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First Appearance: 12/10/2003   Location: San Francisco, California

Origin: Special Equipment and Training.

Abilities: High-Tech Battlesuit and Flight.

Description: Fortaleza stands six foot two inches tall and weighs 230 pounds. The armor is built with a muscular masculine look and appears to be form-fitting rather than a bulky exoskeleton type of battlesuit. The battlesuit's armor plates are a dull silver colored and the mesh portions of the suit are dove gray colored. The helmet has a featureless faceplate that is black and the rest of the helmet is dull silver colored. The blaster ports project from the back of the each arm and are black in color. The three flight system disks are black in color and are located on the back of the battlesuit, one on each shoulder blade and the other in the small of the back. The battlesuit has a silver glow when the armor shell is energized.

Area of Operations: Northern California, 2003-Present

Memberships: Member, Wardens Reserve, 2003-Present

Status: Reserve, 2003.

History: Name is Spanish for Fortress.

Secret Identity: Solana Amendola

Secret History: Solana is a recent graduate, at age 21, from Stanford University with a BS in Electrical Engineering and a BS in Applied Physics.

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