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Alcatraz Foundation Security Force - Hazardous Duty

First Appearance: 2/1/2004   Location: Wardens' Alcatraz Island Headquarters

Origin: Agents with Special Training and High-Tech Equipment

Abilities: Body Armor from Armalar; Weaponry, Communication and Sensor Systems from Bowden-Yamura

Description: The hazardous duty uniform pants are blue colored ArmorWeave with yellow stripes down the outside of the legs. The uniform shirt is long sleeved and made of yellow colored ArmorWeave. The hazardous duty uniform includes a combat vest that is blue colored ArmorWeave with yellow tinted shoulder flairs and armored gorget. The combat helmet is yellow colored ArmorCast with a blue tinted ArmorCast visor and yellow colored faceplate. The uniform's armored boots and gauntlets are made of white colored ArmorWeave with ArmorCast inserts.

Area of Operations: San Francisco, California

Status: Active

History: The Alcatraz Foundation Security Force was established just prior to the opening of the original Wardens' headquarters on Alcatraz Island. They provide security for the Wardens' base and the other Alcatraz Island facilities as well as security for the Alcatraz Foundation's business offices located in the Courier Communications building in the financial district.

The hazardous duty uniform and weaponry are only issued when an imminent threat to the base or facilities on Alcatraz Island has been detected or is believed to exist.

Cross References: Alcatraz Foundation. Wardens.

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