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Taking It To The Streets - Session

Session: 8

A look at what happened during Session 8.

Session Entry

Game Date: 8/2/2004
Location: San Francisco, California

Who: Amethyst (II), Boost, Kitsune, Knight of Saint Michael, Kika, Prime, Ace, David Jorden (Hammer), Jaxton Gray.

Jaxton, following a request from Sinjin, calls a team meeting to discuss Johan's request to join the Wardens. Present at the meeting are Amethyst, Mark, Sara, the Knight, Kika and Johan. Jaxton opens the meeting by explaining that the FSS has approved Johan's request for credentials with the caveat only if he is granted membership in a Radley-Gold group, preferably the Wardens. Jaxton then opens the floor for discussion.

The Knight brings up the fact that Johan's membership is a risky proposition. The Knight points out as an example of such risk the fact that Johan "pooched" his master's experiment leading to his current condition. Sara and Mark both comment at the same time, "Don't you mean 'screwed the pooch?' To which the Knight replies he purposely refrained from using such vernacular. Sara then comments, "How about FUBAR, then?" The Knight vigorously shakes his head no and Mark throws in, "What about SNAFU?" Again the Knight shakes his head no.

Jaxton asks Johan why he wishes to be a member of the Wardens and Johan replies to correct the future. Johan goes on to explain his theory that the Kronians who came back in time are the fore bearers of the Kronians in the future and in coming back in time that they have created an anomalous "time bubble." Jaxton points out that all of the Kronian soldiers that came back in time are sterile and Johan counters that perhaps someone cloned them then, they still go on to setup the Kronian state in the future and that his theory of a "time bubble" still holds true.

The Knight questions all the talk about time travel. Mark asks him didn't his high school books talk about Einstein's theories, to which the Knight replies that he was from the backwoods of Louisiana and that they had no books in his school. Sara huffs at the Knight and says, "You about as much from Louisiana as I am from Detroit." Johan points out that Einstein's theories do not apply since they are talking about evolution not aging.

Johan starts in again about his view of the future and the Kronians place in it. He accuses them of enslaving others, such as the black creature and his kind.

Jaxton interrupts with the "history" of the future as he knows it. The downfall of present world was caused by two things, fires raining from the sky and a plague. The Kronians rose to power because their superior healing factor allowed a lot of them to survive the plague and their superior organizational skills allowed them to bring order to what remained after the fall. Jaxton says that in current times the Kronians' government system would be best classified as a military dictatorship with an advisory council composed of tech priests. To answer the claim that the Kronians are slave masters, Jaxton states that the position of the peoples conquered by the Kronians could be classified as slavery as they are subsumed into the lowest class of Kronian society as farmers or other unskilled workers. Mark points out that the Kronian class system sounds more like serfdom than slavery. Jaxton goes on to explain that a lot of the Kronian soldiers are sterile but the ones who are not pass the superior healing factor onto their children almost without exception and the reason that the Kronians fight Void is because he opposes their campaign of expansion. Jaxton states knowing what he does now after his studies of present day cultures, he would oppose the current Kronian standard of rule in favor of a more democratic version of government.

After Jaxton finishes the "history lesson," he asks Johan what he could provide to the team if he was chosen to be a member of the Wardens. Johan replies, "A super-evolved being such as himself." before he is interrupted by Mark who points out that Johan is just the result of a lab experiment, a matter in which Mark has some experience. Johan counters that would be the case if there was only one of him, but the black creature and the others like him in the future are super-evolved as per Dr. Herbert's theory. The matter is not up for debate, it has been scientifically proved already.

Mark looks at Johan in disbelief and asks when he last had his mental state assessed. Johan replies six months ago as "it is standard procedure for the doctor and his assistants." There is much snickering at Johan reply before Jaxton calls for an end to the discussion. He then asks Johan to leave the room while the Wardens vote on his membership request.

After Johan leaves the room, Jaxton states that Alacran votes for Johan as a member with the reasoning that it would allow the Wardens to keep an eye on him. Jaxton also states that if he were allowed a vote on the matter, he would vote as Alacran had for the same reason.

The Knight indicates that Alacran's reasoning is sound but he still has doubts about Johan being a Warden. Sara makes a comment about keeping your friends near, your enemies closer and those unknown even closer. The Knight questions how close and Sara replies that in Johan case, "He could be a monkey on my back."

Mark, Amethyst and Sara cast their votes for Johan's membership and reluctantly the Knight agrees with the others.

Johan is invited back into the room and welcomed to the group. Everyone is a bit put off by his choice of costume. Johan chooses a brown robe with a cowl and carries an ornate walking stick. Mark comments that Johan was truly a sci-fi geek that had watched Star Wars too many times.

David reads in a newspaper article about a woman and her children living in the building where Hammer had fought the Goblin Gang a couple of weeks ago. He is surprised to learn that someone is living in the rundown building and decides to check up on the family.

Karalyn has an appointment with Margo Thomas, the woman who filed a claim with the Alcatraz Foundation about a combat involving paranormals that damaged her apartment. When Karalyn arrives at the building, she is surprised that anyone would be living in the dilapidated structure. It looks ready for demolition.

As he gets ready to go up the steps, David sees a Mercedes pull up and park in front of the building. A very attractive woman gets out of the car. David warns her that she picked a bad neighborhood to park in and that her car would probably be gone in thirty minutes. The woman smiles at David, presses the switch for her car alarm and heads for the steps.

