

"Report if they show any signs of sentience," orders Stalwart before smiling at the girl.

Eon and Stalwart discuss the touching of the crystals. Eon says that he had dreamed about the crystals for several days and then when he saw then he felt a compulsion to touch them. It was like a form of mind control admits Eon. Stalwart says that he experienced no such sensations while observing and testing the blue crystal.

The discussion turns to Khepa and Eon states that she wants the Xenexis out of her, as she does not what to be a host for them. Stalwart says so she did not choose to be a host, to which Contego adds that maybe hers hostile and aggressive. Eon tells a little more about Khepa indicate that she is another of his kind. Stalwart wonders if only Eon's kind can be hosts for the Xenexis and Eon asks how he explains Dr. Benjamin Stone being a host. Stalwart replies that the energies of the Xenexis drove Stone mad. Contego summarizes that regular humans are driven crazy and that Eon's kind are the only true hosts. The conversation continues with more discussion of the Xenexis as well as Eon and Khepa's relationship with the alien symbiotes.

When the conversation starts to wind down, Stalwart turns his attention to Rita asking why she is at the Wardens' base. Contego says that he invited her. Rita asks Stalwart if he remembers her and when he does not seem to, she prompts him with from the school. When he still seems puzzled, she adds that during the alien attack he saved her and Neji. Stalwart replies that he does remember her.

Stalwart asks if she is paranormal and has come to the Wardens for training. Rita says that she is not a paranormal just very smart. Stalwart says that he thought that all three of the kids that he rescued or tried to were paranormals. Rita says that she is not a paranormal and that as far as she knows neither are Neji or Satomi. She says that they were just trying to get home to check on their families because ship crashed through neighborhood.

Rita turns the talk on paranormals to an article she had read about a group of dolphins petitioning the U.N. for territorial rights to the sea where they reside. Stalwart says that he has read the reports about the dolphins and that Karex said they were a mutant strain that was sentient. Rita asks if she can read more about them and maybe meet them. Amethyst says that she will think about it.

The talk turns back to the Xenexis and Khepa's symbiotes not wanting to leave her and join with Eon's symbiotes. Contego makes the point that maybe they are an evil offshoot of the Xenexis like the evil Yricians from the Space Prime RPG.

"Exactly," states Stalwart.

"Evil is a conceptual idea, not a state of being," comments Eon.

"You chose a dangerous vocation," says Stalwart. "Perhaps they were influencing you."

Eon says that the Xenexis are like children with no malfeasance on their part. Stalwart suggests that perhaps Khepa's are grown up. The discussion continues and turns towards how the Xenexis have picked a male and female for reproduction and are manipulating Khepa and Eon.

"They are not evil," responds Eon. "Give them the benefit of the doubt."

"I am sure since they inhabit you they are aware of how humans reproduce." Contego

Eon glares at Contego and the discussion grinds to a halt.

"See Rita, hanging out with the Wardens you get to see lots of biological oddities," says Stalwart breaking the sudden silence.

"Like this one standing next to me," says Contego pointing to Stalwart.

Stalwart replies that he is not an oddity just the result of a super soldier serum.

Turning to Rita, he says, "But you would not be interested in that."

Stalwart goes on to talk about Challenger and the lost super soldier serum.

While he is talking, Rita comments, "You are wrong I would be interested."

Stalwart stops talking and says that maybe he would talk to her about it some other time.

Stalwart then asks about when they were going to check out the alien landing craft and was it still under quarantine. Stalwart brings up his research about the Space Prime RPG again and his findings about the Spider Aliens/Shadow Guardians. The group discusses the Shadow Guardians and that they were wiped out by evil Yricians. They also talk about the spider aliens possibly from the other dimension and that their ship may be able to transverse dimensions.

While the discussion is going on, Amethyst contacts the commander of the Marines that are guarding the spider alien landing craft and finds that the quarantine had been lifted. She tells the others and they decide to go and check out the ship.

Contego tells the others to wait for him because he wants to get the pulse shield generators that he had loaned to the Wardens' trainees. They generators can give the team some extra protection while they are investigating the alien craft. A check of the trainees' lockers finds that they are empty, both their training uniforms and the shield generators are not there. Contego tells the other that the pulse shield generators must be found immediately before they fall into the wrong hands.

Amethyst says that she will check up on Midnight and Ultramarine's generators.

Karalyn calls Janelle and tells her that the Wardens had called her about Tommy and Toby taking some gear home from their training sessions without permission. Karalyn asks Janelle if she could get the equipment from the boys and bring it into the office. Janelle says that she will talk with Tommy and Toby and bring the items in the next day. Karalyn thanks Janelle.

Contego follows up with Sapphire and tells her about Azure taking home equipment without permission. She tells him that she will get the gear from Azure and bring it to the base. Contego thanks her for her help.

Stalwart gives Contego grief about taking the shield generators from the kids.

Eon says that he is going to go ahead and take Indigo with him so that she can using her 'spirit walk' to check out the ship and have a preliminary report ready when the others arrive. He takes Indigo and teleports to the former Alameda Naval Air Station where the ship is being kept.

