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North Bay Staff

Claibourne, Dr. Mariah Hernandez

First Appearance: Wardens Chronicles First Edition

Education: Bachelor of Science, Child Psychology, University of San Francisco; Masters, Psychology, University of San Francisco; PhD, Psychology, UC-Berkeley

Work History: Intern, Alcatraz Foundation, 1995-1996; Consultant, Winslow Institute, 1996-2002. Freelance Consultant, 2002-Present

Story: Spent last five years travelling and consulting with various victim relief agencies around the World.

Paranormal Community: Worked as an intern with the Alcatraz Foundation while pusuing a degree in Psychology; Acted as a consultant to the Winslow Institute working with the Wardens and victims of paranormal involved crimes in the San Francisco Bay Area

Paranormal Community - Secrets: Secretly the advocate paranormal, Star (II).

Notes: Daughter of Juan Hernandez. Niece of Gisela Hernandez Ramirez. Married to Randall "Dutch" Claibourne, February 2001. Mother, Juan Randall Claibourne, May 2001.

Cross References: Alcatraz Foundation. Wardens. Winslow Institute.

North Bay Staff

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