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In The Crossfire - Session

Session: 6

A look at what happened during Session 6.

Session Entry

Game Date: 6/27/2004
Location: San Francisco, California

Who: Boost, Kitsune, Knight of Saint Michael, Nexus, Alacran, Fortaleza, Kika, Parmon Greene (Mr. Gray II).

Adversary: Zerus Factor; Unknown Hi-Tech Agents

Based on a hunch that the sniper and his team are still in San Francisco and after spending the last week researching their possible targets, Sara decides to brief the team on her investigations.

Kitsune calls a meeting of the Wardens. Present at the meeting are Mark, the Knight, Nexus, Alacran, Fortaleza, Kika and Mr. Gray. Mr. Gray is not the original, but his handpicked successor. Kitsune feels that his battlesuit's flight system and sensor suite will be an asset in locating the sniper.

Kitsune tells the team about her feelings that the sniper and his team are still in town and that they are going to be targeting someone at the World Technology Conference being held at the Moscone Center. She goes on to explain that after reviewing the attendees at the meeting there are three likely targets; Fredrich von Neubayern, Chairman and CEO of Drachen Techniks; Paul Gerald Drakkar, VP of Research and Development at Concord Technologies; and Simon Jantu, Chairman and CEO of Jantu Robotics. All of the mostly likely targets are involved in technical projects that impact paranormals. Of the three, Von Neubayern is the most likely target as he rarely goes out in public and his estate's security systems are the best in the world and quite lethal, even against paranormals. The best time for any possible attack would be after a banquet on the final night of the conference. This would give the sniper's team the opportunity of using darkness as a cover, which is consistent with their standard method of operations.

The group agrees with Kitsune about the possibility of an attack on the conference. They decide to expand their patrols in the area around the Moscone Center during the conference and to stakeout the center on the night of the banquet.

Alacran reports to Michael Pierce, the Wardens FSS Liaison, that the Wardens will be concentrating their patrols in the area around the Moscone Center during the World Technology Conference. When Pierce questions the reason for the focus on the conference and if any specific intelligence is behind it, Alacran indicates that there is nothing solid but the conference presents a myriad of opportunities for access to some of the best technical minds in the world. It may be an opportunity that criminals or terrorists would find hard to pass up. Pierce agrees that the conference does present a tempting target and thanks Alacran for the heads up.

The Wardens spend the last couple of days before the banquet patrolling the area around the Moscone Center. They practice maintaining a low visibility presence with the air capable members flying search patterns that would help locate the sniper.

On the night of the banquet, the Wardens take up concealed positions around the Moscone Center with Kitsune actually in the building dressed as a member of the convention center's maintenance staff. The team members posted outside are upset to see that a group of protestors have gathered outside the main entrance to the convention center. Too many innocents in the way if the sniper's team moved against Neubayern. The mass of people outside the entrance causes the event security team requests the attendees limousines to move to the service entrance of the buildings for passenger pickup.

The Wardens, who had been monitoring the event security team's communications, quickly reposition themselves to cover the service entrance and Kitsune takes up a position just inside the rear service entrance.

As she is monitoring the situation, Kitsune sees a ghostly figure appear just inside the service entrance. She reports the situation to the Wardens then tries to project an image into the "ghost's" mind. She is unsuccessful and finds herself on the receiving end of a mental counterattack that leaves her dazed. The ghost then disappears.

Mr. Gray spots a male figure in a battlesuit on the roof of the storage facility across from the service entrance, then see another male and a female at north and south ends of the building. He warns the group of the intruders. Boost picks out Karus gliding to a landing near the north end of the building. Sir William and Kika see Aldus landing near the south end of the building. The intruders attack the Wardens.

Kitsune after regaining her senses hears Mr. Gray's warning to the others and notifies the event security staff of the intruders at the service entrance and stay clear of the area. She then goes outside to help her teammates.

Mr. Gray and Nexus engage Zerus, while the Knight and Alacran engage Aldus. Boost tries to talk with Karus, who ignores him and continues to attack. Fortaleza and Kika are unable to see the targets from their roof top positions and decent to ground level at the north and south ends of the buildings, respectively.