David introduces himself and the lady introduces herself as Karalyn Nicholas, an attorney with the Alcatraz Foundation. They talk about the woman that lives in the building and discover that they are both here on a mission of mercy. David and Karalyn go upstairs to Mrs. Thomas' apartment. The area outside the apartment seems to be the only place in the building that is in anyway clean.

Karalyn and David are ushered into the apartment by Mrs. Thomas and she introduces them to her children, Manny and Margaret. They talk about the incident and the damage to the apartment from the fight is evident. Mrs. Thomas tells David and Karalyn that the landlord has been trying to get everyone out of the building so that it can be sold for redevelopment. She also tells them that all of her neighbors have moved and her family is the last tenants still in the building. David asks who the landlord is and Mrs. Thomas tells him Green Property Management. Mrs. Thomas asks Karalyn if it will be possible for the Alcatraz Foundation to relocate her rather than fixing the damage to the apartment. Karalyn relays some cell phone pictures of the apartment to her boss at the foundation and she quickly receives approval to have the family relocated the next day. Mrs. Thomas thanks Karalyn for her help. David says that he will keep an eye on Mrs. Thomas and her family until they are relocated. Karalyn and David leave.

Karalyn goes to her apartment, changes into Amethyst and heads back to Mrs. Thomas' building. She calls the Wardens and explains the situation. She asks that the team come and investigate the combat scene. Boost, Kika, Prime and the Knight go as Wardens, while Sara decides to go in civilian clothes due to her job as a criminologist and forensics specialist with the Alcatraz Foundation. On the way over, Boost briefs the others on the Goblin Gang.

The team arrives on site. Boost, Prime and Sara investigate the third floor where the combat took place and collect a lot of evidence from the scene. Kika checks out the roof and finds nothing out of the ordinary, while the Knight and Amethyst look around the street and alleys that surround the building.

David heads to the library to do some research on Green Property Management. After much digging all he finds is shell company after shell company. He decides to take the information to Karalyn at the Alcatraz Foundation for further investigation. He decides to check up on the Thomas family on his way to the foundation offices. As he nears the Thomas' building, he sees some costume individuals outside and changes into Hammer.

Hammer flies up to Amethyst and the Knight who challenges him, "Identify yourself before Amethyst lays the smack down upon you." Amethyst remembers reports of a paranormal named Hammer operating in the area and inquires of the newcomer if he is Hammer before he can respond to the Knight's challenge. After Hammer replies to Amethyst query, the trio discusses the combat that had taken place at the location. Hammer admits that he was the four individual in the combat and had to withdraw as the odds were three against one against him. Hammer also tells the Knight and Amethyst that he believes that a gangster named Markov was the one behind the attack.

The others come down and after introductions are made join the conversation. Hammer says that with the Wardens help he could take out the Goblin Gang. If they teamed up and took down one of Markov's crack distribution houses that would prompt Markov to bringing the Goblin Gang back to town. There is much debate about the legality of raided a suspected crack distribution house. Sara excuses herself saying she must return to the crime lab to run some tests on the evidence they had collected earlier. The group continues to debate the raid on the crack house as they proceed towards the location.

Prime becomes distracted with the discussion and begins to check out their surroundings. While he is looking around he sees something strange, a person in a trench coat walks through a wall. He tells the others what he has observed and they decide to investigate. They notify Kitsune and she catches the Hippogriff for a ride to the scene.

After a little bit of searching the Knight identifies a hidden door behind a holographic projection of a wall. Amethyst knock in the door. The Knight, Amethyst and Boost investigate the passage behind the door, while Prime and Hammer investigate the floor above. Kitsune arrives on the scene and follows the lead of those investigating the passageway. Hammer sets off some type of explosive device but is left relatively unscathed. Boost after finding that the Wardens communicators cannot transmit from within the facility retreats to the street to call for FSS assistance. Amethyst finds empty barracks. Prime and Hammer find nothing upstairs, so Prime locates the stairs down while Hammer decides to make his own access way to the floor below. The Knight is attacked, he tries to bring his shield up to block the blow but is unsuccessful and receives a kick to the face that dazes him. Kitsune in her fox form rushes to the Knight's aid but is unable to locate his assailant in the barracks but she does hear someone walking around in the room. Hammer crashes through the ceiling down the hall from the Knight and Amethyst joins the Knight outside the barracks. Unable to find a way into the downstairs base, Prime scampers back upstairs and down the hole that Hammer had made. Boost returns to the base and his bio-sense picks up the invisible assailant. The group readies themselves at the door prepared to attack. The assailant becomes visible and says, "You guys are the Wardens." Boost and Amethyst recognize the assailant as Ace and both call out to her at the same time. There is some discussion and Ace apologizes to the Knight for kicking him.

The group continues searching the facility, during the search Ace slips away unnoticed. The group identifies the facility as a Grand Empire bolt hole similar to the one that they had raided a few months ago. The computer systems are burnt out and the only weapons found appear to be in a state of disrepair. The bolt hole appears to have been abandoned for at least a few months indicating it was probably abandoned shortly after the raid o the other facility. A couple of FSS support teams arrive and the group turns the site over to them.

Run Date: 2/11/2006

Record Last Changed Date: 2/26/2006

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