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Wardens 4th Edition

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Wardens Fourth Edition


Amethyst (II) - Active
 - Karalyn Nicholas
Indigo - Active
 - Marsa Stilhanov
Eon (Lazarus) - Active
 - Judah Ambrose
Contego - Probationary
 - Connor Smith
Stalwart - Probationary
 - Percival Quincy Adams
Cang Hua - Reserve
 - Mei Lynn Chung
Cobalt - Reserve
 - Trent Anderson
Mr. Gray (II) - Reserve
 - Parmon Greene
Sapphire - Reserve
 - Katrina Daniels
Boost - North Bay Reserve
 - Mark Owens
Delta-Vee - North Bay Reserve
 - Randy McLeod
Prime (Gamma) - North Bay Reserve
 - Johan Doyle (Gamma)
Psyche - North Bay Reserve
 - Caitlyn Danielson
Star (II) - North Bay Reserve
 - Mariah Hernandez Claibourne
Thunder (II) - North Bay Reserve
 - Leif Thorssen
Volt - North Bay Reserve
 - Dr. Arron Jensen

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These pages are the home of the Fourth Edition of the Wardens campaign.

This edition of the campaign has been running off and on since April 23, 2005. The most recent series of sessions started in January 2011.

There are currently five active players and one player on hiatus with characters in the campaign: Amy (Indigo), Greg (Eon), Mark (Stalwart), Matt (Contego), Mindy (Amethyst) and Warren (Knight of St. Michael).

The links on the left under 'Wardens 4th Edition' are to logs and stories of what has happened during the Fourth Edition of the campaign.

The links on the right under 'WARDENS' are to the current cast of characters as well as the vehicles and facilities in use in the campaign.

From a game mechanics and rules standpoint, the Fourth Edition of the campaign has returned the game to its roots by using the Hero System from Hero Games. We started with the Hero System, Fifth Edition but beginning with the January 2010 sessions, we have switched to Hero System, Sixth Edition.

The nuts and bolts behind the campaign, including character construction guidelines and the house rules, can be found in the Foundation Campaign Redbook.

Your comments and suggestions on the campaign or the website are welcome, please email them to

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