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Tien Cheng

First Appearance: 11/3/2003   Location: San Francisco, California
Last Appearance: 5/1/2004   Location: San Francisco, California

Origin: Martial Arts Training and Mystical Training

Abilities: Paranormal Reflexes and Martial Arts.

Area of Operations: Northern California, 2003-2004.

Memberships: Member, Wardens Reserve, 2003-2004.

Status: MIA, 2004

History: Disappeared during Void Strikes incident, 2004. Name is Chinese for the Zodiac sign, Libra.

Secret Identity: Jonathan Smith, a.k.a. Paul Perkins

Jonathan was born in 1924. His mother Eileen, a renowned archeologist, died giving birth to him. His father John was a famous adventurer that used to follow Eileen on her exploits trying to keep her out of trouble. He was crushed by her death, but went on, pouring all his love into his new son.

Secret History: When Jonathan was 10, his father decided it was time to get back into adventuring. Eileen had always been searching for something called "The Cornerstone of Reality" but had never found it, most didn't believe it existed. John had found an ancient tome that indicated what they sought might be in a Singapore. They found a temple hidden away underneath the city, and entered. Unfortunately, the temple was not empty. It held a group of evil mystics that didn't appreciate the interruption. John had met this group before and foiled one of their plots, now the Cult wanted revenge. They placed a curse on Jonathan that would slowly kill him while all his father could do was watch. On his 13th birthday, Jonathan would die, and until that time, John's life force was protected so that he was sure to watch his son die.

John scoured the world looking for a cure for the curse, with his son at his side. He searched tombs, libraries and ancient castles. He talked to priests, and monks begging someone to lift the curse. No one could help him. His travels were made somewhat easier by the fact that he could not die. No matter what happened to him, his life force would remain in his body.

Months away from Jonathan's 13th birthday, father and son were walking through the forest looking for a long lost monastery that was rumored to have a grand library. While traveling they came upon Chinese man dressed in orange and white robes. John, in his broken mandarin asked the traveler if he knew where the monastery was. The old man asked why they sought the monastery. Maybe it was the old man's gentle eyes, maybe it was the exhaustion, but John told the old man everything. The old man smiled a kind, knowing smile, and handed John a scroll. John unrolled the scroll and it was a map. When he took his eyes off the map to thank the old man, the old man was gone.

John and his son followed the map, which lead to the mountains of Tibet. They searched for months braving the cold, but could not find the monastery. As Jonathan's birthday grew closer, Jonathan grew weaker. Eventually John had to carry his son through the mountains.

It was two days before the curse would claim the life of his son, and John had still not given up. He was tired, frozen, and hungry, but would not stop. He knew he couldn't die, so was able to push his body far past the breaking point. As he climbed to the top of a mountain, he saw something strange. A doorway was open in the air. The door led to a wondrous city, not affected by the cold and snow. There were two men dressed in monk robes, the same robes the old man from the forest was wearing, standing in the doorway beckoning to them. They entered the doorway and were transported to a mystical city.

John explained the situation to the Monks. He was told that the Monks could remove the curse, but once removed John would feel all the pain of all the deaths he should have died all at once, and that the curse would then kill him. John smiled a sad smile, brushed the hair off his son's forehead, looked at the Monks and they knew they had their answer...

The curse didn't leave Jonathan unscathed. Besides claiming his father, the sickness also left him blind. The monks took Jonathan and taught him their ways. One day Jonathan's teacher came to him and told him that their time together was through. He must return to where he came from, but the world would be different from when he knew it. He would not return to the world in 1940, he would be returned, through magic, to the year 2001. There was trouble brewing in a city called San Francisco. He should find allies, and seek the trouble.

Jonathan has returned to the world as the monks have said.

He took the name Paul Perkins and got a job as a janitor at a dojo in Chinatown. He plays his blind role well, and is very watchful of the students. He learned of the Wardens and has joined the organization hoping to find allies for the coming threat to whom his masters have alluded. He is now part of the training program.

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