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The Future Visited? - Session

Session: 7

A look at what happened during Session 7.

Session Entry

Game Date: 7/11/2004
Location: San Francisco - Present and Future?

Who: Amethyst (II), Boost, Kitsune, Knight of Saint Michael, Alacran, Kika, Prime, Parmon Greene (Mr. Gray II), Eldon Walker Sawyer (Shockwave).

Johan loved working on the weekend especially Sundays because no one was around to interrupt his activities. The fact that a UPS delivery man had dropped the package off at the office on a Sunday was strange but the significance of the issue was quickly forgotten when Johan opened the box. What he found inside consumed his full focus. It looked to be some type of crystal and it was emitting low level cosmic radiation. Had Dr. Herbert found the power source and sent it back to the lab, there was only one way to find out. Johan plugged the crystal into power cell box on the Herbert Device. It fit perfectly. Yes, success, thought Johan as he flipped the switch and watched the power level indicator register full power. The doctor could finally prove to once and all that his theory was correct. They would be famous. Consumed with his impending fame, Johan did not see the warning indicator light go on. The alarm shook Johan from his reverie but it was too late. Johan felt pain and the world around him shifted and changed.

Amethyst, Boost, Kitsune, the Knight, Alacran and Kika are joined for a workout session by reserve team members Mr. Gray and Shockwave. The session is interrupted when Adam reports that the Wardens extra-dimensional energy sensor net is picking up a strange signal in the wavelengths used by Void. The team boards the Pegasus and heads south to San Mateo State University, the source of the signal.

As the team's jet nears the area, Mr. Gray and Shockwave take to the air. Both start scanning the signal trying to pinpoint from where at the university it is originating. Shockwave picks out another signal amongst the static near the same frequency as the first signal. He is able to lock in on the second signal and relays the data to Adam asking for confirmation of a pattern. Adam verifies that the second signal has a pattern and seems to be some sort of carrier wave. Mr. Gray and Shockwave are able to pinpoint the source of the first signal as a lab building on the San Mateo State campus.

Kitsune transforms to her fox form and gets in the Knight's backpack. Amethyst grabs the Knight and glides down to the ground near the main entrance to the building. Kika grabs Boost and flies down to the building's roof while Alacran glides down beside her. Mr. Gray and Shockwave pinpoint the source of the strange signal to a lab on the third floor of the building. Alacran takes a position on the roof above the lab while Kika and Mr. Gray take up positions in the air outside of the lab. Boost and Shockwave enter the building via a door on the roof and Amethyst, the Knight and Kitsune enter the building through the main entrance. Mr. Gray warns the others that the lab is emanating a high heat signature. It is not fluctuating as a fire would, the whole lab area is about twenty degrees hotter than the surrounding area.

Boost and Shockwave reach the lab first. Shockwave opens the door and a strange energy wave passes over him and Boost. They find themselves staring into a ruined laboratory full of dust covered slate and missing two walls and the roof. Sitting in the middle of the room next to a melted heap of metal is a small orange creature. It is furry and wrinkled with big ears. It looked up at them and waved. Boost realizing that the Wardens communications channel has suddenly gone silent, calls out asking for someone other than Shockwave to answer him.

Amethyst, the Knight and Kitsune take the stairs headed towards the third floor and the lab. As they are about to leave the stairwell, Mr. Gray calls for a report. He says that he has lost contact with Boost and Shockwave. Amethyst reports their position and that all is okay. The Knight opens the door to the third floor and a strange energy wave passes over the trio. They find themselves in what appears to be a ruined version of the lab building. Mr. Gray losses Amethyst's signal and Boost hears the end of Amethyst's report.

Alacran and Kika head for the roof door. Mr. Gray decides to throw caution to the wind and crashes through the window. A strange energy wave passes over him and he finds himself in the ruined lab looking at Boost, Shockwave and a small orange creature standing next to a melted heap of metal.

