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Moorland, Drake

Born: 10/31/1962   Location: Patrick, New York

First Appearance: Wardens Chronicles First Edition   

Education: UC-Berkeley, Master's of Science Electrical Engineering and Master's of Science Mechanical Engineering, 1980-1986

Work History: President, DP Courier Communications, LLC, 1986-1990; Chairman and CEO, Courier Communications, Inc, 1990-1997; On Sabbatical, 1997-Present

Story: "The early life of Drake Moorland, founder and CEO of Courier Communications, Inc., is somewhat of an enigma. The self-admitted recluse at the reigns of this burgeoning telecommunications equipment company talks very little about himself. Increasing the mystery, is the fact that the precious few who do know something about Mr. Moorland and his past, don't seem to be talking either. His company, which rose from obscurity to become an industry leader, has been the focus of much rumor and speculation. Competitors accuse him of unfair trade practices and other misdeeds. Until now, Moorland has refused to comment about these allegations but in an exclusive interview with K.C. Morgan, he addresses these claims and accusations by his adversaries calling them nothing more than 'sour grapes'." - The Business Journal

"For the first time, Drake Moorland, has stepped from the shadows to cast off the speculation surrounding him and his company. Tune in tonight for an exclusive and long-awaited interview on 'The Money Report with Lew Dobbes'. The business world will be watching as Moorland shares the secrets of his meteoric rise to the upper echelons of American business. Will you?" - Cable News Alliance

Drake Moorland was born to Malcolm and Theresa on October 31, 1962 in Patrick, New York, a small town about thirty miles west of Albany.

His father emigrated from the United Kingdom in the late thirties and opened a small book and curio shop in Albany. His mother worked at a diner that that Malcolm frequented. They talked a lot as Malcolm usually mealed during the slow times of the day. Although the couple barely knew each other, they were wed less than six months after they met.

After their marriage, Malcolm and Theresa led a simple life living on their farm in Patrick. Malcolm closes the shop in Albany only opening when clients call for appointments.

Shortly after Drake's birth the family moves, they buy a small farm and settle in Wheeler Springs, California, about 40 miles northwest of Los Angeles.

Drake is a bookworm and a bit of a homebody. While other kids are playing with friends, Drake is studying or working around the farm. His lifestyle benefits Drake in his scholastic pursuits and he excels in mathematics and the sciences. So much so, that he earns a scholarship to the University of California at Berkeley.

Against his father's wishes, Drake attends UC-Berkeley earning Master's degrees in both Electrical and Mechanical Engineering in only six years. By the time he graduates, Drake and Pankaj Shindar, a close friend and computer science major, hold patents for several new communication switches they have jointly developed.

The cost though is very personal as his father will not speak to him and forbids his mother from speaking to him as well during the time Drake is away at UC-Berkeley.

Upon his return home after graduation, Drake finds his father in very poor health and the doctors cannot determine the cause of his father's deteriorating condition. Drake spends the last few months of his father's live trying to makeup for lost time.

Drake and his mother move to Orinda, California, an area about five miles east of Berkeley.

Drake meets with Pankaj, who had already been at work laying the foundation for their partnership. There is some demand for their patents and the pair only has to find the best way to market their wares. Drake and Pankaj sign patent licensing agreements with the newly established networking company Frisco Systems and the baby Bell, Pacific Communications Group. Thus is born DP Courier Communications, LLC.

Realizing the vast potential for expansion in his homeland and taking advantage of recent loosening of restrictions on foreign investment, Pankaj works with some of his father's business contacts in India to get access to low cost manufacturing assets. Following several years of negotiations with Indian manufacturing concerns a deal is struck and DP Courier enters the manufacturing arena. Soon after the completion of their first Indian manufacturing facility in Gorakhpur, DP Courier Communications, LLC is absorbed by the newly established Courier Communications, Inc. The new corporate structure allows Drake to start learning the ins and outs of business management while still dabbling in the company's research and development department. Pankaj avoids getting involved in the day-to-day company operations as much as he can, preferring to continue heading up the research and development department.

The duo soon finds themselves with a multimillion-dollar telecommunications company. Their product is not the top of the line, but is far better than anything else in its price range. Within a few years, the friends never have to worry about personal monetary matters again. Unlike some of the tech boom entrepreneurs, Drake and Pankaj choose a reclusive lifestyle avoiding the public spotlight.

Drake grows bored with the day-to-day drudgery of running a business and after speaking with Pankaj, they decide to take a field trip to India to scout new manufacturing center locations. Drake tells Marcella Ethridge, Courier's Vice President of Operations, about the India trip with Pankaj and puts her in charge of day-to-day operations as they will be in and out of communications with the home office. Drake's mother Theresa joins him on the trip to India.

What started out as an extended business trip turns into several years with Drake and Pankaj staying in India.

On the business front, their fortunes continue to rise as Courier Communications lands a large telecommunications equipment contract with Southwest Communications, another of the baby Bells.

It is their business' growth, which presents them with a minor dilemma. Should they move back to San Francisco or should they continue to run the business from India? Pankaj said he would miss his family but would follow Drake if he decided to move back to San Francisco. Theresa expresses her interest in returning to the United States.

After some consideration, Drake decides to leave India and return to San Francisco.

Drake purchases a penthouse apartment near Courier Communications' headquarters in San Francisco. He also purchases a small estate and vineyard in Napa Valley to use as a retreat from the non-stop action of city life. Drake's mother returns to the United States and settles at the estate. Pankaj is true to his word and returns to the United States shortly after Theresa.

Drake and Pankaj are a bit overwhelmed by the size to which their small company has grown. Construction is completed on the corporate headquarters building in downtown San Francisco shortly after their return from India. Each has a residential suite adjoining their respective offices constructed during the final build out stages of the construction project.

Paranormal Community: Drake Moorland has become a major figure in the paranormal community as Courier Communications, Inc is a main contributor to both the Chris Owen Radley Foundation and the Alcatraz Foundation. Moorland was on the board of both foundations prior to his retreat from the public eye. Many have commented that his reclusive nature made being in the paranormal community spotlight unbearable and was the cause of his extended sabbatical.

Paranormal Community - Secrets: Drake Moorland is the advocate paranormal Mandrake. His 'sabbatical' was because of his disappearance along with several other Wardens and their associates in the Phantom Castle Incident in January, 1997.

Paranormal Community - Secret of Secrets: Mandrake and several of those who disappeared in 1997 are now serving as protectors of the multiverse overseeing and regulating the energy flows between the various dimensions of the multiverse. They assumed this responsibility after defeating a group of cosmic beings that were trying to destroy the multiverse and recreate it from the resulting chaos as their own personal domain.

Cross References: Courier Communications. Mandrake. Moorland, Armstrong. Shindar, Pankaj.

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