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Journeys and Beginnings - Session

Session: 55

A look at what happened during Session 55.

Session Entry

Game Date: 12/21/2007  - 12/22/2007
Location: San Francisco, California

Who: Amethyst (II), Contego, Eon (Lazarus), Indigo, Stalwart, Psyche, Satomi Matsuda, Neji Matsuda, Kelvin Kensuke, Mortimer Graves, Jaxton Gray, Dr. Rebecca Miller-Ambrose

Dr. S. Alon Sloan confirms that the Eon that is now here is the same Eon that had been with the Wardens before the Lord Neo incident. S. Alon bases his conclusion on the fact that the energy signatures from Eon both before and after the incident are a match.

Rebecca confirms Dr. Sloan's findings through an independent source, the Xenexis in her crystal pendant. The amulet was given to her by Eon before the spider aliens attacked. The Xenexis in the pendant confirm that the Xenexis in Eon are the group that they were part of before they moved to her pendant.

Eon also goes through several security checks about past activities and passes them without issue. Once his identity is confirmed, Eon provides a taped debriefing of his visit to the other dimension to the Wardens and the FSS.


Psyche asks for a meeting of the Wardens. Amethyst, Contego, Eon, Indigo and Stalwart attend the meeting. Psyche asks to be part of the Wardens, requesting membership Wardens Reserve - North Bay. She says that she will continue helping with the training of the young paranormals who come to the Wardens for assistance. A quick vote is taken and Psyche's request is granted by the team and she is welcomed to the Wardens.

The meeting continues after addressing Psyche's request.

Contego says that since his home lab was wrecked by Lord Neo's escape his has no facilities to continue his research or maintain his equipment. He asks for permission to use the lab facilities at the Wardens base and it is granted by Amethyst. Plans are made via the Wardens' staff to get some undamaged equipment from Connor Smith's apartment moved to the Warden's base. The moving services will be handled by an R3 Services contractor and will be provided with covert security to check for anyone taking a close interest in Connor's comings and goings.

The team talks about checking up on who Beta Prime, the dimensional powered one, was working for at the government. Stalwart believes that it was possibly the Navy. Stalwart states that the Wardens need to know where Beta Prime was working and what he was working on in order to help Delta Prime, the one currently residing with the Wardens, find his way home.

Amethyst raises the question of why Eon disappeared. She points out that the spider alien landing craft disappeared too and did not appear in other dimension according to Eon's report. She asks Eon and the others if they know of any reason for this series of events.

Eon takes the opportunity to talk a little about his adventures in the alternate dimension. He says that the Wardens analog, the Warlords, were the rulers of Earth in the other dimension. He gives a brief summary of his time in away and how he got back home.

"Your duplicate built a device to allow me to transverse dimensions," Eon says to Contego.

"You are saying that our duplicates can travel across dimensions?" asks Contego.

"No," replies Eon. "I toppled the organization."

"You toppled a world spanning criminal organization in two weeks?" inquires Stalwart.

"I was the leader," responds Eon. "I toppled the organization from the top down."

The discussion returns to getting Delta Prime back to his home dimension. Eon says that maybe some of the things he saw in alternate Connor's lab could help. He promises to provide detailed pictures of the equipment. Eon also gives Contego a small electronic remote control and a finely crafted and obviously high-tech gauntlet for study. He tells him that they were built by the alternate dimension Connor.

Stalwart suggests that Indigo use her magic to get Delta Prime home.

"I am still working on that for me," replies Indigo.

The team continues to discuss ways to get Delta Prime home with the discussion turning towards dimensional energies and using the distinctive signatures of each dimension to locate his home dimension. They also discuss Beta Prime and his experiments and abilities related to dimensions. It is also brought up that Beta Prime tried to steal a sample of Eon's hair but Eon was able to recover the sample before Beta Prime left the base with it. The team also discusses using dimensional energy signatures to find Alpha Prime in addition to finding Delta Prime's home dimension.

Eon leaves the meeting and goes to his studio to paint what he remembers of the other Connor's lab.

After the meeting adjourns, Stalwart goes to research any experiments done by Beta Prime at the Wardens' base. He also tries to find out more about the government car that picked up Beta Prime and submits request to the government on Beta Prime's research for them.


Later that afternoon, Karalyn and Marsa go to Mission High School to pick up Satomi and Neji. When they arrive at the school, they see kids and adults running in all directions. There seems to be some commotion at the site. Karalyn parks her SUV and she and Marsa look around trying to figure out what is happening.

They see a woman in a skin-tight blue suit hovering above the scene then dodging gouts of flame from a boy on the ground. There is also a strange area of shadows and darkness a few meters away from the boy throwing flames. Karalyn sees Satomi and Neji running from a person in dark gray body armor.

Karalyn activates her force field and tells Marsa to call for assistance. She hops out of the SUV and chases after person in armor. Karalyn tells Marsa that she is going to save Satomi and Neji.

Eon and Stalwart receive the call and respond to the call from the base. Eon teleports high up into the air with Stalwart to gain a line of sight on the school. Contego is at his apartment when the call from Indigo comes in. Using the concealed exit, he leaves his apartment running for the school.