Shockwave scans for the strange signal and finds that there is no longer any static in the signals frequency but the signal is gone. He continues his scan and finds that the second signal, the carrier wave, is much stronger than it was previously. He reports his findings to Mr. Gray and the two of them decide to perform an aerial recon of the area.

In the lab, Boost speaks with the orange creature. He tells him that his name is Johan and that he is a lab assistant for Dr. Herbert. Johan then launches into his story telling what he believes has happened. Boost uses his bio-sense on Johan as they are talking and discovers that Johan has a very strong energy signature and it is very similar to Nexus' energy signature.

Shockwave and Mr. Gray find ruins in all directions and are surprised to see a volcano to their north. Mr. Gray feels a sense of familiarity with the scene then starts to notice other familiar landmarks. He comes to the realization that the Wardens are in his time or very close to it. Shockwave and Mr. Gray tell the others what they have found and Mr. Gray relays his suspicions about being this being the time of the Kronians.

The group agrees that something has changed and someone states that "we're not in Kansas anymore." To whit the Knight replies that they were never in Kansas, they had been in San Francisco, which everyone knows is in California. After further discussion it is decided that Shockwave and Mr. Gray will work to triangulate position of carrier signal in the hopes it might them help figure out what is going on.

After Shockwave and Mr. Gray go in search of the carrier wave's source, Boost and Johan strike up a conversation about evolution. Boost is familiar with Dr. Herbert's theories and thinks they are a crock. Johan defends his mentor's theories. The argument gets a little heated before the Knight decides to intervene.

Being a man of action, he has grown impatient with the chatter and pushes his way past Amethyst to get at Johan. The apprentice had failed his master causing great distress to all present and must be shown the error of his ways. As the Knight rushes into the room Boost turns to face him. Boost, Johan and the Knight are surprised by the sudden appearance of a black furry creature that except for his color looks just like Johan. The black creature seeing the disturbance in the room screams and disappears.

Stymied in his attempt to deal with the rogue apprentice, the Knight decides to go searching for the black creature. Amethyst decides to keep an eye on the Knight and heads off after him. As she rounds a corner, the black creature appears in the hallway in front of her. It sees her and screams before disappearing. Hearing the scream, the Knight turns around to find Amethyst. She tells him about seeing the creature and he continues his search. Amethyst places herself at a juncture in the hall where she can see the lab as well as the Knight.

Boost starts speaking with Johan about the power that he senses in him. Kitsune listening in on the conversation, speaks to Boost. "Do you think there's a chance that monkey-boy could click his heels together three times, say 'there's no place like home,' and gets us back to where we come from?" "Tell me Kitsune, is it likely that you'll suddenly spout three tails?" queries Boost. "If I kill three more one-tailed Kitsune, it is very likely." Boost shudders and replies "You're pretty casual with this killing thing, aren't you?" Kitsune looks at him and shrugs then goes on to explain that she could also grow the tails just by gaining more power as part of the natural growth process.

Mr. Gray and Shockwave linking their communicator systems together, fly search patterns taking readings to determine the source of the carrier wave. After pinpointing the source of the signal, they head back to the lab.

After his discussion with Kitsune, Boost returns to talking with Johan. Johan complains about being hungry and Boost gives him some trail mix. Boost then tells him to focus, calm himself and look inward for a source of power. Johan relaxes and Boost senses an increase in Johan's bio-field. Boost back flips out of the way just as an energy beam flies from Johan's hands.

The Knight hearing the blast turns and runs towards the lab. He hears his horse whinny and looks into a doorway only to see the black creature in between him and his horse. The Knight runs for his horse and the black creature blasts him knocking him back into the wall. When the Knight looks up the black creature is gone. The Knight mounts his horse and charges down the hallway as he rounds the corner he yells one side. Amethyst turns to see the Knight charging. She calmly reaches out and grabs the Knight unhorsing him. The Knight looks at her then looks for his horse but finds no sign of it.

