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First Appearance: 10/20/2003   Location: San Francisco, California

Origin: Unknown

Abilities: Energy Manipulation (Heat/Fire) and Flight.

Description: Kika stands 5'2" and weighs 95 lbs. She wears a yellow gold colored skin-tight bodysuit as well as yellow gold colored boots and gloves. Her yellow gold colored mask covers most of her face but leaves her mouth and chin as well as her hair exposed. Kika's "Shield of Flames" is yellow gold in color and has an unnatural look to it, almost as if it was a computer generated image.

Area of Operations: Northern California, 2003-2004. Worldwide., 2005-Present

Memberships: Worldwide. Reserve, Wardens, 10.2003-04.2004; Member, Wardens, 05.2004-12.2004; Member, Nostra Pietatis, 2005-Present

Status: Active, 2003-Present.

History: Kika is an archaic Japanese word for "Sunflower." Kika joined Nostra Pietatis while helping with disaster recovery effort in Indonesia after a massive tsunami struck the region on December 26, 2004.

Secret Identity: Kimiko "Kimberly" Saito

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