Amethyst chases down the person in the dark gray armor and pounds him from behind. Knocking him down, she grabs Satomi and Neji takes them to the SUV. Indigo activates her spirit shield and steps out of the SUV. Eon arrives on the scene with Stalwart, who moves in and shoots the flyer with his micro-jet pistol. Contego arrives and seeing that Stalwart is firing at the flyer, Contego shoots the flyer with a pulse energy blast. Marsa unleashes her flames of the spirits working at the flier. Amethyst grabs a boy who is in the line of fire and takes him behind the SUV. Stalwart goes after the person in the gray body armor when another woman in a green bodysuit appears next to the gray armored figure, grabs him and then disappears. The flyer flees the area at very high speed, which Contego estimates to be in excess of 1600 miles per hour. Stalwart and Eon try to figure out who is in the field of shadows and darkness, they reach around inside the area but are unable to find anyone. Amethyst grabs the boy that was shooting flames takes him to the SUV. Marsa takes up a position next to the SUV to protect the kids that Amethyst has put inside and behind the vehicle. Eon reaching around in the darkness grabs someone, while Stalwart also grabs someone in the darkness. Eon teleports straight up with person he is holding. The teleport also affects Stalwart because he is holding the same boy as Eon. Stalwart and the boy suffer some system shock from the unexpected teleport. Eon is knocked loopy by the unexpected extra passenger and falls to the ground unconscious. The boy is spared the brut of the damage from the fall as Stalwart places himself under the boy to absorb the impact. Stalwart takes the unconscious boy to the SUV where Marsa does her spirit touch working one him to heal the boy's injuries.

After a few moments to assess the situation, the Wardens realize that the paranormal kidnappers have all fled. The team discusses the situation and decides to take Satomi, Neji, Kelvin, the boy who was shooting flames, and Mortimer, the boy who was controlling darkness, back to their base. The team waits for the FSS to arrive on the scene, then Amethyst, Stalwart and Eon return to base in SUV with the kids while Indigo carries Contego and flies air cover.

Back at the base, the Wardens contact Kelvin and Mortimer's parents and notify them that the boys are safe. Kelvin's parents are happy and thank the Wardens for saving their son. Mortimer's foster parents also thank the Wardens for protecting their son. The Wardens tell the parents that they need to talk with the boys about what happened at the school and ask for their permission. The team promises that they will bring the boys home in a couple of hours and both sets of parents agree to the Wardens request.

Stalwart takes Mortimer to infirmary to have him checked out by Dr. Miller-Ambrose. Along the way, they talk about Mortimer and his abilities. Stalwart suggests several options to Mortimer and invites him to train with Wardens. He also warns that the kidnappers might try to grab him again. Stalwart asks Mortimer about how he got his abilities and asks if they were from crystals or black magic.

Mortimer says neither then makes a comment about Stalwart waiting him to be a "goodie two-shoes."

Stalwart continues to try to discern the origin of Mortimer abilities. Mortimer gets upset when Stalwart says something about the boy having a hard life.

Mortimer questions why Stalwart said that. Mortimer says that maybe it is the high school and it is special after all it was a target in the alien attacks. Stalwart mentions strange happenings at the Ramon Marcel Community Center. Mortimer suggests that maybe it is San Francisco mentioning the Darkling Entity killing some of the San Francisco Central members.

Just before they arrive at the infirmary, Stalwart offers to give Mortimer martial arts training.

Stalwart introduces Dr. Miller-Ambrose to Mortimer and asks her to give him a check up, as he was involved in a fight with a group of paranormal kidnappers. Stalwart asks if she has seen Eon and she says Eon is there at the infirmary and was moaning and groaning about the combat.

Stalwart introduces Mortimer to Eon and asks him to talk with the boy since he has darkness powers. Stalwart then says to have security take Mortimer home when he is ready to leave.

Amethyst, Indigo and Contego take Satomi, Neji and Kelvin to the residential level lounge

Satomi says she and Neji were waiting for Karalyn to pick them up.

"Do you know, she has a purple SUV just like you?" Satomi asks Amethyst.

Satomi then tells about four attackers. There was the female flyer, a woman in light blue that had cold abilities, another woman that threw bolts of energy and the unknown armored person. Kelvin attacked the flyer with his flame abilities. Satomi says she took Neji and ran with the armored person running after them. The other two women attacked Mortimer and then was a large cloud of shadows and darkness.

Amethyst invites Kelvin train with the Wardens. Kelvin says he needs to learn to control his abilities. He says that he doesn't go to events with crowds because of the high emotions and that he is scared of losing control. He likes the idea of training with the Wardens but say he needs to think about it. He asks that the Wardens not say anything about his abilities to his parents and that he is scared to tell them.

"They may think they have a freak for a kid," says Kelvin.

Amethyst says that he is not a freak just a person with paranormal abilities. She also says that his secret is safe with her. Satomi and Neji chime in that they will not tell anyone either.

Before he leaves, Kelvin is given a Wardens' special cell phone with coded GPS locator. Amethyst explains the 'crisis' button feature built into the phone and the Wardens' private contact number stored in the phone's contact list. A security team escorts Kelvin home.

After Kelvin leaves, Amethyst tells Satomi and Neji that she is Karalyn.

"So that is why you have the same SUV," says Satomi.

Amethyst just smiles and nods her head before giving each of her charges one of the Wardens' special cell phones.

Eon talks with Mortimer about good and evil and making the right choices. He then asks Mortimer where he got his powers.

"You are asking the same questions as other guy," says Mortimer.

"This is a test to see if you give the same answers," quips Eon.

Mortimer says that he doesn't like tests and that he doesn't like being told what to do. He says that all he wants is to be left alone. Eon says he may be able to help him there. Eon tries to draw the boy out with more conversation but Mortimer continues to be evasive. Mortimer says he wants to go home and Eon gives him his cell phone number.

As they are taking him home, the security team escorting Mortimer gives him one of the Wardens' special cell phones.

Before going home for the evening with Satomi and Neji, Amethyst asks security to make sure that all the trainees that do not have special cell phones be given them and instructed on their use. She also asks them to give a special cell phone and instructions to Rita Streeter.

Run Date: 8/27/2011

Record Last Changed Date: 10/20/2011

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