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John Battle

First Appearance: 10/10/1928   Location: Washington, D.C.
Last Appearance: 9/3/2001   Location: San Francisco, California

Origin: Unknown

Abilities: Paranormal Strength, Reflexes and Healing Factor.

Area of Operations: Washington, D.C., 1990-1995. Northern California, 1995-2001.

Memberships: Federal Marshall, 1990-1995. Consultant, Wardens, 1995-1996. Leader, Wardens, 1997-2001.

Status: Retired, 2001

History: Served as the co-leaders of the Wardens until his retirement September 3, 2001. Currently traveling the world after his retirement from the Wardens. Spent a large part of his career combating the Grand Empire.

Secret Identity: Randall "Dutch" Claybourne

Secret History: Took a medical leave of absence from the Wardens in January 2001, retiring to the Wardens North Bay Estate. Died in combat, a few weeks after Juan Randall's birth, trying to keep agents from the Grand Empire from kidnapping the baby, June 2001. Death was kept secret by the Wardens at the request of Mariah.

Notes: Married to Mariah Hernandez, (Star II), February 2001. Father of Juan Randall Claibourne, May 2001.

Cross References: Star (II).

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