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Blackout (II)

First Appearance: 9/16/1996   Location: San Francisco, California
Last Appearance: 1/1/1997   Location: San Francisco, California

Origin: Unknown

Abilities: Paranormal Reflexes and Darkness Control Abilities

Area of Operations: Northern California, 1996-1997

Memberships: Associate, Wardens, 1996-1997

Status: MIA, 1997

History: Disappeared with the Wardens during Phantom Castle incident, 1997, Golden Gate Park.

Secret Identity: Benjamin Westwood

Secret History: FSS Agent, 1990-1995, San Francisco. Presumed dead after Darkling Entity incident, 1995. Saved and given paranormal abilities by extra-dimensional entities wishing to use him as their agent, 1995-1996. Sacrificed his life to warn the Wardens about the intentions of the extra-dimensional entities, 2000.

Notes: Father of Joseph Westwood (Chiaroscuro).

Cross References: Chiaroscuro.

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