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Family and Friends

Holliday, Tobias

Born: 6/6/1995   Location: Oakland, California
Died: 12/1/1999   Location: Olympia, Washington

First Appearance: Wardens Chronicles Fourth Edition - Session 20   

Education: Middle School Student, Prescott Academy

Story: Called Toby; Thought dead in a car accident, 1999; Found and returned to family, 2007

Paranormal Community - Secrets: Secretly a Wardens Trainee, codename: Ultramarine; Paranormal Abilities - Paranormal Reflexes and Agility, Hyper-Running

Paranormal Community - Secret of Secrets: Formerly known as 'Blue Boy'

Notes: Son of Aaron and Janelle Baines Holliday, Brother of Tommy Holliday

Cross References: Holliday, Aaron. Holliday, Janelle Baines. Holliday, Thomas.

Family and Friends

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