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Around Town - Session

Session: 9

A look at what happened during Session 9.

Session Entry

Game Date: 8/18/2004
Location: San Francisco, California

Who: Amethyst (II), Knight of Saint Michael, Prime, Kika, David Jorden (Hammer), Parmon Greene (Mr. Gray II).

William while out on a date with Bridie has some weird experiences.

As they are walking along headed towards a restaurant for dinner, he sees a bush in a planter shaking like someone is hiding behind it. Bridie asks him a question and he takes his attention off the planter to reply. When he looks back this is no bush in the planter. A closer look at the planter reveals that it has probably not had a plant in it in a long time. Bridie chides William for poking around the empty planter and then they continue on to the restaurant.

At the restaurant, the weirdness continues. William after perusing his menu looks up to see a waiter placing two plates of food on a table and carrying on a conversation with table's occupants, he does a double take because there is no one seated at the table. Bridie gets William's attention and asks about what he is ordering. When he turns back for another look at the suspicious table, William sees a couple sitting there. Throughout dinner he keeps an eye on the couple but notices nothing out of the ordinary and they leave shortly before William and Bridie finish their meal.

After dinner, William walks Bridie home and kisses her goodnight before heading back to his apartment.

He has a strange dream that night. It is like a replay of the evening's date except with a twist. Instead of seeing the bush moving in the planter, this time William sees a man hiding behind the planter. When he saw the empty table and then the couple at the restaurant, William again sees something different than he had seen on the date. Sitting at the table is the same man that had been hiding behind the planter. William wakes with the eerie feeling that his dream is actually what he had seen that evening and that someone is trying to deceive him. He makes a mental note to talk with Sara when she returns to town.

The next morning, the Knight, Prime, Kika and Mr. Gray workout with an FSS Response Support Unit. They focus on tactics versus agents type adversaries while giving the RSU a chance to face paranormals.

That evening, Hammer tries to continue his campaign against Markov's organization. He trails two known drug dealers with ties to Markov hoping they will lead him to a buy.

It is while trailing the dealers that Hammer sees something strange. When he flies if for a closer look, Hammer identifies a black furred creature that looks like Prime. Hammer calls the Wardens on his special cell phone and asks for Prime. He talks to Prime about sighting the black creature. Prime gets the info on where Hammer spotted the creature and tells him that the Wardens will be there shortly.

Prime calls the Knight and tells him about Hammer's encounter. Prime asks the Knight if he would be of assistance without hurting the creature. The Knight jokes around about skewering the creature and barbequing it. Prime tells him never mind and breaks off communications.

Prime speaks with Adam about sensors that could be used to track the black creature. Adam says that the sensors that were used to track Void maybe of use. Prime asks Adam to focus on the area where Hammer spotted the black creature. Prime also asks Adam to have the Hippogriff readied.

Kika hears Prime talking with Adam and volunteers to fly to the site. While Prime is talking with Adam, Kika calls the Knight and tells him to be ready just in case he is needed.

Prime cancels the request for the Hippogriff. Prime then decides he might need some help from the Knight, if the pursuit of the black creature takes a turn for the worst. So after some thought he tells Adam, the group's combat computer to call the Knight if there is trouble. "Send the Knight if you hear something on the communicator like, 'Oh the pain, the pain, its unbearable' or maybe if you hear 'Its killed Hammer and its starting to eat him' or something else along those lines."

Prime grabs some food, for himself and the creature, then he and Kika head out.

Hammer spends the time waiting for the Wardens to look for the creature. While he is flying around, he sees Kika approaching with Prime. Hammer shows Prime where he spotted the creature and after looking around the area, Prime sets out some food. He asks Hammer and Kika to go over to the next building then finds himself a hiding spot.

A short time later the black furred creature appears near the food. It checks around then starts to eat. Prime steps out from his hiding place and says hi. The creature clutches the food to its chest and with a look of "mine" on his face unleashes a blast. Prime cringes in anticipation of the impact and is surprised when a high intensity energy globe appears around him. The creature's blast does no damage. Prime's protective field goes down and he reached towards the creature. The creature growls and Prime attempts to englobe it in a ball of cosmic energy. The creature screams and disappears. Everyone looks around and Hammer spots the creature on the roof near him and tries to talk to it. The creature starts backing away from Hammer. Prime makes a flying leap from one building to the next just as the creature screams and disappears again. Once again everyone searches for the creature, they spot him back by the food that Prime had set out. The creature is grabbing up the food and Prime tries to englobe him again but misses. The creature screeches then blinks out.