"Where is my horse?" demands the Knight. "What horse?" replies Amethyst. The Knight repeats his query several times with Amethyst giving the same reply. The Knight then points out to Amethyst that he is holding him at a height that indicates that she took him from a horse. Amethyst looks at him and says, "What horse?" then after setting the Knight down, she motions around, "Do you see a horse anywhere around here?" Hearing the commotion Boost steps out into the hall. When he realizes that Amethyst and the Knight are talking about the horse Boost tries to explain that the horse is connected to the Knight and went away when he was unhorsed. The Knight glares at Boost and then raises his shield, "I was talking to the lady, so talk to the shield."

While flying back to the lab, Shockwave and Boost see a blast of energy head skyward from the building. They speed up and arrive at the lab just as the Knight finishes he tirade about his horse.

Everyone gets together to talk about Shockwave and Mr. Gray's findings. The carrier wave signal originates at a site just south of the volcano. In modern day San Francisco that is the site or a research park. Mr. gray says in his time, the area is very dangerous and the Kronians do not go there. Several forces one with fifty men have entered the area never to return. Void on the other hand comes and goes from the area as he pleases. The tech priests think that he gets most of his technology from the area. The proposal is put forth that since the carrier wave signal was both in modern San Francisco and here now, it may represent a way to get home. Mr. Gray points out that he may already be home. Kitsune asks Johan if he thinks that the Herbert Device may have caused the time shift. Johan says that it might have been a side effect. Mr. Gray looks and Johan, shaking his head his says, "You scientists are always overlooking these things." The conversation continues but Johan, feeling both some hostility from both the Knight and Mr. Gray and a renewed hunger, leaves the room.

He is poking around in the hallway when he looks up to see the black creature. Johan waves at him and says hi. The black creature screams and disappears.

The Knight hearing the scream charges into the hall. He jumps to mount his horse and Amethyst grabs him by the scruff of his neck. The horse disappears. The Knight once again questions where is his horse. Boost tells him that his horse teleported away. The Knight argues that a horse cannot teleport. Boost starts to explain that the horse comes and goes when the Knight needs it, then just looks at the Knight, who is shaking his head, and says nevermind.

Shockwave watches the commotion in the hall then steps back into the lab. He clicks his heels together three times and says "There's no place like home, there's no place like home." When nothing happens, he looks at the others and says, "Well someone had to try it." Kitsune looks at him and chuckles.

It is decided to go to the facility that is generating the carrier wave signal and the group heads out. Along the way, Mr. Gray points out edible fruits and Boost and Johan ease their hunger.

The group reaches the outskirts of the research park and finds a sign. It is written in Kronian script. Mr. Gray says it is a warning about the dangers in the area. It was put there after the fifty man combat team did not return. Mr. Gray and Shockwave take to the air to fly cover while the others struggle through the overgrown paths toward the facility.

Johan, his hunger sated, discovers that he can leap quite a long way. He begins bounding along and soon finds himself well ahead of the others. As he is bounding back towards the group, he lands on a point defense turret mounted on a small pylon. The turret crumbles under his minuscule weight. Johan shows the others what he has found.

The group continues on with the Knight on his horse taking the point. He comes to an area where the undergrowth thins and then enters an open area with pylons spaced uniformly every few meters. The pylons have a line of metallic discs running down their facing sides. Shockwave says it might be a force fence. The Knight cautiously sticks his lance between two pylons and nothing happens. The Knight then pokes one of the discs on the pylons with his lance and the disc falls to the ground. After poking at a few more with the same result, the Knight looks down at the discs on the ground. He spots what he first thinks are branches but upon closer inspection he sees that they are not branches but bones. He crosses himself and backs his horse away from the bones. He steps on something and hears a crunching sound. He looks down and sees a skull wearing some type of face shield. He calls to the others and Mr. Gray identifies the face shield as part of a Kronian combat suit.

