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Asenblut (II)

First Appearance: 3/19/2005   Location: Alta Verde, Chile

Origin: Inheritor of the "Sword of Siegfried"

Abilities: Paranormal Reflexes and Strength, Martial Arts, Mystic Sword, Hyper-Running.

Description: Asenblut stands 6'3" and weighs 230 pounds. He has blue eyes and wears his long blonde hair in a ponytail that hangs out of the back of his open faced silver colored helmet. Asenblut does not wear a mask but has blood red runes painted on his face. His chain hauberk is silver and is mostly covered by a medium blue colored quilted over tunic and a white fur collar. His sword belt, scabbard, gloves and boots are all blood red. His sword and shield are silver with a slight blue tint.

Area of Operations: North and South America, 2005-Present.

Memberships: Associate, Wardens, 2005-Present.

Status: Active

Secret Identity: Karl Keilman

Notes: Son of Jens Keilman (Asenblut) and Thula Heldt Keilman (Vanenspeer), Brother of Käthe Keilman (Vanenspeer II).

Cross References: Asenblut. Vanenspeer. Vanenspeer (II).

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