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Mr. Gray

First Appearance: 8/23/2002   Location: San Francisco, California
Last Appearance: 5/1/2004   Location: San Francisco, California

Origin: Battlesuit with Hi-Tech Weaponry

Abilities: Armored Battlesuit, Hi-Tech Weaponry and Flight

Area of Operations: Northern California, 2002-Present.

Memberships: Field Commander, Wardens, 2002-2004. Leader, Wardens Reserve, 2004-Present.

Status: Reserve, 2004.

Secret Identity: Jaxton Gray

Jaxton Gray is a former Kronian solider. The Kronians believe they are from the future and came back in time to stop their enemy, Void, from altering their timeline. Jaxton was one of the first Kronians captured by the Wardens and sought amnesty for his crimes because he was solider following orders. With the Alcatraz Foundation chief legal counsel pleading his case, he was sentenced to house arrest at the Wardens North Bay Estate. After serving his sentence, Jaxton joined the Wardens North Bay Estate security team and was made Chief of Security. Jaxton was asked to be the field commander of the Wardens when several members of the team decided to retire. Using a battlesuit designed by an associate of Gauss and Surge, he took the position and the codename, Mr. Gray.

Secret History: Due to Jaxton's previous incarceration by the FSS, it was thought that they would have declined his registration under the Radley-Gold Act. Everyone was surprised when Mr. Gray's paperwork was processed without question. Retired from Active status due to injuries suffered in the Void Strikes incident, 2004. The public believes that Mr. Gray is still active as a result of another Kronian, Parmon Greene (Mr. Gray II) now wearing the battlesuit and serving in the Wardens Reserve.

Cross References: Mr. Gray (II).

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