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Personalities and Others

Sloan, Dr. S. Alon

Born: 1/10/1975   Location: Eagle Point, Oregon

First Appearance: Wardens Chronicles Fourth Edition - Session 34   

Education: UC-Berkeley, BS Biology and BS Chemistry, 1991-1994; UC-Berkeley, MS Microbiology and Biochemistry, 1994-1996; UC-Berkeley, Doctor of Medicine, 1996-2000; UC-Berkeley, Medical Residency and PhD in Paranormal Medical Studies, 2000-2002

Work History: Researcher, UC-Berkeley

Top Secret Story: S. Alon is a clone of S. Olan Sloan, his 'father.'

Paranormal Community: Leading expert on Paranormal Medicine; Medical Consultant to the Wardens; Fellow of the S. Olan Sloan Institute

Paranormal Community - Secrets: Paranormal Genius Talent: Microbiology

Notes: Son of S. Olan Sloan

Cross References: S. Olan Sloan Institute. Sloan, Dr. S. Nola. Sloan, S. Lona. Sloan, S. Noal. Sloan, S. Olan.

Personalities and Others

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