After a few seconds of close contact, several of the Wardens identify the intruders as the teammates of the sniper.

As the fighting continues, three agents show up on the north end of the building. Boost announces that the intruders seem to have reinforcements. Alacran confirms that three agents have also taken up positions at the south end of the building. The agents pull out grenades and throw them into the close combats at both ends of the building. The grenades have no effect on any of the Wardens but appear to have some sort of effect on Aldus and Karus. Aldus goes down from Alacran's attacks.

Mr. Gray and Nexus continue to attack Zerus but Mr. Gray soon finds himself fleeing convinced that Void has returned and is going to kill him. Mr. Gray warns everyone of Void's return as he flees the area. Nexus continues to engage Zerus and downs him. Nexus stoops to check on his downed adversary and finds himself under a mental onslaught that brings him down after a couple of attacks.

Karus turn his attacks on the agents causing Boost to change his assessment of the agents as reinforcements for the intruders.

The agents take advantage of the Aldus' situation and open up on the downed target doing serious damage to the girl. The sniper then makes his presence known as he begins to systematically take out the agents on the south end of the building. As each agent goes down, his equipment self-destructs in a shower of sparks and his body convulses. Alacran warns the others of the sniper's presence and direction. Nexus orders Kika to find the sniper and she is off in the direction of the sniper without pause. The Knight takes offense at the agents attacking a downed foe, spins and lashes out at the nearest one. Unfortunately, the agent is not close enough to hit with a sword but a blaze of energy leaps from the Knight's blade and hits the agent. The Knight is dumbfounded.

Kitsune finds that her illusions do not seem to be effective and rushes to the north end of the building. She attacks Karus drawing blood with her claws. Fortaleza blasts the agents and Karus with "his" Ráfaga del Pulso del Área. The agents open up on Karus and he goes down, bleeding from the attacks. Boost throws himself on the downed Karus to shield him from the agents attacks.

Alacran checks Aldus to see if she is badly wounded. As he is checking her out, Alacran and the Knight hear a male voice in their head advising them that he will not attack them if they let him and Aldus leave. Then both see an image of Kika in the sights of the sniper, followed by an image of the area where they are standing as viewed through the sights of the sniper. When they take pause to consider the voice's suggestion, the sniper sends a burst of rounds into the wall about a foot about the Knight's head. The Knight trots off to help the others at the north end of the building and Alacran steps back from the downed girl. He sees Zerus step out of the shadows, pick up Aldus and disappear back into the shadows. He then contacts Kika on a private channel and asks her to take cover behind a building. Once Kika reports that she is safe, Alacran collects one of the agents weapons and some scraps of their body armor. He secrets them a couple of blocks from the convention center them returns to the site of the conflict.

Kitsune projects as image into the mind of an agent. She shows Karus covered by Boost with herself and Fortaleza bearing down on him, the agent flees. His comrades in arms take an assessment of the situation and also withdraw. Fortaleza tries to follow team but loses them in the darkness.

Nexus comes to and hearing Fortaleza beginning pursuit of the retreating agents attempts to join the chase. However, his bracers fail and he falls several stories to the ground below. The Knight helps the swearing Nexus to his feet. Nexus again tries to use any of his abilities and finds the bracers unable to channel his internal energies.

Boost suspects that the unknown agents are affiliated with von Neubayern and Drachen Techniks, due to the lethal reputation of the defenses at von Neubayern's estate. He asks Adam to contact the Alcatraz Foundation's legal counsel and asks the other members of the team not to contact the FSS or the event security team. Annalexis Fleming calls Boost and he explains his theory to her. He asks if there was a way to keep Neubayern in the country for a couple of days until a preliminary investigation is completed. She advises that she doubts that the government would prevent von Neubayern from leaving.

The FSS is called in and Karus is turned over to them. The team files their preliminary encounter reports. Alacran says that there will be a group debriefing in the morning and then everyone leaves the scene.

Alacran recovers the items he had hidden earlier on the way back to his apartment.

Run Date: 1/14/2006

Record Last Changed Date: 2/26/2006

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