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Moorland, Armstrong

Born: 3/23/1936   Location: Hampford Estate, England

First Appearance: Wardens Chronicles Third Edition   

Work History: Chairman of the Board, Courier Communications, 1998-Present. Chairman of Alcatraz Foundation, 1998-Present.

Story: Family schooled until the age of 20. Moved to India, 1956. Moved to Africa, 1970. Retired to family estate in Hampford, 1985.

Armstrong Moorland came upon both the business and paranormal scene in recent years with a bang. He attended the Courier Communications' annual shareholders meeting in 1998, presented a letter of introduction from his bankers in England and a voting proxy for Drake Moorland's shares. The proxy gave him majority ownership of the company. Armstrong backed the elevation of Pankaj Shindar to President of Courier Communications settling the issue of who was going to succeed Drake Moorland as head of the company. Armstrong then went to Alcatraz Island and met with the Wardens. Afterwards, he met with the Alcatraz Foundation board and presented a document from Drake Moorland and co-signed by the members of the Wardens making Armstrong the Chairman of the Alcatraz Foundation. Since his abrupt takeover of both Courier Communications and the Alcatraz Foundation, Armstrong has lived a rather quiet and reclusive life with his wife on the Moorland Estate in Napa Valley.

Paranormal Community - Secrets: Born, March 23, 1836; Hampford Estate, England. Family schooled until the age of 20. Joined The Enclave, 1856. Journeyed to Atlantis Earth, 1882. Returned to Earth Prime, 1998. The story that the public knows regarding Armstrong Moorland is obviously a fabrication. There is much more to tell about Armstrong and it will be revealed at a later date.

Cross References: Alcatraz Foundation. Courier Communications. Moorland, Drake. Shindar, Pankaj.

Alcatraz Foundation Staff

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