The group continues on deeper into the ruins. A burst of energy comes up from the ground and hits Mr. Gray causing him to tumble from the sky. Shockwave streaks in to catch him before he hits the ground. Boost is dazed by an intense burst of bio-energy that originates from the area where the blast came from. The Knight charges though the underbrush to find a point defense turret mounted on a small pylon. He lowers his lance and strikes the pylon knocking it and the turret to the ground. The turret falls to pieces when it hits the ground.

The group continues on with Mr. Gray and Shockwave able to see the building from where the signal is originating.

Boost lags behind and checks the turret for whatever living thing blasted his bio-sense. He finds a strange antenna in the fragments of the turret and theorizes it may be some type of active bio-radar. He hurries to catch up with the group.

The group arrives at the building. Mr. Gray and Shockwave report that there is an area to the left of the building where the grass has been trampled down. It appears that either a large group of people or a large creature has been walking around in the area. Boost projects a copy of his bio-energy into the area to try and lure whatever trampled the grass out into the open without result. He then sweeps the area with his bio-sense and finds nothing out of the ordinary.

Shockwave buzzes the building. He sensors pickup a low energy sensor net around the building. If there are any alarms connected to it, whoever is monitoring them would now know that there are intruders in the area. Shockwave tells the others about the sensor net. Mr. Gray, on a lark, tunes his communicator to the Kronian battle channel. He is surprised to hear an alert signal. The alert indicates that Void has returned to the danger area and combat teams are responding to the location. Mr. Gray tells the others about his discovery.

While the group debates how to enter the building, Shockwave decides to go in through the roof rather than the front door. Taking his time to avoid collapsing it, he blasts a hole in the roof. Everyone goes up to the roof and enters the building.

The group checks out the third floor of the building. None of the rooms have doors, the areas are very dusty and all of the lighting fixtures have no bulbs. While searching the building, Amethyst sees the black creature. When it sees her, it screams and disappears.

After finishing their search of the third floor the group descends to the second floor. At the bottom of the stairwell it becomes apparent that the only source of light is the hole in the roof. All of the lower floors are in complete darkness. Only Mr. Gray has the equipment to continue the search of the darkened building.

Mr. Gray leaves the stairwell and checks out the second floor of the building. He finds it much like the third floor: no doors, no lights and very dusty. He goes back to the stairwell and reports in before heading down to the ground floor.

On the ground floor, Mr. Gray finds things quite different from the other two floors. There are doors on every room and near the front entrance he finds a box of glow globes. The area looks like it has recently been cleaned but it is still a bit dusty. He also notices a hum, he cannot determine where it is coming from and decides to gets the others to help locate the source of the hum. Mr. Gray returns to the stairwell and distributes the glow globes amongst the group.

Everyone goes down to the first floor and starts searching for the source of the hum. Johan notices some area where the dust has been disturbed and starts following the trail. He finds a room with large wooden boxes in it and tells the others. The store room is searched. Mr. Gray finds a loose floor plate. Amethyst pries the floor plate up and a small room is found beneath it.

In the room is the reserve generator that Void had stolen from FSS Paranormal Detention Facility in San Francisco. Mr. Gray identifies the control panels on the wall above the generator as similar to Void technology. Johan is asked to look at the control panels to see if he can figure out what they do. He finds a switch that he thinks will turn off the generator and flips it, nothing happens. As he continues to study the control panel, the lack creature appears in the room next to Johan. He is startled and falls back into the control panel. A nauseating pulse of energy is released.

After regaining their bearing, the group hears alarms going off all around them. The team members that had been in the generator room in the future were now in the reserve generator room at FSS Paranormal Detention Facility in San Francisco. The others find themselves in the backup command center above the Detention Facility's generator room.

A quick check with Adam determines that the group has only been gone a few hours.

Run Date: 1/28/2006

Record Last Changed Date: 2/26/2006

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