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Wardens Roster - North Bay Reserve Members

Prime (Gamma)

First Appearance: 2/16/2007   Location: San Francisco, California

Origin: Scientific Accident

Abilities: Cosmic Energy Manipulation Abilities

Area of Operations: Northern California, Feb 2007 - Present

Memberships: Member, Wardens North Bay Reserve, Feb 2007 - Present

Status: Active, Feb 2007 - Present

History: Prime (Gamma) says that he was traveling between his dimension and this dimension in events not under his control since February 2007. He ended up in this dimension on Halloween and sought refuge with the Wardens for protection from the Yrician warrior, Rextor.

Prime (Gamma) says that once he had access to the Wardens base and computers, he started doing research on what had happened. He has concluded that the Johan Doyle that was staying with the Wardens was doing some kind of dimensional research when he was not with the Wardens. Whatever Johan Doyle was doing was the cause of Prime's trips and the final experiment caused the disappearance of Doyle and Prime's 'permanent' shift to this dimension.

Prime (Gamma) has asked the Wardens for their help and resources so that he can find a way home.

Secret Identity: Johan Doyle (Gamma)

Cross References: Doyle, Johan. Doyle, Johan (Gamma). Prime (Alpha). Prime (Beta). Wardens.

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