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First Appearance: 9/22/1984   Location: San Francisco, California
Last Appearance: 1/1/1997   Location: San Francisco, California

Origin: Extra-Dimensional

Abilities: Local Physical Law Disruption Abilities

Area of Operations: San Francisco, California

Memberships: Associate, Wardens, 1996-1997

Status: Missing, 1997; Disappeared with the Wardens during Phantom Castle incident, 1997, Golden Gate Park.

Secret History: Pandora, an agent of the Fraser Militia on Earth 2, was unexpectedly transported to Earth when a doomsday weapon goes off while she is teleporting.

She spent a couple of years wandering around San Francisco looking for a way to return to her home. Her paranormal abilities allowed her to sense that the area was located at a dimensional nexus point. Her efforts were unsuccessful.

After the public announcement of the Wardens formation, Pandora met with Mandrake, told him of her plight and he agreed to help her find a way back home.

Cross References: Mandrake. Prime Parallel: Earth 2. Wardens.

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