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Lawrence, Freddie

First Appearance: 11/27/1995   Location: San Francisco, California

Story: Resigned position with the Wardens to take a private consulting job with Courier Communications in August, 2003.

Paranormal Community: Wardens' Computer Specialist. Was with the Wardens from day one until he resigned in August, 2003. Contracted as Wardens Computer Specialist in April, 2006.

Paranormal Community - Secrets: Helped Russell Kravitz (see Ricochet) with the construction of Whitney. Always believed that Whitney was sentient. The consultant job at Courier Communications is a cover for his work with Whitney and the Warders. Contract work with Wardens allows Freddie and Whitney to work with Susan, Adam and Melinda, the Wardens' low level A.I. Systems. The Wardens do not know that the systems are sentient.

Notes: Does not like to be called Fredrick. Younger Brother of Former Wardens Public Relations Specialist, Gwendolyn Lawrence.

Cross References: Lawrence, Gwendolyn. Wardens. Warders. Whitney.

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