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First Appearance: 1/16/1996   Location: San Francisco, California

Origin: Mystic Amulet

Abilities: Earth Manipulation Abilities.

Area of Operations: Northern California, 1996.

Memberships: Associate, Wardens, 1996.

Status: Active

History: Remained in Belize after the appearance of the Children of Canictlelatl (Olmetec Avatars), 1996. Avatar of Mamm, Olmetec god of earthquakes.

Secret Identity: Dr. Adin Shire

Secret History: Professional Lecturer and Researcher, Expert in the field of Geology and Seismology. Sought the Wardens' help soon after gaining his paranormal abilities. Lives in Canictlelatl City in Belize.

Notes: Secrets Beyond Secret: Currently is under the control of the entity that resides in the amulet that gives him his powers.

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