The rest of team heads for the Wardens' vehicle hangar. Collecting Taurex along the way, they take the Hippogriff to the former naval air station across the bay in Oakland.

Indigo asks Eon to keep an eye on her body and then using her 'spirit walk' working enters the ship. Inside it, the light is pulsing going from near darkness to bright then back to darkness before cycling again. The craft is empty except for a dark lightning filled crystal ball near the rear of it. Indigo tries to talk to Eon outside the ship via her body but fails.

When he hers her body making strange gurgling noises, Eon starts shaking her. Indigo manages to return part of her spirit to her body and talk to Eon. She tells him about what she has found and then takes some more time to look around the ship.

Indigo finds indentions in the wall of the ship that correspond to the areas where the spider aliens had walked through the walls when they exited the vessel during the attack on the high school. Doing another once over of the ship and finding nothing more of interest, she returns to her body.

The other Wardens arrive at the site and they are briefed about Indigo's findings. Eon decides that he is going to teleport into the spider alien ship and takes Stalwart with him. Eon experiences some resistance from the teleport but they arrive inside the ship without issue. Stalwart is a bit disoriented and nauseous.

Contego knocks on the ship to see if Eon and Stalwart can hear him and there is no response. He tries to contact them via communicator and there is no response.

Stalwart blames his nausea on the air and says that he needs a gas mask because the atmosphere is not healthy

"Seems good to me," responds Eon.

"You don't breathe," says Stalwart snidely.

Eon teleports out to the tarmac and tells the others that Stalwart is in the alien landing craft. He then Eon grabs Amethyst and teleports back into the ship. Again, Eon experiences some resistance from the teleport but they arrive inside the ship without issue. Amethyst is a bit disoriented by the teleport.

Stalwart and Amethyst questions why Eon is bringing everyone on the ship. He does not reply and teleports back out onto the tarmac.

Indigo cautions Eon against taking everyone into the ship. Eon asks Contego if he wants to go into the ship and Contego says yes without any hesitation. Eon teleports into the ship with Contego and once again Eon experiences some resistance from the teleport. Eon and Contego arrive inside the ship without issue but Contego is a bit disoriented and very nauseous.

The four Wardens inspect the inside of the ship. They check out all of the features that Indigo had reported on and then closely look at the dark lightning filled crystal ball. It is about six feet from rear wall and a ring around it attaches it to the rear of the ship. Stalwart talks to the ball thinking that it might respond to voice commands but there is no response.

Amethyst asks Eon to take her out of the ship and he teleports with her back outside to the tarmac. Eon then teleports back into the ship.

Contego and Stalwart continue inspecting the dark lightning filled crystal ball. After about fifteen minutes, they realize that Eon has been gone a while. Contego makes a joke that maybe Eon is trapped in the walls and starts checking the walls to see if his hunch may be right. Contego finds no sign of Eon being trapped in the walls of the ship.

Thinking that something has happened to Eon and that they might be trapped, Contego touches the dark lightning filled crystal ball and thinks fly. Seemingly, in response to his thoughts, the ship starts vibrating. It stops when he takes his hand off the dark lightning filled crystal ball.

Outside, the other Wardens see the ship lift a few feet off the ground, shudder and then settle back down on the ground.

Contego touches the dark lightning filled crystal ball again, focusing his thoughts he thinks fly again. The alien landing craft starts vibrating again.

Stalwart not wanting to be trapped in the ship touches one of the indentions in the wall and starts thinking, open doors, open doors, open doors.

The ship shudders, causing Contego to lose his balance and fall again one of the indentions in the side of the ship.

Outside, the other Wardens see the ship lift off the ground again, then see Stalwart and Contego fall through the side of the ship before it disappears.

Eon is nowhere to be seen and Amethyst asks where he is.

"He must have got stuck and triggered the return mechanism," responds Stalwart before looking at Contego and asking, "Contego, isnít that what you think happened."

Contego remains silent.

The group starts speculating on what happened to Eon and where he might be. Contego tries to contact Eon via his Wardens' communicator and there is no response. Indigo speculates that Eon might be stuck in the crystal hull of the ship. Stalwart says that sounds plausible and that maybe the ship retuned to its home dimension taking Eon with it. Amethyst says that since they donít know what happened that should quit speculating.

The Marines that were guarding the ship question the Wardens about it disappearance. Contego admits that he was trying to get the ship to fly. Contego says that the ship probably used a psychic control system. Stalwart says that he is not sure what happened he also says that he thinks that the ship had a poisonous atmosphere.

"I would hate to leave Eon," says Indigo

"We don't know where he is," responds Amethyst.

Stalwart asks, "Do we have contact with experts on other dimensions?"

The team decides to return to their base to start researching what happened to Eon and how to rescue him. Amethyst volunteers to tell Rebecca that Eon is missing.

Run Date: 7/30/2011

Record Last Changed Date: 10/16/2011

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