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First Appearance: 2/1/1997   Location: Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Last Appearance: 7/10/2001   Location: San Francisco, California

Origin: Battlesuit with Hi-Tech Weaponry

Abilities: Armored Battlesuit, Hi-Tech Weaponry and Flight

Area of Operations: Northern California, 2001

Memberships: Associate, Wardens, 2001.

Status: Retired, 2001

History: Moved to San Francisco, 2001.

Secret Identity: Tom Sawyer

Secret History: Paranormal with low grade energy manipulation ability, 1997. Used paranormal abilities to power a government designed battlesuit, 1997-2001. Revealed to the Wardens that he was an FSS agent assigned to check up on the Wardens, 2001. Resigned from FSS and fled to Canada, 2001. Developed the new Impulse battlesuit with the help of Dr. Andrew Kensington, 2001-2002.

Cross References: Impulse. Shadow Tiger.

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