After some searching for the creature, Prime, Hammer and Kika discuss the creature and how to capture it. Prime explains his views about Void, the Kronians and the future to Hammer. Prime also says that every time the black furred creature has been spotted, it has been stealing or scavenging food. They decide to try and flush the creature out by having the Knight ride around on the ground rising a ruckus. They call the Knight and explain their plan, he tells them that he will be there shortly. Kika and Hammer devise a search pattern while waiting for the Knight. Prime takes the time to look around the area and discovers many sources for scavenging food, if the person eating wasn't picky about what they ate.

The Knight arrives at the scene and Prime asks him if he had brought a tranquilizer gun or maybe some knockout drugs. The Knight displays that he is armed and armor in his regular fashion. Prime shakes his head and says that he has figured the black furred creature out, "it is a super-evolved being, who just has a nervous disorder." Then speaking to no one in particular Prime says that next time they need a tranquilizer gun.

The foursome spends a couple of hours trying to flush the creature out of hiding to no avail.

When Hammer suggests that they go raid a local drug lab, Kika begs out of it and leaves. Prime and Hammer go to check the place while the Knight is asked to wait in the park nearby due to his "non-covert" appearance. The Knight finds a nice bench, sends his armor and weapons away then sits downs and relaxes.

Prime and Hammer check out the apartment. It is not as bad a place as Hammer remembers. Prime focuses his attention on a third floor apartment with aluminum foil on the windows. When Hammer sees that there is not the flow of traffic in and out of the building that he expected, he asks Prime to keep an eye on things while he goes to a local bar where Markov's men are known to hang out.

The Knight has a waking vision. In it he sees Amethyst being attacked by a black creature that appears to be made of some kind of stone. He calls Adam and asks for Amethyst location and learns that she is out of town. Adam also relays that her communicator and locator beacon are not active. The Knight asks Adam to call her special cell phone. Karalyn is awakened by the Knight's call. He tells her of his vision and she tells him that nothing like that has happened. She asks him if the vision showed if it was day or night. The Knight tells her that the attack was during the daytime. She thanks him for his concern and tells him that she is going back to sleep.

Hammer goes to the bar and watches for Markov's goons. When none come along after an hour, he returns to the apartment building. Hammer talks to Prime and tells him that he is calling it a night as nothing seems to be amiss. Prime speaks with the Knight and they decide to keep an eye on the building after Hammer leaves.

In the morning, the Knight in civilian attire walks around in front of the building trying to overhear conversations. He doesn’t glean much about the building or the apartment that Prime has taken an interest in and decides to leave to keep from arousing suspicions. He sends a message to Prime who had fallen asleep on the roof rousing the "superhero" from his slumber.

Prime goes into the building and knocks on the door of the apartment that he had been watching. When no one answers, he goes to a door down the hall and knocks. It takes knocking on several doors before someone finally answers one. An elder lady looks out the door and greets the little orange furry wrinkled creature. Prime explains that he is a "superhero" on an investigation. He asks her what she knows about the drug dealer that lives down the hall in the apartment with the aluminum foil on the windows. The lady says that the apartment is her son's and she is just visiting. When Prime tries to ask another question she closes the door in his face.

Shortly thereafter Susan gets a call from the police about Prime disturbing the peace. Susan relays the message to Adam and Adam in turn relays the message to the Knight. The Knight sends Kika to pick up Prime and bring him back to the headquarters. When Kika arrives at the headquarters with Prime, the Knight has a discussion with the "super-evolved" one.

Afterwards, the Knight laments his fate and wishes he had "not one but two barrels of Calvados." Adam asks if the knight wishes him to order the Calvados and after learning that such a thing was possible the Knight says yes. Adam informs the Knight that the Calvados would be delivered the next day due to the large quantity of the order. Adam asks if the Knight wishes a smaller quantity delivered in the interim, when the Knight replies in the affirmative Adam has a courier pick up some Calvados from a local shop. When the Calvados is delivered, the Knight indulges himself. After sampling the faire, he gets the name and address of the shop from which the Calvados came so that he can visit it.

Run Date: 2/25/2006

Record Last Changed Date: 5/5/2007

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