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Wardens Roster - North Bay Reserve Members

Thunder (II)

First Appearance: 7/12/2000   Location: New York City, New York

Origin: Unknown

Abilities: Paranormal Reflexes and Strength, Special Equipment, Flight

Area of Operations: Northern California, 2001-Present

Memberships: Probationary Member, Wardens, 2001. Leader, Wardens North Bay Reserve, 2001-Present

Status: Reserve, 2001

Secret Identity: Leif Thorssen

Leif Thorssen was born on November 5, 1972 in New York City. His father, Erik, was a ship’s engineer for Skandia Cruise Lines. His mother, Bronwyn, was a ship’s steward for Skandia. She retired when Leif was born and moved to Thaneshall in upstate New York.

Leif took a strong interest in his Nordic history and studied it throughout his school years. He graduated from Columbia University with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Archaeology. He earned his Masters and Doctorate in Nordic History from the University of Oslo.

Leif spent several years on archaeological digs throughout Scandinavia before taking a teaching position at the University of California at Berkeley in 1999.

Leif resigned his teaching position to go on sabbatical in 2001.

Secret History: Resides at Wardens North Bay Estate, 2001-Present

Leif spent a lot of time on digs and recovered many historical artifacts. It was on one such dig, near Trondheim, Norway, that his life took a turn that would forever change his life.

Late one night while Leif slept, a mystical fog rolled in engulfing the camp. Leif walked out of his tent and was confronted by a group of men dressed in Nordic war gear. An older warrior stepped forward and proclaimed...

"Leif Thor's son! You are kin of our kin and blood of our blood. Ours is a noble clan with a proud name. The old ways have passed from this world, as all things must pass, but an oath was sworn on my blood and the blood of my blood to the gods of Asgard. I swore that I would defend the way of the gods, my clan and our lands. In exchange for my oath, the All Father empowered my body to defend my clan and our lands for many years. Then when I was old, because I had faithfully held to my oath, I was allowed to enter Valhalla. But, because I had sworn by the blood of my blood, the gods of Asgard held my son and after him, his son to the same oath and so it has been for many sons of sons. Now, my son, it is your time for you are the heir of my blood and my oath. The gods of Asgard do not take oaths lightly. It is your choice to accept the oath and its responsibility or to you can deny the oath, which risks the wrath of our gods. What is thy decision?"

Believing himself to be dreaming, Leif accepted the oath of his forefathers. The next thing he knew in was morning. Leif finished his fieldwork, returned to Oslo and finished his doctoral thesis.

After getting his doctorate, Leif moved back to the United States. He was on sabbatical in New York City visiting a corner store when two would be robbers pulled a gun and demanded all the money. First fear, then anger swept over Leif. Then a new feeling swept over him, a feeling of incredible power filled Leif. Suddenly, he was standing there wearing Nordic war gear and holding a glowing war hammer. Leif has never been sure who was more surprised, the robbers or himself. It only took a few moments for him to subdue the robbers. Leif then left the store and in a few minutes, he reverted back to his normal form. Later that night while he slept, the old warrior returned to him and said...

" ’tis a strange land that you call home my son. But, a new land is a new challenge. Your people are no less than mine were. There are always those that will prey on the weak and the weak will always need someone to protect them from the wolves of the world. Fear not, you will not be alone in your efforts to defend your land. I, the oathsayer, and the rest of your kin will be here to help you in times of crisis."

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