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First Appearance: 4/8/1990   Location: Washington, D.C.
Last Appearance: 1/1/1997   Location: San Francisco, California

Abilities: Telekinetic and Charisma Projection Abilities

Description: Aura stands 5'2" and weighs 100 pounds. She wears a form-fitting sky blue bodysuit with a half-facemask that leaves her hair, mouth and nose uncovered. Her hair, as Aura, is really a black wig secured to her facemask and tied back in a ponytail. Her gloves, sash-style belt and boots are blue-green. When Aura's Enhanced Psychic Shield is active, she is surrounded by a blue nimbus.

Area of Operations: Northern California

Memberships: Member, Wardens, 1996-1997

Status: MIA, 1997; Disappeared with the Wardens during Phantom Castle incident, 1997, Golden Gate Park.

Secret Identity: Anna Kozarin

Secret History: Member of rogue KGB group, Kerenski Faction, 1990-1995, United States. Fled Kerenski Faction, 1995. Found by Nightstick and offered protection, 1995. Made deal with US Government in exchange for information would be pardoned of all crimes, 1995. Sentenced to serve five years probation and community service as member of Wardens, 1996.

Notes: Companion of Shelby Jeffers (Nightstick), 1995-1996.

Cross References: Nightstick.

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